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Touch Series 1: Logans' Betrayal

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    Touch Series 1: Logans Betrayal Author: Melissa Richardson E-mail: Ritz1503@yahoo.com Rating: R slightly sexual situation Summary: Logan betrays his love for
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      Touch Series 1: Logans' Betrayal
      Author: Melissa Richardson
      E-mail: Ritz1503@...
      Rating: R slightly sexual situation
      Summary: Logan betrays his love for Rogue with someone else.
      Disclaimer: Don't own X-men characters.
      Comments: Thanks to Autumn for beta reading this long story.
      ** personal thought...<> Logan communicating....<<>> Professor
      ++..Magneto communicating...++ ++ Mystquie communicating

      Chapter 1: The Touch of Betrayal

      Touch. A simple thing that everyone takes for granted. From
      the moment we are born we crave touch, weather it be from a loving
      mother to her child or a tender caress from a lover. For one man,
      touch was a violent one. He spent many years using violence to touch,
      fighting for money in bars.
      For one women touch can mean death. Oh, not to her but the one
      doing the touching. See, it's part of her mutation. Which to her is
      more like a curse than a gift. She craves touch just as much as
      anyone, but few people are willing to reach out for her. That is, till
      he came back into her life after being gone for the most part of four
      years. Now, he gives her the touch that she craves. He caresses her
      cheek through thin leather gloves. Early morning hugs that they both
      enjoy and he whispers to her of how much he missed her through the
      lonely nights.
      But the caresses are not just for her, because you see he
      likes her touch as well. He likes it when they can sit outside in the
      warm sun, her sitting on the bench behind him and him on the ground
      between her spread knees. Sometimes she would rub his shoulders to
      relieve tension from a stressful mornings workout or other times he
      would enjoy the feel of her satin fingers running through his hair. He
      really gets a kick out of draping one of her legs over his shoulder so
      he can find the ticklish spot behind her knee. He gives her all the
      touch he can without rushing her into the more intimate touches that
      two people can share. That's something he wants to give her but feels
      that she's not ready for.
      Rogue is happy, very happy thanks to the long hard work of her
      and Professor Xavier she finally learned how to control her mutation.
      She can touch livings things and people without hurting them. She
      couldn't wait to touch Logan without her gloves. To feel how silky his
      hair is or how rough the skin on his hands is. To finally feel the
      touch of the man she loves. Walking through the halls of the huge
      mansion she searched for him.
      "Storm, have you seen Logan?" She asked the white haired woman.
      "I think I saw him outside talking to Jean." Storm answers.
      Storm was checking the pile of luggage sitting next the front
      Her and some of the other women of the mansion had planned a trip to a
      private island. They would most likely stay there the summer, enjoying
      the local activities and the white beaches with their crystal clear
      blue waters.
      "Thanks, and if I don't see you before you leave. Have a good time.
      "I wish you where coming, Rogue."
      "I know but I can't seem to talk Logan into going."
      "You don't need to have Logan go with you everywhere. Wouldn't it be
      nice just to have us girls go.?"
      "You going to call Scott a girl? Rogue asked with a laugh.
      "No, but he does enjoy the beach so much more than anyone here."
      "True, anyway. Have a good time." She waved at Storm and headed for
      the door that lead the to porch.
      What she found made her happiness dissolve. They where
      talking all right but not with words. Jean was leaning against a tree,
      Logan was pressing into her. Rogue couldn't see his face because Jean
      had her hand his hair and was pulling him to her. One leg was wrapped
      around his hip holding him to her. Logan's arms where braced on either
      side of Jeans head. Jean looked happy, very happy. At that moment
      Rogues' heart broke into a thousand piece. Silently as not to alert
      Logan, she slipped back to the mansion.
      "Rogue, I wish you where coming, girl." Jubilee said as she exited the
      room next to Rogues'. "You need some serious sun."
      Rogue turn to look at Jubilee and burst into tears. Not
      knowing what else to do she told her best friend about what she found
      in the backyard.
      "That asshole." Jubilee hissed. "Girl, you are not staying here. Come
      on, I'll help you pack. You'll have so much fun with us that you'll
      forget about old Wolvie."
      Jubilee helped Rogue pack the things she would need for the
      trip. Walking down the hall they talked about getting the sexiest
      bikini they could buy for Rogue once they reached the Island.
      "I have to stop at Logan room, Jubilee." She said.
      "Why, would you want to do that?"
      "I've got to return something." She said waving the tags as she opened
      the door to his room. She took one last look at Logan private
      sanctuary. Picking up a flannel shirt that was carelessly thrown
      across the neatly made up bed, she inhaled his scent for one last
      time. With tears gently sliding down her face she removed the tags and
      placed a kiss upon them. Reaching into her back pocket she removed the
      gloves she had wore that day and laid them down with the tags. She
      whispered a good-bye and silently closed the door as she left.
      "Now, what?" Jubilee asked getting freaked at how calm Rogue was
      "I guess I should see the Professor before we leave." Rogue tried to
      smile but found it impossible. They walked down the hall in silence.
      Storm asked for Jubilee's help with packing the luggage into the van,
      leaving Rogue to enter the office alone. Scott was standing next to
      the desk talking to the Professor about the trip.
      "Rogue?" Scott looked at her questioningly.
      "Rogue, child what is wrong?" The Professor questioned "Please, tell
      Tears again flowed down her face. Rushing forward and falling
      to her feet in front of him she laid her head in his lap.
      "Please, see it." She whispered through tears.
      Placing a hand on Rogue's head the Professor closed his eyes
      to concentrate on what was troubling her. Flashes of Jean and Logan
      burst through and Rogues' pains came with it. Looking down at Rogue he
      caressed the top of her head trying to soothe her.
      "Do not worry child. I will stop them so that you can have time to
      leave." Looking up with anger in his eyes and stern voice he
      turned to Scoot.
      "Scott, it's time to leave and Rogue has decide to go with you and the
      "Yes, sir." Scott wanted to know what was going on but knew it was
      unwise to question anyone at this time.
      Concentrating on the two images in his mind, Professor Xavier
      froze them from moving anywhere. Giving Scott and the girls enough
      time to leave for the private jet a the airport that would take them
      to their summer hideout. When released an angry Wolverine stomped into
      The Professor office with a happy Jean following.
      "What the hell did you do to me, Wheels?"
      "Sit down, both you of you!!" The strain in his voice pushed both of
      them to their seats.
      "She wanted to surprise you today, Logan. You see Rogue learned today
      after years of hard work to control her gift."
      "So she can touch?"
      "Yes, but instead of touching you. She found you touching Jean."
      "Professor, it ain't what it seemed." Logan said.
      "What was it then, Logan. Tell me?" Professor asked wheeling towards
      him. "All I see is Rogues images of you two together, locked in a
      lovers embrace."
      Logan turned pale at the thought that his Marie saw them
      together. Jean smiled coyly, thinking she finally got what she wanted,
      "I....I...Shit. Just see it. You'll know better." Logan said sliding
      towards the edge of his seat so that the Professor could reach him.
      Laying a hand on top of Logan's head, he did the same for him as he
      did for Rogue. Except these image where different. He heard Jeans and
      Logans voices along with their actions.

      <"No, Jean, you're Scooter's. I don't wanna touch you, it'd piss Marie
      Logan tried pulling away. But Jean warped a leg around his hip so he
      couldn't move.
      "Come on, Logan. She and Scott will never know. Just one time. I'll
      make it good for you. Besides, what can Rogue give you? She can't
      touch you like I can. Don't you want to feel skin on skin. Don't you
      want to have sex with someone you can taste and touch?"
      "I can touch her just fine, Jean. There are ways of touching, without
      actually touching."
      "Oh, nice speech but I know a man like you, Logan. She has this big
      crush on you and you feel all protective over her. That's sweet. But
      you need sex between sheets and the relaxation that happens after you
      come hard."
      Jean said this all with her fingers running through Logans hair and
      her leg pulling him into her pelvis.
      "For a telepath, you're pretty fucking dense. You don't want me,
      you're just pissed because no one's ever said no to you before. Get
      this through your head. I'd rather look at Marie than fuck you.">

      And that is how the Professor froze them together so the
      others could leave. Releasing his hand from Logans' head and laying
      his hand instead on his arm, he patted him gently like a father taking
      care of his son.
      "I'm sorry, truly sorry. Rogue saw only the worst of this situation
      and I acted on it."
      "Where is Rogue?"
      "She left with Scott and the others on their trip. She told me that if
      you where going to have this relationship with Jean that she wanted to
      be gone."
      Logan sat there stunned. *She ran from me just like I've run
      from everything.*
      <Will she come back?>
      <<I don't know. She was in so much pain, Logan.>>
      <I love her. I can't lose her now.>
      <<Because she can touch?>>
      <Like I told Jean. It don't matter. Only she matters to me. Her
      happiness, her love.>
      <<Go have a beer and try to relax. I'm going to deal with the mess
      Jean has made.>>
      Logan left the room not even turning back as he heard the
      Professor start in on Jeans' behavior. He couldn't believe what was
      happening. Jean making a move on him. Jean was not the one he wanted.
      But Marie, ah his sweet Marie. Now, there was someone he wanted. He
      didn't want the hard and fast fuck up against a wall but the slow
      satisfying sweetness of making love. He wanted to worship her body
      with his, giving her so much pleasure that she would never leave him.
      But she had left and it was his fault. Opening the door to his room he
      almost died. Laying on his bed was his tags and the black silk gloves
      he had bought her. Bringing them to his face he inhaled their scents.
      He smelled metal and the cherry gloss she used to moisten her lips
      with, he also smelled vanilla and the pure scent of his Marie. Pain
      squeezed his chest like a vise. Breathing became difficult. He could
      hear the blood pounding in his head like a bass drum. It was so loud
      he didn't hear the door fly open to let the Professor in.
      <<Logan!! You must breath slow and deep. That's it. Now I want you to
      lay down. Easy. There now, everything will be fine, I'm sure of it.>>
      <She gone!!. And its my fault.>
      <<Nonsense. Marie just needs a little time. Then you must go to her
      and tell what has happened here today. Now sleep, my son. Sleep.>>
      The Professor voice was the last thing he heard as he slipped
      into slumber.
      Closing his eyes, Xavier planted a wondrous dream of Logan and Marie
      outside in sunlight just like they always are. He hope that this will
      at least give the sleeping man a little peace after the stressful day.


      In the private jet somewhere over the ocean Scott watches a
      very sad Rogue. He didn't know what had made her decide to go on the
      trip but he was sure that it had something to do with Logan and most
      likely Jean was involved.
      "Hey, Jubes. Do you have a spare top I can borrow, it's hot wearing
      these long sleeves." Rogue asked her friend as she picked at the
      burgundy top she chose to wear that day.
      "Sure, Chica. Let me get it ." Jubilee jumped up and reached in the
      overhead compartment for her duffel bag. She always carries spare
      clothes in case of any unplanned accidents.
      Minutes later Rogue was dressed in a blue top that exposed
      some cleavage and belly button. Scott noticed that Logan's tags were
      missing from around her neck.
      "Rogue, where are the Famous tags at?" Questioned Kitty who was
      sitting across from Storm at a small table playing a game of cards.
      Everyone looked to see what Rogue's answer would be.
      "Back to the owner." She says not looking at anyone as she casually
      pulls her hair into a ponytail.
      "Rogue, may I speak to you in private?" Scott says getting up and
      extending a hand to help her up. Thus forcing Rogue to either go with
      him or make scene.
      Walking to the back, Scott opened the fridge to fix something
      to drink. "Are you thirsty?"
      "Tea, please." Rogue replies sitting down at the booth in the small
      kitchen area.
      "Rogue, tell me what happened today that made you decide to come on
      this trip when for weeks we've been trying to get you to go?"
      Taking a sip of her tea she tried to figure out how to tell
      Scoot about Logan and Jean. She didn't want him mad but there seem to
      be no other choice but to tell the truth.
      "I went looking for Logan to tell him that I could control my
      mutation, but when I found him Jean was wrapped around him looking
      really happy. So I decided that if he was going to be with her that I
      didn't want to be around to hear or see them."
      "Damn! I knew she was going to do something like this." Scott
      "You knew?" Rogue almost yelled at him.
      "Hey, she's been acting really weird lately. All she could talk about
      was Logan this and Logan that. Then she wouldn't let me close to
      her.... to you know." Scott said blushing at trying to explain their
      inmate problems. "You don't seem mad at him?" He went on to ask.
      "Mad, no I can't be mad if Logan wants her. Hurt, now that's different
      because he acted on that want."
      "I'm sorry, Rogue. Is there anything I can do to make it better?"
      "No, just you being my friend is enough."
      "Let's return to the others so they don't get any ideas."
      "Yeah, Jubes and Kitty will start trying to put us together
      Several hours later they arrive at their vacation island. A
      white limousine
      is ready to take them to the villa that they would be staying at.
      "Tell me again about this person we are staying with?" Rogue asked
      peering out of the window.
      "He's an old friend of the Professor, they went to college together
      and they've worked together on many mutant projects." Storm replied
      excitedly hoping that Rogue would enjoy herself even if Logan wasn't
      there. "In the past we came here a lot but things have been busy with
      all the new kids making it impossible to enjoy our own summer
      "I can't wait to go shopping. We have to buy Rogue the sexiest bikini
      she's ever had." Kitty said eyeing Rogue and her new found freedom.
      "Yea, she has a killer body that just needs some sun." Jubilee said
      jabbing Rogue playfully in the ribs.
      "Ah, here we are." Scott told them. He was thankful to be getting out
      of a car that was filled with the hormonal young women.
      Their host stood on the front steps of the large villa. Andrew
      Weston stood well over a foot taller than Scott but was definitely
      slimmer. His eyes and hair are black. He is wearing khaki pants and a
      red shirt with plain brown loafer completing the picture.
      "My friends, it has been so long since I've seen you." He said opening
      his arms for a hug from Storm.
      "We are so glad that we could come this summer, Andrew. Here let me
      introduce you to three of our students. This is Rogue, Kitty and
      "I'm so glad to meet you my dears. I hope that your stay here is an
      enjoyable one. Come, let me show you to your rooms I know that you
      must be tired from the flight."
      Andrew lead them through a large entrance hall to an even
      larger set of stairs. He was telling them about the villa but Rogue
      was way too tired to think, all she wanted to do was lay down.
      "My dear, are you all right?" Rogue looked up into Andrew's face.
      "Fine, just tired."
      "Rogue, has had a trying morning." Explained Scott trying to get
      Andrew's attention away from Rogue.
      "He will come for you. You know that don't you." Andrew said looking
      into Rogue eyes.
      "You belong to him just as he belong to you." Rogue gasped at his
      words knowing very well who he was talking about.
      "Here is your room, my dear." Andrew opened the door to a very large
      room. In the center of the room stood a huge canopy bed with fine
      white netting draping from the posts, a dark blue satin bedspread and
      sheets covered the bed. At the foot of the bed is a divan. A medium
      size TV sat on the far wall in front of the bed. Dark blue carpet
      covered the floor and there is matching curtains on the windows with
      white sheers that let in the light. A dresser is against one wall.
      There is a walk in closet with mirrored doors. A balcony is seen from
      the west side of the room.. On the east side is arch way leading to a
      large bathroom.
      "I can't stay here. Its to big. Looks like a couple should stay here."
      Rogue complained standing in the middle of the room.
      "Oh, a couple will be staying here." Andrew said smiling at her. "Make
      yourself comfortable, child. He will be here with you soon enough."
      Rogue really wanted to argue with the tall man but felt to
      tired. She unpacked her luggage and dressed in a red silk night shirt
      that Storm had given her for her twenty-first birthday. Laying down
      she closed her eyes and thought of Logan. Wondering if Jean was making
      him happy or if he was feeling as lost as she was. Rogue decide that
      minute that she wouldn't let thoughts of Logan bring her down any more
      this summer. She wanted to have fun, and lots of it. Finally she fall
      a sleep thinking of a sexy bikini she would like to buy for the many
      trips to the beach.

      Chapter 2. Living with Pain

      Weeks passed and life for Logan became difficult without
      having Marie with him. He no longer wanted to sit in the sun if she
      wasn't there to be with him.. Nights seemed even worse because she
      wasn't by his side watching TV, now he took to driving for hours
      looking for something he could not name, he would finally end up in a
      bar drinking till the bar closed. Many times he would find a cage
      fight and work out his frustrations on as many drunk and stupid men
      as possible. Mornings found him passed out in his truck, once awake he
      would drive himself back to the mansion only to pass out in bed. He
      didn't eat well if he ate at all, for he had lost all appetite for
      food. All thoughts were of Marie and their last hours together before
      he had made his mistake with Jean. And it was a big mistake that had
      cost him the woman he loved.
      Professor Xavier watched Logan everyday. Watched as he drove
      off in the early evenings and watched as he drove back through the
      gates late in the morning. He even watched when Logan wasn't there by
      way of his cerebro. He saw the tired and lonely eyes and wished for
      once that life was not so hard for a man like Logan. Hadn't he
      suffered enough, with not really knowing who he was and why the
      government chose to place the metal in his body? Xavier noticed him
      looking thinner and pale as if he was not eating enough food. *I need
      to stop him somehow. He needs to know that everything will be all
      right.* Seeing that Logan was again going to leave the mansion, he
      decided on a plan of action.
      "Logan , would you come to my office, please." Xavier wheeled back
      into the office knowing the Logan would follow.
      "What's up Chuck., I'm kinda busy."
      "Busy getting the shit beat out of you?" Logan just glared at the
      "What I do is my busy."
      "Take a seat Logan."
      "Are you fixing on throwing me out?" Logan asked taking a seat in one
      of the leather chairs.
      "What gave you that idea, Logan?"
      "Just the way you been looking at me lately, like you don't want me
      "That look is of worry not of wanting you gone from your home."
      "What am I doing that worries you?"
      "You acting like Rogues' leaving doesn't even bother you."
      "Maybe, it doesn't"
      "Logan, do you really think that I don't know how you feel?"
      Logan looked away from the Professor not sure of what to say.* Why
      does he even care. It's not like I belong here. I'm not even one of
      <<Logan, everyone needs somewhere to belong. Why not here. you are
      cared for, even loved.>>
      <Who cares. And I don't see anyone loving me.>
      <<I care. Storm cares. And Rogue does love you, she's just hurting
      right now.>>
      Xavier rolled next to Logan's chair. He wanted to comfort him
      but knew that would not be possible. Logan had walls built around him
      that only one person had ever gotten past and she was chillin out on a
      tropical beach on a small private island.
      "Come, Logan. Dinner is ready, and I think its time for you to stop
      this foolishness of not eating right now."
      "How did you know?"
      "You look thin, your hair needs trimming. And I swear that is the same
      outfit you've worn for the past two days, and I'm psychic remember."
      "Guess, I do need to straighten my act out." Logan said with a smirk.
      "I would if you want look half decent when you see Rogue." Replied
      "And when do you think that might be?"
      "As a matter of fact, I think we'll be leaving this weekend. Scott
      said something about a cookout that Andrew is having Saturday night."
      They entered the dinning room and took their seat. The cook
      came out with a platter which held a large steak and a potato that was
      stuffed with all of Logans' favorite topping. Logan's mouth watered at
      the smell. It had been a while since he had a decent steak.
      "Would you like a beer with your dinner, sir?" Asked the cook who was
      wary of Logan.
      "Sure." Replied Logan as he dug into his food.
      There was little conversation after the food had appeared.
      Xavier noticed that Jean was no where to be seen, but did not bring
      this up to Logan fearing that the mood would change at the mention of
      women's name.

      Life is great thought Marie as she looked at herself in the
      mirror. The white streaks that she had kept for years after the
      incident with Magneto were gone and in their place were locks of dark
      chestnut just like the rest of her hair. She also had the stylist perm
      and style her hair, so now she had large curls instead of the boring
      straight lengths that reached the middle of her back.. She now dressed
      in daring clothes. Went out dancing and bar hopping with Jubilee and
      Kitty. Smiled and laughed as much as possible not letting anyone see
      how badly she really missed Logan. Late at night was worse cause that
      was when her and Logan would sit on his bed and watch a game or
      something. It was pure heaven laying against his chest, feeling the
      warmth from his body and listening to him breathe. Sometimes, they
      would talk and his voice would get low and husky. Those were the times
      that Rogue knew Logan really cared .But that dream vanished the day
      she saw them together. Sighing she turned and put on the bikini.
      Jubilee and Kitty would be waiting down stairs.
      Scott watched Rogue leave her room to join the girls on their
      trip to the beach. Almost everyday after lunch Storm, Kitty, and Rogue
      would go to the beach. Sometime, they played in the warm water, other
      days they would lay on large towels on the sand and gossip and listen
      to music from a nearby radio. He knew what she was doing, hiding her
      feeling. Walking around in clothes she wouldn't normally wear. Trying
      to act as if she caught Logan wrapped around another women everyday.

      Chapter 3 The plan

      The cell holding Eric Lensher aka. Magneto
      Eric watched as the tall women walked into his plastic prison.
      "And how are you today, Mr.Lensher?"
      "Fine, Doctor. Is it time for my medicine again."
      "Yes, these will help you a lot more than the last medicine I gave
      you." Said the women with a leering smile and a flash of yellow eyes.
      +Are things in readiness?+
      ++Yes. These pills are stronger so Charles won't even know what's
      going on till its to late.++
      +And his pet, is she taking care of?+
      ++Oh, "The Voice" had so much fun with her. The drug he made works
      wonders on her and no one even knows.++
      +What of the metal man.+
      ++his little girl left him.++
      +Good. I will destroy him and then have her to carry out my plans.
      What of the other things we've talked of.+
      ++Going as planned.++
      +Good, very good, my dear. You are doing so well even though I'm
      locked in here.+
      ++Anything for you, my love.++
      "Well, Doctor if that is all I would like for you to leave now."
      "Of course, just have someone call me if the drugs do not work, okay."
      "Yes, I will. Thank you."
      The tall women left. In the main part of the building a guard
      stopped her.
      "what is it you gave him, anyway?" Asked the guard.
      "Medicine for his heart. He has had some anxiety since what happened
      at the Statue of Liberty." Replied the women.
      "Oh, okay."
      "Can I leave now."
      "Yes, of course."
      "Thank you."
      The guard didn't see the flash of her yellow eyes nor the evil
      grin as she walked out the door. Inside the prison Eric smiled and
      hummed a little tune, happy with his future plans. Soon he would be
      out and those troublesome x-men would be out of his way.
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