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I'm Home 4/?

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    Title: I m Home Series: 4/? Author: Melissa Richardson Email: Ritz1503@yahoo.com Rating: NC-17 for sexual situation Disclaimer: Don t own them. Just really
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2001
      Title: I'm Home
      Series: 4/?
      Author: Melissa Richardson
      Email: Ritz1503@...
      Rating: NC-17 for sexual situation
      Disclaimer: Don't own them. Just really love Logan and Marie
      Feedback: Please...But be kind it is my first story.
      Summary: Logan comes home. Simple.
      Comment: Thanks to Autumn. Who is a wonderful beta reader and a great
      ** thoughts...<> Marie communicating...<<>> Professor
      communicating...<<<>>> Scott communicating
      I'm Home

      Weeks went by with Logan spending as much time with Marie as
      possible. However, there where times when he could tell that she
      needed some space and he would go for a ride on the motorcycle or
      suggest that maybe she should go out with her friends. He didn't want
      her to feel that she had to spend all her time with him, no matter how
      much he might want to be with her.
      For Marie life was like living on the edge of a knife, she
      never knew weather or not she was going to fall and get cut, badly.
      Spending time with Logan was heaven. He took her out riding on the
      motorcycle. They sat and watched hockey games on the television and
      playfully bickered over a play made in the game. But there where
      moments when he would looked at her in a certain way and she would get
      hot and cold flashes of desire. On top of that Jean made her life
      miserable by making sexual advances at Logan, then she would walk
      around smirking at Marie. For the most part it seemed like Logan
      ignored Jean which Marie was thankful for. But she still had a fear
      that he would get tired of her company and turn to the other women for
      more interesting companionship.
      It was one of those days where Logan felt restless. The
      tension being so thick he could probably cut it with one of his claws.
      Coming to a decision, he packed his duffelbag with some clothes.
      Maybe, a couple days away from the x-geeks would ease some of the
      stress. Pausing in the hall he wondered if Marie would like to come
      with him. After all, she really enjoyed the long rides he took her
      on.*Yeah, that sounds like a good plan. Ask Marie out. Maybe, get a
      little lovin'. Okay, down boy. First things first.* Logan walked to
      Marie's room which was at the end of the hall. The door was partly
      open and he could Marie and Jubilee talking.
      "Girl, you have got to tell him."
      "What do I say, Jubes?"
      "Just tell him. He'll understand."
      "Oh, yeah. Tell the man I love that I can touch him but haven't cause
      I feel insecure?"
      Logan was hurt. He'd been back for a month and Marie didn't
      even tell him that she could touch. Hurt gave away to anger, at which
      point Logan pushed the door open to give Marie a piece of his mind.
      But the hurt and anger dissolved the second that he caught sight of
      her. The outfit she had worn the night of the Halloween party had been
      sexy, but the dark blue halter dress that she wore now but it to
      shame. The thin straps showed off more of her shoulders. Cleavage
      peeked out of the neck line tempting all that saw it.
      She had a small waist which the dress clung to, at her hips the
      material flared a little till fall just above her knees. That left
      lots of creamy legs exposed, which ended with little sandals that
      graced her dainty feet. Logan's mouth watered at the sight before him.
      For several more minutes he continued looking at her before he was
      snapped back to reality by Jubilee whispering something to Marie.
      Looking to Jubilee he barked an order. "Get out. Now"
      "Sure" Is all Jubilee got out as she ran out of the room. *Did I hear
      him growl before he closed the door?* She thought. Deciding that it
      was best to leave Marie to handle the Wolverine she left for the rec
      room to watch television.
      Back in Maries' room. Logan was keeping his animal instincts
      in check or at least was trying. But the sight before him was making
      it damn near impossible.
      "I wanted to tell you, even tried the night you got back but Jean
      kinda interrupted and it seemed like ever time I went to tell you she
      was there throwing herself at you and.....Logan ain't you going to say
      "No, I'm going to do something." He said with a growl.
      Logan closed the distance between them and slowly pulled her
      into his arms. Gently he caressed her bottom lip with his thump. He
      watched as her eyes closed in pleasure at the feel of him touching
      her. Not being able to control himself any longer he surrendered to
      the urge to kiss her. Tenderly he brushed her lips with his, then not
      content with that he coaxed her to open her mouth. With his tongue
      Logan gently yet ruthlessly explored her mouth. Hearing her moan
      turned him on to no end and with a snarl he lost all control. All
      thoughts of being gentle left his mind as he ripped the straps of the
      dress off Marie's shoulders. Hands molded to her breasts, caressing
      nipples that begged for his touch.
      "Does that feel good, Baby." Logan asked looking into Maries' eyes.
      "Yes." She whispered not being able to think because of the pleasure
      coursing through her body.
      Marie couldn't believe what Logan was doing to her. Never did
      she imagine that he would want to kiss her like that. She was
      shocked when he pulled her dress down to expose her breast but the
      pleasure at feeling him caressing her was the best feeling ever. Or so
      she thought. Next thing she knew Logan was laying her down on the bed.
      She felt his lips travel from her neck to breast.
      Logan was in heaven, never had anyone tasted so good. Slowly
      he explored the sensitive area by her ear. Sucking the skin there
      gently, he was pleased to hear her moaning. This encouraged him to
      move down her neck, licking as he went further and further down her
      body. Finally, he reached her breast.
      "Marie, look at me, darling. I want you to see what I'm going to do to
      you." He watched her face as she watched him lick her left nipple
      than take it into his mouth and suck on it
      gently. He was satisfied with seeing her eyes roll back in her head
      from the pleasure. *Yes, darling. That's it. Enjoy what I'm doing.
      God, Baby you are so beautiful.*
      "Logan, Please."
      "Please, what, darling?" He asked with a smile.
      "You've got to stop."
      "Stop? I'm just getting started."
      Marie looked at him. She knew she had to stop him. He was moving way
      to fast.
      "Please, Logan.. I want you, I really do but it's just too fast."
      Marie said closing her eyes fearing that he would get mad.
      Sighing. Logan reluctantly stopped. Sitting up on the edge of
      the bed he realized that he had lost control and might have even
      scared her.
      "I'm sorry, Marie.I really didn't plan this. I came here to ask you to
      go away with me for a few days." Logan said not being able to look at
      her for fear of losing what control he had managed to get back.
      "Where are you going?" Marie questioned pulling her dress up as not to
      temp Logan into a repeat of what just happened.
      "To tell you truth I hadn't really planned that either. Just wanted to
      leave for while."
      Knowing that her answer was very important to Logan, she moved
      to sit on his lap. Taking his face in her hands she gently kissed his
      lips. "I would love to go with Logan, that is if you are not mad for
      me stopping you?"
      "God, Marie. I'm not mad. I know I lost control but....damn it,
      darling. You're so beautiful." Logan kissed her. Almost losing control
      again he pulled back but didn't stop himself from hugging her to him.
      "Go tell the Professor we're leaving while I pack, okay." Marie said
      getting up and heading for the closet.
      "Okay. I'll see you in a minute." Logan grabbed her for one more kiss
      before getting his bag and leaving for Charles' office. He couldn't be
      happier with the way things where going. Now all he had to do was get
      out before Jean ambushed him.
      Marie was excited, for two reasons . One she knew now that
      Logan did want her and two because she was leaving with him to go on a
      trip. She was so involved in packing she didn't hear Jean enter her
      Jean had noticed Logan coming out of Rogue's room and was
      furious. She also noticed how turned on he was and it only made her
      madder know that he was giving his attention to the younger women.
      Jean had to put a stop to it. She walked to the door only to be meet
      with a surprise, Rogue in a revealing dress with no bodystocking.
      "Trying to kill someone?" She asked in a pissed of voice.
      Marie just smiled and didn't say anything. She knew Jean would
      be mad when she found out that Rogue could touch, it took away her
      chance of being with Logan. Only the Professor, Dr.MacCoy Jubilee and
      Kitty were aware of the fact. Rogue trusted few people with her secret
      because it was taking a lot of time for her to get use to controlling
      her "gift".
      "Well?" Jean asked wanting to know what the girl was planning .
      "Jean, I'll just tell you the truth. I've been able to touch people
      without hurting for awhile but was taking it slow so I could control
      it better."
      "And who knew about this?" Jean was really mad now. Looked like thing
      couldn't get any worse..
      "Its not any of your damn business who knows or not, Jean." Marie
      said packing the last of the things she wanted to take with her.
      "So, where are you going?" Jean asked noticing for the first time that
      Rogue was packing a duffelbag with clothes and things.
      "Don't know, Logan didn't have any idea where he wanted to take me. He
      just wants to leave."
      "WHAT!!!" Could be heard through the mansion. Professor Xavier looked
      at Logan with a smile as he handed him a map and a credit card with
      Logans' name on it.
      "Looks like Jean just found out the good news. Have a good time at the
      cabin. Oh and Logan be gentle." Professor said before taking a sip of
      his tea.
      "Sure. See ya, Chuck." Logan replied leaving the office and heading
      back down the hall towards Marie's room. He could hear insults being
      thrown back and forth between the two women. He entered the room
      "Baby, you ready to go?" He asked knowing that saying something like
      that would piss off Jean even more.
      "Yes, sugar. Just letme get my bags." Marie replied turning around for
      her duffelbag and small makeup case. She wasn't paying Jean any
      attention or she would have seen the women coming towards her.
      Fortunately, Logan did and grabbed the angry women before she could do
      anything to Rogue.
      "Let me go you bastard!" Jean hollered at Logan.
      "Stay away from her Jean." Logan warned.
      Lossing control of her anger the red headed women used her
      powers and found as many sharp objects as possible and threw them at
      Logan. In seconds Logan's body was impaled by pencils, pens to his
      legs, and a envelope opener to the heart. Slowly he slid down the
      doorway to the floor.
      "You bitch." Marie screamed. Before Jean knew what was happening Rogue
      leaped forward and punched her not once but twice in the nose,
      breaking it completely. Once she did that she ran to Logan.
      "Hold on, please..... Logan." Marie begged the fallen man.
      <Professor>She screamed in her mind.
      <<Marie, Child what is it?>>
      <Jean has hurt Logan. I need help.>
      <<Hank, is no his way. Stay calm.>>
      <You might to want Scott to come help. I broke Jeans' nose.>
      It was only minute for the blue furry doctor to get to Maries'
      room but it seem like forever to her. She remained calm, talking to a
      unconscious and bleeding Logan.
      "Well, I'll have to move him to medlad to remove the objects." Hank
      said observing the many things sticking out of Logan. Gently he picked
      up the older looking man. Hank was the only one strong enough to
      actually pick up the metal laced man. Plus, Logan only trusted Hank as
      a physician now that Jean was playing the jealous lover routine.
      Scott arrived only seconds after Hank to find his wife's' nose
      broken, an impaled and bleeding Logan and a crying but furious Rogue.
      He stood at the door not knowing what was going on and what to do. He
      looked to his wife, who was bleeding from the nose and then to Hanks'
      arms at a bleeding Logan.
      "Get your ass out of the way, Scooter." Marie said pushing him out of
      the way with her bare hands. *Bare hands?*
      <<Scott, I'm sorry about Jean. Rogue wanted to on one to know that
      she could touch till she was sure that she could control it.>>
      <<<What the hell happened here?>>>
      <<Jean got jealous, I would image and attacked Logan.>>
      <<You'll have to ask her. I will meet you in medlad shortly.>>
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