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Fic: " I`m Him And he`s Me" (4/?) PG-13 [Logan/Rogue, Scott, Logan]

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    Hi all, For Nina and Minerva with thanks. Dedicated to Jemi. The Logan/Rogue scene in part 9 is for Helene. Disclaimer in part 1. Warning: This fic will reach
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      Hi all,
      For Nina and Minerva with thanks.
      Dedicated to Jemi.
      The Logan/Rogue scene in part 9 is for Helene.

      Disclaimer in part 1.
      Warning: This fic will reach a S/L pairing.
      Warning2: This part deals with child abuse.
      It has been a while since I last worked on this fic so quick recap: Scott and Logan have swished bodies. (I said quick *G*)

      This is part 4 of "I`m Him And He`s Me" by Nadja Lee.

      Feedback: Is loved, obviously

      Part 8:
      It was very late and Logan went to his room. As he opened the door he saw the bed already taken. With himself…oh, Scott in it.
      “Oh, yeah,” he mumbled and hurried out. He needed to go to Scott’s room. After some discrete and not so discrete ( after some 20 minutes without finding the right room he simple asked the first person he thought he could trust and that had been a very confused Kitty who had pointed to his room. Logan had tried to explain his way out of it by claiming he hadn’t been living in his own room for very long to which Kitty had replied that no, it had only been 4 months and left) searching he reached his room and went in.
      One day of being Scott Summers had been more than enough for Logan. To think that Scott did this every day. However Logan got to admit that the day’s events had changed his way of seeing a lot of things. Had changed his way of seeing Scott, of seeing his own behavior towards the other man. Thinking about Scott, schools and more he began to undress. He had taken off his shirt and went past the mirror to go to the bathroom. He cast a fleeting red glance at the mirror but had to back up and look more closely as he saw his…hum, Scott’s chest. This was getting way too weird for Logan. But he forgot all about telepaths and body shifting as he saw the marks on his…Scott’s chest. They were long and seamed to orientate from the back. As he turned around and saw his back he gasped in shook. It was criss-crossed with a fine network of small white scars. The abuse had been so often that not a single space of his back was left unmarked. The scars had been made by a belt or a whip. So, that was why Scott had wished they had found the person behind it all before the day was over. Before he had known this. Logan felt a stab of pain for the other man but more than anything a red hot rage. A desire to kill whoever had hurt Scott. The thought that it could have been the professor entered and left his mind. Scott and Xavier’s relationship was far too loving for that but if Logan had thought that there had been even the remotest chance of Xavier being behind it, he wouldn’t have hesitated to go and try to kill him on sight. No one should ever hurt Scott as long as he lived and from now on he’ll make sure to that. He’ll protect him not only from the world but from himself as well. But a flicker of doubt was in his mind. Scott wasn`t his, wasn’t his mate, then he wasn’t his to protect either. But he ignored that voice. What wasn’t could be.

      Part 9:
      Hands reaching for him, a voice yelling at him, darkness, always darkness.
      “ Father, please. Don’t,” he pleaded and lifted his hand in front of his face to try and protect himself.
      “ Don’t you dare call me that, you filthy mutant. You are no son of mine,” the voice was harsh but the blow was even harder.
      “ NOO!” Scott yelled and sat up in bed with a jerk. He saw someone sitting on his bedside and his mind still in his nightmare, he felt the claws come through his skin.
      “ Relax, sugah. It is just me…. Rogue. You had a bad dream,” a sweet southern accented voice said and lay a calming hand on his right hand, unafraid of his claws.
      “ Rogue?! What are you doing here?” Scott asked confused. Why was she in his…Suddenly he remembered. He was in Logan’s bedroom, in Logan’s body. Oh, yeah. Wonderful.
      “ You never call me Rogue,” Marie said softly, a hint of pain in her voice. Ups.
      “ Sorry, kid. My mind was…. drifting,” Scott said and stroked a hair behind her ear. It was dark so he couldn’t see her clearly but her shadow was pretty. Sitting on his bedside she looked like a Goddess or a Queen. A sting of unease and jealousy hit him. Did this happen often? Did Rogue often come into Logan’s room? Just what kind of relationship did these two have?
      “ Want to talk about it?” Rogue asked kindly.
      “ Not really,” Scott admitted.
      “ Ah had a nightmare too,” Rogue admitted. She isn’t going to tell me about it, is she? Scott thought panicked. Her saw her lips move to form words. Oh, great. She is going to tell me about it. Sharing is so not me, he thought darkly. Ok, no panic. I can do this, he repeated in his mind, hoping it’ll help.
      “ It was the one with ma…parents,” she admitted. Come on, girl. Give me a little more than that to go on, Scott wished fanatically. “ They…didn’t want me,” he could clearly hear the pain in her voice.
      “ Sometimes it is better to be alone,” Scott whispered as he could feel her eyes on him.
      “ Why?”
      “ Because then you can’t get hurt,” the words were out his month before he could regret it. Even in the dark her smile lit the room.
      “ Ah´ll never hurt you,” Rogue whispered softly.
      “ I know…but I might hurt you,” Scott whispered sadly under his breath.
      “ Ah don’t want to go back to ma room,” Rogue whispered after awhile. Scott saw that her nightdress was a long dress with a hood. She sounded so lost and alone, feelings he knew well, so he drew the covers back from the side of the bed where she sat.
      “ You can sleep here,” he offered and she jumped under the covers and curled up besides him.
      “Thanks, Logan,” she whispered and Scott smiled. He wanted to dislike her because of her special bond with Logan but couldn’t. He drew her close so she lay with her head on his chest, her hood between their skins.
      “ Anytime, kid. Anytime,” he said softly and kissed her hooded head. Even if it was just for tonight he had someone who loved him unconditionally. He knew she loved the body he was in and not him and he knew that her deep love for Logan disturbed him as long as he was unsure as to what kind of love it was they shared but for tonight he pretended that he was the person that she loved; as a brother, a father or whatever way she might view Logan.

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