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FIC: Come And Get It (1/1) PG-13 [Scott/Jean, Jean/Logan, Scott/Jubilee]

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  • James' Angel
    Hi everyone! This is a short story I wrote late last night! Tell me what ya think! mrs_james_marsden@yahoo.com Disclaimer: I don’t own the X-Men... Marvel
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2001
      Hi everyone!

      This is a short story I wrote late last night! Tell me
      what ya think! mrs_james_marsden@...

      Disclaimer: I don�t own the X-Men... Marvel does.. And
      the song Come And Get It is by 98 Degrees..
      Note: This is set in the movie-verse, but we will
      assume that Rogue and the other younger X-Men are of
      legal age to go to a bar.

      Come And Get It

      Professor Xavier told the X-Men to take a night off.
      To go out an enjoy themselves. Everyone gratefully
      thanked him and got changed to go to a local bar.
      Scott and Jean excitedly went to their room in which
      he changed into a nice blue shirt and black pants. He
      looked in the mirror and adjusted his Oakley

      �What do you think?� came Jean�s voice behind him. He
      turned around and saw her in a tube top and tight
      leather pants.

      �Wow... you look really good Jean,� he said, unable to
      hide his smile. He couldn�t believe she was wearing
      that! It was so out of character for her.

      Logan had caught his reflection in one of the hallway
      mirrors and thought he looked fine. As long as he had
      his leather jacket. He ran his fingers through his
      hair and sniffed under his arms. �Good to go,� he
      muttered to himself. The three of them, along with
      Ororo, Rogue, Bobby, Jubilee and Kitty set off to the

      Once there, everyone split up in different directions.
      Rogue, Bobby, Jubilee and Kitty headed to the dance
      floor. Ororo went to play some pool with Logan and
      Jean followed Scott to the bar.

      While Scott was trying to get the attention of the
      bartender, Jean looked around to see where everyone
      had went. She moved her body to the loud dance music
      and surveyed the environment. She saw Logan across the
      room. He was looking back at her. Jean smiled and
      thought to herlself how sexy Logan looked, even
      through his scruffiness.

      Logan was staring back at Jean, unaware that Ororo was
      waiting for him to take his turn. God, how he wanted
      that red-haired beauty. �She looked so hot tonight,�
      he thought. He could have been mistaken, but was Ms.
      Jean Grey flirting with him!?

      ~* Baby, baby I�ve been watchin� you watchin� me
      Secretly sending tender kisses casually
      Across a crowded room
      Your man doesn�t even notice you
      Mmm... I guess that�s how it goes *~

      �Jean?� Scott called to his love.

      �Hmm? Oh sorry Scott, I was just lost in thought,� she
      replied. �Logan�s thoughts,� she added silently.

      �Here�s your drink,� he said, handing Jean a cocktail
      drink. They took a seat at the round tables with bar
      stools. Scott was apparently talking to Jean, but she
      had dazed off, looking at those on the dance floor
      having fun. Then over Scott�s shoulder at the pool
      table. Again, for some reason, she seemed drawn to it.

      �Jean? Are you okay?� Scott asked with concern.

      She turned her attention back to him. �Yeah, I�m
      sorry. It�s just really loud in here. It�s hard to

      ~* Lady, lady it seems like he bores you to death
      You need to escape, you need to enjoy yourself
      Ignore his wondering eyes, he doesn�t realize
      You�re gonna make your move *~

      �Mr. Summers!� came a cry from the dance floor. Scott
      turned around to see who it was and saw that it was
      Jubilee, motioning for him to join them. �C�mon Mr.
      Summers!� Scott smiled and turned to Jean, �I�ll be
      right back.�

      Jean couldn�t help but laugh at the sight of a teacher
      and four of his students cutting loose on the dance

      �This seat taken?�

      Jean looked up and saw Logan standing there. �No, not
      anymore.� He glanced over at Scott with the other four
      and shrugged. He sat down across from Jean and smiled
      at her, trying to tell if she was drunk, flirting with
      him, or just teasing him.

      �You look good Jeannie,� Logan told her.

      �Thanks,� she smiled seductively. �Logan, you wanna
      dance?� He tried to protest because he wasn�t a dancer
      but Jean pulled him over to the dance floor
      nonetheless. Scott noticed Jean and Logan next to
      them, but didn�t think anything of it. At first.

      ~* Come and get it,
      The lovin� you want is in me
      Come and get it,
      I will love you faithfully
      Come and get it, girl don�t be shy
      I swear you won�t regret it...
      Baby come and get it. *~

      He glanced over again and saw that Logan was getting
      pretty friendly with Jean. His Jean. He tried to get
      Jean�s attention but she wasn�t looking at him. It was
      as if she was purposely avoiding his stare. He threw
      one final glance over at them before turning his
      attention back to his students.

      �What�s wrong Mr. Summers?� Kitty asked.

      �Nothing. Absolutely nothing,� he seethed through
      clenched teeth as a slow song came on and Logan and
      Jean made no signs of separating. Scott looked at
      Jubilee, �Do you wanna dance?�

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