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My take on the movie, comic, and other things............................

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  • vaberella@us.sina.com
    Sorry if anyone get s this twice!!!Hey, I know this is for X-men movie fans. I can t necessarily say that I love the movie. I m of course a die-hard comic
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2001
      Sorry if anyone get's this twice!!!Hey,
      I know this is for X-men movie fans. I can't necessarily say that I
      love the movie. I'm of course a die-hard comic fan so I was not
      impressed with the movie, or I should be more specific the character
      of Rogue. As a fan of the comic and anyone who is a fan of the comic
      can understand that they took and stole the characters of Kitty and
      Jubilee and put it in the place of Rogue. I was of course pissed
      beyond belief since those two characters practically got me through
      High School. Mainly wishing I had cool powers, and doing and acting
      to situations the way I would. And to see them with no part, except
      for they're faces in the movie. I was not a happy camper.

      And anyway I was never the fan of Rogue if any of you know the whole
      thing with Warbird(Ms.Marvel), you can understand my agitation. I
      say Ms.Marvel should have taken and kept her body like she did
      before, before that whole Magneto thing.

      But I did like what the movie did. It catapulted Marvel comics to a
      new generation. Of course I find the generation slightly fickle.
      But I felt the movie will bring about more fans and change. And I
      don't mean the Casey change. God that comic writer, did any of you
      see what he did to Wolverine? Having him sort of force himself on
      Jean? Please!! I can't handle that. And what about Morrison, so not
      impressed with his writing.

      All I have faith in now is Clairemont. At the moment, I am in love
      with him. His writing is of course up to par and he's making Storm
      an Icon once again,and making X-men what it once was. I say the man
      deserves a round of applause and Presidency!!!

      Proud Member of the Storm Squad!!!
      Devoted RoLo (Ro: Ororo) (Lo: Logan) shipper!!!
      Sorry Rogue/Logan fans, us RoLo'er's have already patented that name
      it's ours!!!!
      Devoted Psylocke and Gambit Shipper ( I gotta get a nick name for
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