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RoLo Shippers!!!

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  • vaberella@us.sina.com
    Sorry if anyone got this twice!!Hey guys, RoLo stands for (Ro: OroRO) (Lo: LOgan) shippers. Nope this has already been taken, Rogue and Wolverine shippers,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2001
      Sorry if anyone got this twice!!Hey guys,
      RoLo stands for (Ro: OroRO) (Lo: LOgan) shippers. Nope this has
      already been taken, Rogue and Wolverine shippers, and it's all over
      Robin and my group for Storm and Wolverine. Can't take it!!!! (That
      is if you wanted it)
      I was wondering if there are any Storm and Wolverine shippers out
      there? If there are I have a group just for you guys. Me and Robin
      Spivey own it. Some of you might have heard of it. This is the
      addy: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Storm_n_Wolverine

      I know there must be some of you out there. It's a logical couple.
      Let me explain.
      Throughout the comic history Storm and Wolverine have shared the most
      kisses. (Yes, I know alot of you might say it was Jean and Wolverine,
      wrong. I think Australia explains it all. Jean and Wolverine had one
      real moment, then Casey came along and gave them many moments. But
      that's now, not throughout the history). They have shared a very
      close and understanding relationship. Not only that any of you who
      have seen the original cartoon, know about the marriage between them
      in the alternate timeline.

      Throughout the comic she has been there for him. And if we remember
      when Storm disappeared. Logan went crazy looking for 'Ro, and when
      he was being crucified who was he having delusions of, yes, Ororo,
      not Jean Grey. And Storm as a child was having dreams of the X-men
      but it was Wolverine that was in the forefront. They belong together
      and would bring down the Marvel comics, meaning they would make it
      rock. As much as I believe that Psylocke and Gambit will.

      And yes I know alot of you might say I think Wolverine needs a close
      female friend without being in a relationship with them. Let me say
      this. Why can't Jean be that friend then? She's bloody well taken.
      The woman has been taken for years.

      And I can't understand how Wolverine can be living in a house with
      beautiful women, especially one as beautiful as Ororo and single, and
      in his age group. And has done nothing with her. I don't get it.
      He's after a woman who's taken and has how many alternate universe
      children with that same man. I'll never understand it. Explain that
      to me?!?!?

      And sorry Rogue and Wolverine would never work. I just can't see
      it. Ewwwweee!!! And I've gotten rather tired of the whole Rogue and
      Gambit storyline, bloody become too Romeo and Juliette for me, I say
      hook Gambit up with Psylocke. I think they would spontaneiously
      combust it. And no, Gambit and Storm, too brother sister. I can
      only see Gambit having a thing for her but not her having a thing for
      Gambit. She looks like she looks at him as a little brother. I
      don't know, I think it's just too much water under the bridge, but
      Gambit and Psylocke, now that's a couple!!! And Storm and Wolverine,
      they'd be Icons as a couple. Fabulous pairings, those are!!!













      And bless Halle Berry, from what I've heard in the sequel my two fave
      characters will be having a little fun amongst themselves.

      Anyway if any of you are fans I would love for you to join.
      Proud Member of the Storm Squad!!!
      Devoted RoLo (Ro: Ororo) (Lo: Logan) shipper!!
      This has been patented and labled for our group, the Rogue/Wolverine
      fans can't take this!
      Devoted Psylocke/Gambit shipper!!! ( I got to get a name for our
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