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CLIMB THE WIND is complete (Scott, Logan, various) Action/Character

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  • Minisinoo Girl
    Hokay ... CLIMB THE WIND is finally DONE. :):) 83,000 words, total. I cannot tell you how glad this makes me, although tomorrow, I ll probably be suffering
    Message 1 of 1 , May 30, 2001
      Hokay ... CLIMB THE WIND is finally DONE. :):) 83,000
      words, total. I cannot tell you how glad this makes
      me, although tomorrow, I'll probably be suffering
      post-partum novel blues. :):):) I hope the finale
      will prove to be worth your wait, and I appreciate all
      your patience, and all your kind feedback throughout
      the postings of previous chapters.

      Anyway, here's how this will work -- please read this
      before you hop over to the website and wonder what's
      going on. <g> Over the next couple of hours, I'll be
      posting the chapters, basically as soon as I get them
      formatted and the images added. Chapter 10 has a LOT
      of images, four of them graphically manipulated.
      Enjoy. :) (It's also the longest chapter of the
      entire novel.)

      Chapter 9 is up now, and Chapter 10 will go up in
      about half an hour. The epilogue and final author's
      notes, about an hour after that. I'm really not
      trying to torture you, it's just taking me longer to
      format them, and I know some folks have been waiting
      for this, and I don't want to make them wait past
      their bedtime to start reading. By the time you're
      done with a chapter, I'll be about done formatting the
      next. :)


      Please remember, this story is ADULT, and it went AU
      on the second page with the death of Jean, so all bets
      are OFF.

      Two final notes. First, I love feedback. (Gosh, who
      *doesn't*? <g>) If you read the novel -- and I know
      several told me they were waiting until it was all
      done -- please do drop me a line to let me know. It
      ate about five months of my life. <laughing>

      Second, given the (lack of) response when I asked last
      time who was reading this via email, this is the ONLY
      posting I'll make. Only one person responded, and as
      I recall, she can read the story on the site, just
      usually read it by email.

      So, I won't be posting the final chapters directly to
      any group. Due (I suppose) to the heavy use of images
      throughout, most people seem to be reading this on the
      site. I'm doing it this way because I really hate
      cramming people's mailboxes with cross-postings of
      LONG stories. I'm also doing it this way because,
      with Yahoo, it's actually a pain in the ass to format
      these for email posting (takes about an hour per
      chapter ... don't ask). Therefore, I'm being lazy. :)
      If, however, you *are* one who CANNOT read this story
      in any way other than email, please let me know and
      please *specify* the group on which you're reading it.
      Tomorrow or the next day, I'll post the chapters to
      your group. I don't normally do it this way, but I'm
      tired, and I really am crossposting this all over
      kingdom come. :)

      Thanks, again, for your patience, and I hope all of
      you enjoy the finale . . . .

      Mitakuye oyasin,

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