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Fic: Can't Run Forever (2/?) PG slash themes

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  • teufelce@aol.com
    Title: Can t Run Forever (2/?) PG slash themes Author: Chris (teufelce@aol.com) Rating: PG slash themes, profanity Feedback: Would be very much appreciated!
    Message 1 of 1 , May 29, 2001
      Title: Can't Run Forever (2/?) PG slash themes
      Author: Chris (teufelce@...)
      Rating: PG slash themes, profanity
      Feedback: Would be very much appreciated!
      Disclaimer: The characters and universe of X-Men are the property of 20th
      Century Fox and the Marvel Entertainment Group. This story is for
      entertainment purposes only and no copyright infringement is intended.
      Pairing: Logan, Scott
      Universe: Movie
      Genre: Slash theme, introspection
      Summary: Scott's response to Logan's letter.
      Series/Sequel: Sequel to Run, Series - Can't Run Forever
      Archive: If you want it - please just let me know where.

      Scott.... Jesus, how the fuck did you find me?? Scratch that, not sure I
      wanna know... Yeah, I'm shocked. Not really a 'mail getting' kinda guy, you
      know? Especially not from someone I didn't expect to ever reply. I am weak,
      Scott, and yeah, it takes courage to walk away - but it also takes courage to
      stay. The kinda courage I guess I don't have.

      Well, right now, I'm not on your bike. I'm sitting in a fleabitten motel
      room, staring at your letter and trying to figure out what the fuck to say...

      Yeah, I get the point.

      I wish I'd seen you without the glasses, Scott. You have a perfect smile, you
      have no idea how many times I wanted to try to make you smile. Instead of
      frown at me, when I pissed you off... Rejection?? You gotta be shitting me -
      who the hell would be crazy enough to reject you?? Woa, woa, woa - back up,
      Cyke. 'Was'? What happened between you and Jeannie? I sort of figured you
      two were destined to get married or something... That was how I saw you, but
      maybe you'd better explain it to me. Cause it looks like I didn't see shit.

      Yeah, it was powerful, ain't no denying that. And I've NEVER felt anything
      like it before, believe me, I'd remember that.

      You... holy shit... I mean.... shit, I don't know what to say here, I didn't
      expect that...

      Alright, you're using words like 'hot', 'appealing', and 'sexy'.... you been
      drinking, Scooter? Sorry, that isn't funny.... I just... don't know how to
      respond to that. Yeah, maybe I always 'speak my mind' (tactful way to put it,
      Scott), but it's gotten me into more trouble than good. No, don't apologize -
      I ain't found shit. Whatever or whoever might've been here, the trail's long
      since gone cold. So you like it rough, eh, Cyke? Forget I just wrote that. I
      shouldn't be drinking while I'm doing this, my mouth's getting ahead of what
      little common sense I have... I do care about, Marie, and no, you shouldn't
      have misjudged me, Scott. But then again, I care about alot of people and
      never exactly let it show.

      You don't think this, being 'free and unfettered' as you called it, isn't
      just as much a mask? It's an easy way out, Scott. It means never having to
      take responsibility. It means a convenient excuse to run when things get
      uncomfortable. My.... you like my chest? No, Scott, no never minds - my what?

      Shit, Scott, if I'd known.... who the hell am I kidding, I still would've
      ran. I mean... look at me, Scott, I'm not exactly a prize. But.... it's
      nice to know I wasn't the only one lying awake. Shit, that doesn't sound
      right... you know what I mean. What you 'really wanted'? What did you want,

      Let me in.... Scott.... you feel.... 'lost'? I.... shit.... I never
      thought.... I mean, you always seemed so fucking smug and annoyed at me.... I
      thought.... shit....

      Like going where I wasn't wanted... Yeah, I was kinda wondering when you
      suddenly got to be so stupid, leaving the bike like that... like I said,
      Scott, you're pretty damn smart - but I wish there were more of you with me.
      OK, I think I'm just gonna put the bottle down now.... Yeah, that'd be a real
      good idea...

      Tell me what, Scott? You.... you ain't the only one doing some dreaming.
      For once in my life, I actually look forward to sleeping...

      What the hell happened? Did someone get hurt? I.... what would I 'come home'
      to, Scott? Shit... you'd better be watching after Marie if you got her going
      on your damn missions!! You.... you need what? Take care of her, Scott,
      please? She's... she's a good kid. Closest thing to family I ever had....
      And you damn well better be taking care of yourself too - I'm not there to
      save YOUR ass from Metal Head and his dipshits

      And no, Scott, 'for the record', I am NOT sorry I wrote. If... well, if you
      feel like babbling again, I'll be here for a while.

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