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NEW FIC: First Kiss (1/1) [Rogue/Logan]

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  • James' Angel
    Here s my latest short story!! Tell me what you think!! And to some lists, I know it s not a Scott/Cyclops one... but I really like this one so I figured I d
    Message 1 of 1 , May 29, 2001
      Here's my latest short story!! Tell me what you
      And to some lists, I know it's not a Scott/Cyclops
      one... but I really like this one so I figured I'd
      send it out too... Hope that's alright...

      Disclaimer: I don�t own Rogue or Logan... Marvel does.
      The song �First Kiss� is by International Five from
      the �Center Stage� soundtrack.
      Rating: PG-13... I guess?

      First Kiss

      Rogue dreamt of Logan night after night since he left
      that day. He had left for Canada, to find his past,
      his life. She longed to see him again. She wished
      desperately that she could touch him without
      endangering his well-being. She wished she could kiss
      him. Her soft young lips against his rough firm ones.

      ~ Hey yeah...
      Will I close my eyes?
      Will I hold my breath?
      Will I wanna cry?
      Will our souls connect?
      I�ve been thinking about it when I go to bed
      At night I wonder... wonder...

      Will you hold my hand?
      When you speak of love
      Will the stars be shining in the sky above?
      Will it be your love I�ve been dreaming of?
      For so long... holding on... ~

      No matter how hard she tried, she couldn�t get him out
      of her head. The older, sensible adults said it was
      because he had given her some of his healing powers to
      heal herself that night on the Statue of Liberty, but
      she knew better than that. She didn�t want to admit to
      Scott, and Ororo that she had a crush on Logan. A
      crush, she scoffed at her own understatement. This was
      definitely more than a crush. A crush wouldn�t have
      her pining for him and wanting him with her every day
      and night. A crush wouldn�t have her fearing for his
      health and safety. A crush wouldn�t cause her so much

      Even if she stood a chance with Logan, she wouldn�t
      know how he, or the others, would react. During her
      long sleepless nights, she had thought it over
      thoroughly that there was virtually no way for her and
      Logan to kiss without her taking his power. She was
      determined to find some way to get around it. Just in
      case. In case he ever came back looking for her. He
      had promised he would, but she wasn�t so sure. He had
      promised that he would take care of her, and he didn�t
      back down from his word. Logan wasn�t like that. He
      was a man of his word. That was his pride.

      ~ Our first kiss won�t be the last
      Our love�s too deep to end that fast
      And good things come to those who have to wait.
      I believe it�s only time that
      Keeps us from the thing divine,
      And when it�s here you know I�m gonna say
      Wait on my lips ~

      Rogue pulled the covers over her shoulder and turned
      in her bed. She fantasized what it would be like. He
      would return from his quest in Alberta and immediately
      find her. He would declare his love for her and how
      much he missed him. They would kiss passionately and
      would realize that she was cured of her powers. That
      she didn�t hurt him when she touched him anymore.
      Rogue rolled her eyes. �That�s wishful thinking,� she
      thought. If she had her way, that was the scenario
      that she saw would happen. But she didn�t live in a
      fantasy world and, if anything, Logan would be
      returning to declare his love for Jean.

      She sighed, thinking how unfair everything in her life
      was. She had to run away from home because she was an
      outcast and had put the first boy she ever kissed into
      a coma. She had drained Logan�s powers that night and
      almost killed him. Magneto wanted her and kidnapped
      her to use in his evil scheme. Logan had to leave and
      abandon her when she needed him. And this. That Logan
      wanted Jean and didn�t think twice about little ol�

      ~ Will it taste like candy?
      Will it be that sweet?
      Will our hearts be racing to a heavenly beat?
      Will the moment sweep me off my feet?
      And draw me under... under...

      Will I tremble, tremble?
      When I beg for more?
      Will it be like anything I never felt before?
      Will we be down for a little more?
      One thing I - I know for sure ~

      She sighed and opened her night table�s drawer. She
      pulled out the dog tag that Logan had given her before
      he left. He promised he would return for it. Did that
      mean anything? To her? Yes, it did. To him? She could
      only wonder. Did he just say that to humour a little
      girl? Or did he genuinely mean it?

      ~ I can picture it all
      Inside my head
      Just how it�s going to feel
      But a girl can only dream so much
      Now she wants to make it real -
      Make it real... ~

      She kissed the dog tag and whispered �Good night
      Logan. Wherever you are.� and returned the chain back
      into her drawer.

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