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FIC: The Price of Love 7/?

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  • rimmette@earthlink.net
    The Price of Love 7/? For disclaimers, etc., see part one. ***** Marie? I was falling, falling in an oily, numbing darkness, falling away from the pain and
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      The Price of Love 7/?

      For disclaimers, etc., see part one.



      I was falling, falling in an oily, numbing darkness, falling away
      from the pain and torment of my body until his voice caught me.

      "Marie? Darlin', come back."

      "Logan?" I could feel him, his presence, all around me. Protecting
      me. Buoying me up. I reached for him.

      "That's it. That's right, baby."

      His voice infused me with power. Where weakness had resided,
      strength now dwelled. Where there had been emptiness, there was now

      "Marie, follow me," his voice pleaded.

      I obeyed.

      As I rose out of the numbing blackness sensations flooded me,
      overwhelming me. The lights in the room glared down, piercingly
      bright even through my closed eyelids. A loud, high-pitched beeping
      repeated over and over, pounding into me until I thought I would
      scream from the pain. Distant voices joined the beeping to ground my
      already tender nerves to powder. Worst of all was the coarse gown
      covering my body, rubbing my skin raw.

      "Logan, it hurts," I whimpered weakly.

      "I know, Marie, but I'm here with you. It'll fade."

      His voice was so close, yet so gentle. It didn't hurt like all the
      other sounds overpowering my senses. It was like a cooling balm in a
      world of flame.

      "Open your eyes for me, Marie."

      "I can't. It's too bright."

      "You can, baby. I'll help you." He paused and a warmth spread
      through my veins, dulling the light and muffling the sound a
      little. "Better?"


      "Wake up, Marie."

      Focusing all my energy on my eyes, I managed to open my eyelids just
      a crack, squinting through the metallic glare of the room. I
      expected Logan's face to bend over me and block out the light at any
      moment, but it didn't happen.

      "Logan?" I whispered, my own voice loud and grating to my ears.

      ~Welcome back, baby,~ I heard him say.

      His voice was so close that his lips had to be right up against my
      ear, but I could see that there was no one there. Then I realized
      why his voice didn't hurt when everything else did. It was coming
      from inside of me.

      "You touched me," I accused in a raspy gasp.

      ~I had to, darlin'.~

      "I told you. No touching, no matter what," I said, my voice rising
      in volume despite the pain it was causing me.

      ~You were dyin'. I didn't have a choice.~

      Dying? If I was that badly hurt, then... I quickly shut my eyes,
      concentrating, looking for Logan. He was everywhere, his presence
      filling me.

      Too much.

      My eyes snapped open, and I tried to get them to focus despite the
      lights. I gazed over at the bed Jean had prepared for him, but it
      was empty. The sheets were twisted askew and the floor around it was
      strewn with carelessly abandoned medical supplies and equipment, but
      Logan was gone.

      Too much. I'd taken too much, and I'd killed him. He was dead and
      it was all my fault.

      A hint of a personality rose in my mind, echoing my words. ~Killed
      him. My fault. Thirty-three.~

      The voice faded as quickly as it'd risen, but the overwhelming guilt
      and remorse remained.

      "LO-GAN!!!" I wailed in my grief.

      He was the only person who truly loved me, who cared more about me
      than anything else, and who had given his life for mine. It wasn't a
      fair trade. I wanted him back.

      ~I'm here, darlin'.~

      "You're dead!" I yelled.

      "Rogue?" a gentle voice asked. Jeanie. I didn't want her. I wanted

      "Logan," I whimpered, my tears burning trails down my cheeks. I
      didn't care about the pain anymore. No physical pain could compare
      to the grief consuming my soul.

      "Logan can't be here right now," Jean offered in a soothing voice.

      "Dead. Killed. Too much. Too much." I answered between sobs.

      "No," Jean said, reaching out to stroke my hair. I know she meant
      well, but every movement of every strand yanked on my beleaguered
      senses. "Logan's not dead."

      That got my attention. I raised my eyes to hers and then turned my
      gaze to the empty bed saying, "Gone. Dead."

      She seemed to catch my meaning.

      "No, Rogue. He's just hurt. I had to move him to a private room."

      "Have to see him," I begged.

      "I'm sorry, Rogue. You can't. He's too critical."

      She's lying. She had to be. If he were alive, he'd be here.

      "I'm not lying," Jean insisted.

      Did I say that out loud? I didn't know. Couldn't tell.

      "Rogue, trust us," a deeper voice added. "He's right in the other

      Scott? Where'd he come from? I didn't care. I wanted Logan.

      I pulled my hands up to waist-level on the bed and pushed, trying to
      sit up. My muscles felt so stiff, almost like I'd never bent over in
      my life. I gasped at the pain, but I wouldn't let it stop me. If
      Logan was alive, I had to see him. If he was dead, I had to know.

      "Rogue, don't." Jean commanded, pressing down on my shoulders and
      easily settling me back on the bed.

      I wouldn't be deterred. I jerkily tried to sit up again.

      "Rogue," Scott speaking now, from the other side of my bed. "you
      have to rest, now. Get your strength back. Logan wouldn't want you
      to overexert yourself. He's alive. Just trust us."

      ~He's right, darlin'. Rest now. Trust 'em,~ Logan's voice spoke to
      me, but I could tell that he didn't quite believe them either.

      "I want Logan. Now," I insisted, successfully pushing myself up to a
      seated position, "Even if I have to go through both of you to do it."

      Seeing my determination and probably figuring that I wouldn't calm
      down until they conceded, Jean said, "Scott, bring over a wheelchair."

      Scott looked like he wanted to protest, but then he gave in with a
      short nod a retrieved a chair.

      It was only about forty feet from my bed to Logan's quarantine room
      and I didn't do anything more than sit, but I felt like I'd run a
      marathon by the time we arrived. Logan lay prone on the bed before
      us in almost total darkness, visible through an observation window.
      His chest rose and fell mechanically as air was forced into his
      lungs. He was unnaturally pale, his body coated in a sweaty sheen,
      but he was alive. I could tell from the trembling of his left hand.
      There was something left of him in there. He wasn't just a dead husk
      kept alive by machines.

      I didn't realize I was crying until I felt wet drops hit my folded
      hands. Logan was alive. He was hurt, but he was alive.

      "Ok?" Jean asked with a gentle voice. "Can we take you back?"

      I just nodded, drained from my journey and the worry that had
      consumed me.

      ~I'm still here, baby. I won't leave ya,~ Logan reassured me.

      "How much, Jean?" I mumbled. "How much did I take?"

      "We won't know until he wakes up. Just rest for now."

      I settled back into my chair as Scott turned it around and pushed me
      back towards the main room and my bed. Right next to Logan's, was
      another quarantine room, and I caught sight of a familiar figure
      crouched in the back corner.

      "Stop," I said. It was hardly a forceful command, but Scott complied

      The woman who'd attacked me was banging the back of her head into the
      wall, mouthing words to herself.

      "What's she saying?" I asked Jean.

      "The rooms are sound-proofed," Jean said as she fingered the controls
      of a speaker attached to the wall.

      As the speaker was turned on, I heard her voice repeating over and
      over, "Thirty-four... thirty-four."

      That was the same voice as in my head. The number was different, but
      the guilt was the same. As she hit her head against the wall once
      again, she caught sight of the three of us at the observation
      window. Her eyes fixed on me, and her face twisted up into a clumsy
      smile which looked out of place on her bruised visage.

      "Thirty-three," she said.

      "Thirty-two," I corrected.


    • Chrissy Synth
      I heard a few rumors about them not having Remy lebeau in the second movie. Well, this Could be the second movie, but considering the rumours, I think this may
      Message 2 of 2 , May 29, 2001
        I heard a few rumors about them not having Remy lebeau
        in the second movie. Well, this Could be the second
        movie, but considering the rumours, I think this may
        be more likely for the 3rd movie. Its a quick scen.

        This is rough, sorry. (no beta found yet)

        Nothing harmful. well except for the blood and a
        little fight.
        No sex.. well just read it ok?

        From Toads POV to narrorator.


        The 2nd or 3rd X Men Movie.
        A curious Scythea production

        Its not like I never been in a place like this before,
        but this has to be the first time I ever walked
        through the front doors and not have the idea of
        robbing the place blind. I felt like I, me, green
        hair and greenish skin, Toad was someone important.
        The elaborate hotel lobby didn't frighten me as bright
        open places normally do. The vast floor space, all
        golden tiled with a red carpet flowing from the six
        gold framed doors, to the reseptionist counter, to the
        elevators. In the center of the lobby a large marble
        fountain, spued crystal clear water into the air, then
        caught the dropplets in its huge round marbel base
        with various colored coins scattered in the bottom.
        Flood lights of pink and blue danced illuminating the
        shimmering water.
        No I wasn't scared like I normally am. This time I
        was litterly wowed, the whole place was breath taking.

        Walking a head of me, in his dark cape with white hair
        flowing together in a steady stride, walked Magneto.
        He strolled, keeping on the red carpet, past the
        receptionst desk and with a fluwant hand he grasp the
        envlope the reseptionist a short dark haired thick
        framed girl smiled as he took it. "Everything is ready
        for you sir." She said pleasently.
        Magneto just kept on walking, only nodding his thanks.
        Behind me, a long legged red head strolled causually
        in a white dress.
        We all seemed to feel like what we are not. Important,
        Expensive, First class, Human.

        * * *

        A mall, Too big for the small northren city, but
        compared to the world wide malls of larger cities,
        this one mall is small in comparasion. The square
        figure eight design on three acers of land, held one
        hondred and sixty stores. All on one level, all newly
        renovated. The brightly lit interior of the mall, left
        no merchandise hidden in shadows. Nothing went
        unnoticed. Except for the people. At a southren
        entrance of the mall kitty corner to a popcorn stand,
        selling various candies aswell, was set up beside a
        bubblegum matchine in front of a Shoppers Drug Mart.
        A restrant to the other side of the drug store, a
        jewlary store across from that, Blue Madness and a Gap
        beside each other lingered to the corner where the
        mall shifted starting the figure eight. An Arcade
        crunched in the corner between an A&P gorcers store
        and the Abby made the outter walls. The glass case
        holding the candy within its counters bore witness of
        the figure in the Shoppers Drug Mart.

        A tall lengthy figure stood in front of the deoderants
        standing in line on a shelf in the center of the
        store. Behind him the Magazine rack stood errect,
        already cleared of any reading material the aubran
        haird tall man thought intreaging. With a movemnet of
        his hand, faster than any eye or camra could registar,
        three antipersparnts and one deoderant were gone. The
        figure moved with the sly grace of a cat being
        insidious. The deviant young man, in his early
        twenties if that, walked down the isiles and with a
        quick flick of a finger he took what he desired.
        Shiney, practical, impractical, nessissary object soon
        fell in his clothing. Baggy black cargos hidden by a
        long flowing black trench coat. His gloved hands and
        dark shades let him fall into the shadows easily as he
        slipped past socitiy unnoticed. Walking to the check
        out counter he dropped a bottle of water onto the
        counter and took out the one dollar and twenty five
        cent he owed.

        Down the walkways of the mall, Passing under the
        skylight rolled a bald man in a metal wheel chair. His
        formal gray dress pants and bisness jaket gave him the
        look of professional, The white dress top and dark tie
        put it all in prosceptive with the shiney dress shoes,
        he was of athority. Beside him, a tall, slender
        african woman with flowing white hair and black
        eyebrows all natural strolled to the right in a dark
        rose shortselve top and lighter material shorts. To
        the left a younger man in his twenties, roughtly six
        feet with brown hair and dark shades with red lenses
        walked with pride and power, although relitively
        slender, to the left of the wheel chair. Black jeans
        and a teeshirt gave him a casual appearance abate with
        "Cerebro picked up a mutant signare in this vasinity.
        " The man in the wheel chair stated simply calmly.
        "What he look like Professor Xavier?" The white hair
        beauty asked in her accented dove like voice.
        "Look for a tall teenager with dark sunglasses."
        Professor Xavier replied from his seat in the moving
        silver wheel chair.

        From behind looking at the group of three, walking
        down the hall beside one rolling along in a wheel
        chair. A man watched. He stalked them carefully with a
        hunters grace. His animal hyde long brown trench coat
        flowed behind him as he kept back and out of their
        sights looming in the shadows. Strands of blond hair
        occasionally fell into his face as he snarled under
        his breath, the target he had been asigned to moved
        threw the thongs of shopping people. Not that it
        mattered to him how crowed the place was to make a
        kill, he had a job to do... and that was make sure he
        killed the cue ball in the wheel chair, before the
        other two could get to him.
        Shoppers looked at the tall blond man in animal skin
        pants and rugget lose brown top, they all gave the
        hunter a wide brith., the musles that rippled below
        the clothing made just what he is all too real.

        Sstanding outside of Shoppers Drug mart outlet, The
        lengthy teenager passed by a bargin bin and paused,
        picking up a pink and black stripped sweat band in the
        mist of a dozen or so brushes, combs and various other
        hair accessories that lay in a bargin bin he had over
        looked upon entering the store.

        "That him?" The man beside Xavier asked looking at
        the few people walking by with glasses on.
        "No Scott, that is not him." Xavier ansered his prized
        "How about him?" The white haird lady asked looking at
        a small teenager boy standing on the otherside of the
        "No ororo, " Xavier paused as he spotted the trench
        coat clad teen twirling the pink and black hair peice
        around his finger Apathetically,
        while watching a few young girls skimply dressed
        across the way.
        "Thats him." Xavier pointed out to his studants.
        "Remy Lebeau?" Xavier called out. A few people turned
        to look at the voice calling a mysterious name, but
        most don't bother.
        "Oui?" The teenager theif answered, his head
        swinging about from the girls he had been looking at.
        Together the three of them spotted their indened

        Ororo and the Professor and Scott approched Remy.
        "Greetings Remy Lebeau." Xavier smiled.

        Sabretooth, in his brown hide cloak, growled as his
        target made contact to the target of someone else on
        his team.

        Remy looked at The three who stood before him.
        "bonjour" Remy greeted unsure who these people are.
        "Whats with the shades?" Scott asked smiling.
        Remy looked from the man in the wheelchair to the man
        with the red tinged sunglasses. Remy didn't respond.
        "Take off the shades Remy, we don't ridacul."Xavier
        pleasently requested.
        Slowly Remy reached up, the pink and black ban fell
        unknoticed down his trench coats sleeve. Remy removed
        his dark sun glasses reveailing his black eyes with
        red iris.
        "What accent is that you talk with Remy?" Ororo asked
        "Cajun." Remy said " You know 'bout Remy, but Remy
        don't know who you be."
        "I am Professor Charles Xavier, This is Ororo Munroe,
        and Scott Summers. We are here to help you Remy
        Lebeau." Xavier smiled as he introduced the gathered.

        Sabretooth got into possition, creeping up, he was
        getting ready to pounce at Xavier. When a new scent
        filled the air not too far off,
        behind the assassin. Sabretooth peered over his
        shoulder only to see yet a nother obstical, A fourth
        X-men, the one called The Wolverine.
        Sabretooth glanced at his target, then cursed as he
        watched the four exit the mall.

        Sabretooth swung around just in time as a black blurr
        with fangs and claws crashed into him with a mighty
        roar the two both fell to the floor.
        "You shouldnt' skin your snout where its not
        welcomed!" Woverine growled as he stabbed the bigger
        bulkier man in the chest with three adamantium claws
        produced from between his knuckles.
        "RAAAHHH!!!" Sabretooth roared. As he slashed at
        Wolverine's face with one hand, while the other
        punched him in the gut throwing the smaller man off.
        Wolverine flew in the air then landed hard against a
        large gum ball matching. The man brought the matchine
        down with a crash, the plastic glass shattered as gum
        balls scattered across the mall floor.
        "Why don't you go back to where you came from Runt!?!"
        Sabretooth growled getting to his feet ignoring the
        onlookers that gathered around.
        Before The tall blond man could attack, Wolverine did.
        The Slammed full tilt into Sabretooths middle. The two
        fell backwards. Sabretooth slammed into the pop corn
        matchine. little while cornals covered in hot butter
        flew a foot in the air, landing on the floor along
        with the glass and machinery that was once part of the
        matchine. The merchant started to yell at the two
        Sabretooth knew that, as much as he wanted to kill the
        short Canadian man, his target was more important.
        Sabretooth Kicked off Wolverine then, leaping over the
        gum balls, crashed threw the Malls lobby plate glass
        Wolverine ran after his advasary, all six adamantium
        claws extracted. Upon exiting the mall, he sniffed,
        Sabretooths scent filled his nose, but the blond man
        was gone. Wolverine retracted his claws with a SNIKT,
        and started to walk across the parking lot, not once
        looking back at the confused people, who had to deal
        with the mess left in the fights wake.

        * * * *

        In a dark room with maple red wood stained walls and
        table I sat in one of 30 leather chairs, just beside
        the front of the long confrance table. Mystique sat
        beside me, while all around the Brotherhood of mutants
        assembled. All but Sabretooth were presant.
        Quicksilver, The Scarlet witch, The Blob, Avalance,
        Pyro and our all ways possitive leader, Magneto who
        stood at the front of the table and room.
        We all waited for the report of Charles Xaivers
        assassination, as well as the kiddnapping of a young
        Cajun teen with the ability to Kenitically chages
        objects with his hands, along with a Charm power that
        swades people to like him and empathy, I don't know
        what Empathy means, but The boss, Magneto seems to
        think its inportant. The kid is also a professional
        Without notice Sabretooth stormed into the room. Claw
        marks, that are not his, showed across the chest of
        his shirt, aswell as the rips in the arm sleaves of
        his favorit rare fur cape. The assassination,
        apparently a fauiler due to he had too little of blood
        on him.
        Sabretooth sat down at the far end of the table, he
        was growling darkly as Magneto started to yell at us,
        not Sabretooth imperticuallary, but all of us. We are
        here to kill the X Men, and take the mutants that
        Xaiver wants to requirt. Apparently one mutant per
        target was not enough. Not like Sabretooth couldn't
        take out a army, but even he had to admit that there
        are times when back up is nice.

        We listen, I sigh as the meeting drifs on.


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