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Re: "Daddy's Little Girl" PLEASE READ -- Take Two!

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    Having left town Thursday night straight from work, I ve been away from my internet connection since Wednesday night, barring time online during my breaks
    Message 1 of 1 , May 27, 2001
      Having left town Thursday night straight from work, I've been away from
      my internet connection since Wednesday night, barring time online during
      my breaks Thursday to read my e-mail at work. Which gave me just enough
      time to post a notice regarding my story "Daddy's Little Girl," but not
      enough to respond to the query I got shortly afterwards regarding my

      To answer the question of whether I was being serious or sarcastic, I
      reply that I am as serious as a stroke. I repeat myself -- since about
      half the feedback I had read by Thursday morning indicated that a major
      misinterpretation had been made, I'm requesting that anyone archiving
      this story (whether to a website with my previously-given permission or
      for their own private fic files) add "-- yet!" to the end of Rogue's,
      "Good thing *I'm* not fourteen!" line. And on rereading that segment of
      the story to amend it for my own fic archive, I see I need to add that
      the paragraph following that line needs to be deleted entirely. The
      result should read as follows:
      "Hmm..." Marie gave him a teasing look. "Good thing *I'm* not fourteen
      � yet!" Kicking off her shoes, she crawled onto his bed and rolled over
      onto one side, giving him a coquettish look and patting the coverlet at
      her side invitingly before stripping off her gloves.. Logan didn't need
      to be invited twice. As he settled himself next to her, she unbuttoned
      the top button on her shirt, and then the next, and the next, while
      eyeing him sidelong. "And good thing you're not my father."
      To clarify matters -- two weeks ago I posted "Practice Makes Perfect" to
      the very list you're reading this message on. Within the first two or
      three parts of this *R/NC17* story, I had explicitly established her age
      as being sixteen. And no, Logan and Marie will *not* be waiting for her
      to turn legal at seventeen before consummating their relationship. (I can
      assure you, I'm in a position to know! ;-) ) Yet it never even
      *occurred* to me to put any kind of warning into the disclaimer that
      statutory rape was a-brewing. Bearing this in mind, is there any logical
      reason I would have plastered pedophilia anti-squick warnings all over a
      story about a *seventeen-year-old* Marie?

      To those of you who have sent me commentary on how you saw no problem
      with a seventeen-year-old Marie, I thank you for the feedback. This
      misunderstanding was entirely my own fault -- having last week read a bit
      of discussion on another list establishing the reasons to believe that
      Rogue was seventeen at the time of the movie (or at least by the end of
      it), I now realize that I should have been more explicit regarding my own
      assumptions as to Marie's age. (Frankly, I thought that the repeated
      references to her underage status -- and the Powerpuff Girl panties --
      would be sufficient. Having read the many comments as to how overstated
      my squick warnings were with regards to the story, I now realize that I
      never should have pulled my punches. My bad. :-/ )

      I quite understand if those of you sending positive feedback on the story
      that seemed to be about a seventeen-year-old find your opinions taking a
      downturn with Marie's age downgraded to thirteen (or lower!). Feel free
      to complain about it to me -- or not, as you choose. In any case, keep
      in mind that I put those **WARNING** notes there for a *reason*! ;-)


      "The 'LOVE' scene that ensues is the most grotesque perversion of
      obscenity most of the audience will ever see. The soundtrack for this
      scene is the overamplified sounds of someone stirring a large, saucy bowl
      of spaghetti and Mac'N'Cheese. Close ups of veins are nice too."
      -- "Meanwhile," SQUEE! #3, by Jhonen Vasquez

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