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Fic: (Repost?) Observing the Obvious, L/R, Jubilee, PG-13

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  • Ashley
    I initially sent this on Thursday, but I never got in in my mailbox. Sorry if you already got this, but I thought I d send it again to be sure. Sorry to clog
    Message 1 of 1 , May 26, 2001
      I initially sent this on Thursday, but I never got in in my mailbox. Sorry if you already got this, but I thought I'd send it again to be sure. Sorry to clog mailboxes if it already got to you.

      - - -

      Title: Observing the Obvious [1/1]
      Author: Ashley- SugarHi@...
      Rating- PG-13 for language and an implied situation
      Archiving- Just let me know where. :)
      Characters/'Ship: Logan/Rogue, Jubilee
      Category: Humor and some stuff I haven't decided on yet.
      Summary: A different point of view.
      Thanks: I was inspired to write this by the fic "That Closet is so Passé!"
      by Anita Lorenz. I liked it muy mucho.And huge gigantic thank you to the
      betas of this fic, Emily and Julia. Much love.
      Note: I'm so sad. I've has this since before Christmas. I never got around
      to sending it. Feedback would be much appreciated. And uh,
      telepathy/thoughts are in //. I think that's it.

      Oh, and a sequel to this *is* possible, with feedback and real life not
      getting in the way. I want to do something with Jubilee. Not just have her
      narrate. :)


      He's been back for a month now, I think. Rogue could tell you
      better. Hell, she has the day circled on her damn calendar. Poor thing.

      At least it's not entirely one-sided, from what I can see.
      Whenever she walks into a room, he looks at her like she's steak. And we all
      know how much Logan loves steak. She has him tied around her finger, but
      sadly, she doesn't even know it. She hasn't even told him about her control-
      only the Professor, Kitty, and I, magnificent roommate Jubilation Lee, know.
      She's so scared that he won't want to touch her that she's oblivious to the

      Well, obvious to everyone but her.

      I *was* going to give her the patented "Go-get-your-man" speech.
      It worked well with Kitty; timid as she is- now I can't peel her away from
      Bobby. And we all thought in the beginning that he was sweet on Rogue. Well,
      apparently we were wrong. So, I was about to tell her that she had it, she
      could do it, all that nice ego-boosting stuff. And you know what? The
      Professor interrupts! Right into my head!

      //This is something they must figure out for themselves,
      Jubilee,// and I quote exactly. Now *that* wasn't something I wanted to

      I'm sure no one else wanted to hear it either- everyone watches
      their quiet escapade with exasperated curiosity. On behalf of the student
      body, (and hell, most of the teachers) I think I can say that we wish they'd
      do the funky monkey dance already, so we can have some peace. This endless
      game of flirting-without-knowing is getting on our nerves.

      Hopefully, Rogue will get her southern belle act together and
      tell him. Because I don't think she's doing so well with that particular


      Rogue walked into her room quietly and plopped down on her bed.
      "Jubes, Ah just don't know what to do anymore. Sometimes, Ah think he sees
      me, but sometimes, it's the opposite. You always know about things like
      this- and it's killing me not to tell him. What can I say? Or do? Hell, just
      give me directions, a map, a road sign, anything hun, because I am so lost."

      Jubilee sighed. "I'd love to, but this is something you need to
      work on yourself. I can't tell you what to do or say. But just... the truth
      is the way to go here." //My god, the truth? She should just grab him, pull
      him to his room and *show* him that she has control. I never thought I'd
      tell someone to tell the fucking truth.//

      Rogue lifted one perfectly manicured eyebrow. "Ah never thought
      I'd hear you say that, but you're right. Ah'm just so damn scared, Jubes.
      What if... if he. or if I. just what if?" Her hands nervously played with
      the fingers of her gloves. She wore them from habit- she didn't have to
      anymore. Besides, everyone still thought her touch was lethal.

      "You can't think about the what-if's. You do, and nothing will
      ever get done. You'll only have regret. Now shoo. I have homework to get


      I rolled my eyes as she left my room, and sat back down to
      Calculus. Then I decided that it wasn't that important. I could always get
      someone to 'help' me with it, so I decided to walk downstairs, catch some tv
      or find someone to hang out with.

      So I get downstairs, but I passed Logan and Rogue on the way
      out. Hm. I wonder if she'll actually tell him. It should get interesting. I
      doubt I'll expect her back to the room tonight then.

      Oh lord. They'd *better* not be heading back to our room.
      Where'll I sleep then?


      Logan looked at Rogue quizzically. "What's so important that you
      couldn't tell me in the TV room?" He raised one eyebrow, waiting for her

      Rogue looked at her feet. "Well, it's... um, well Ah... oh,
      damnit. Logan, Ah didn't tell ya this before. Ah'm not sure why, but...
      whatever." She pulled off one glove. "Ah have control, Logan."

      His eyes went wide. "Oh." Slowly he sat down on the bed.
      "That's... Marie."

      He stood again, walking towards her, a look in his eyes Rogue
      didn't quite recognize. He stood in front of her and tilted her chin
      upwards. Then, he pulled her gloved hand up, peeled it off and slowly put it
      to his lips.

      "You don't know how long I wanted this."


      "I was right, Kitty. Pay up."

      She rolled her eyes but gave me the $10. "I was wrong, I know, I
      know. Now let's go find somewhere to camp out tonight."

      So that was how we ended up in the guys' dormitory. maybe Rogue
      wasn't the only one to enjoy herself that night.

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