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FIC: Raiders of the Lost Beer R 5/5 (Sequel to Some Enchanted Evening)

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    Title: Raiders of the Lost Beer (Sequel to Some Enchanted Evening ) ***See Part I for disclaimer and story info*** Part V: Busted! Logan swung the door open
    Message 1 of 1 , May 9, 2001
      Title: Raiders of the Lost Beer (Sequel to "Some Enchanted Evening")

      ***See Part I for disclaimer and story info***

      Part V: Busted!

      Logan swung the door open and stormed into his room, yelling, "What
      the hell are you kids…" Then he stopped.

      Bobby and Jubilee had just managed to disentangle themselves from
      each other and were peering at him from the other side of the bed.
      Nadine was sprawled on the floor with Remy still on top of her. Andy
      was half-on, half-off the bed and Kitty was squirming beneath Logan's
      bedside table. Charlotte and Allen were perched side-by-side on his
      bed, staring at him in horror. John was untangling himself from the
      window curtains. And, in the center of all of it, only Rogue was
      upright, frozen in her tracks directly in front of him.

      Logan focused on her, and slowly folded his arms. "Just what the
      hell are you kids doing in here?"

      Rogue was rendered completely speechless. "Uh…uhhh…"

      Unfortunately, Charlotte chose that moment to try and explain.
      "Well, ya see, Loggan, is like this…we weeerree walkin' down the
      hall, mindin' our OWN business," (she punctuated the explanation with
      broad, sweeping hand gestures) "when we heard a biiiigggg crrasshh!
      An' so we went to see whad id was an we came in yer room an we looked
      an we saw somebody was in yer room so we JUMPED him—mmph!" Allen
      wisely clapped a hand over her mouth, seeing Logan's expression.

      Logan finally said the first thing that came to his mind, "You're all

      Rogue finally found her tongue as well…and said the first thing that
      came to her mind. "I'm not!"

      That drew Logan's attention back to her, and she cringed. He tried
      to repress a smile at seeing her terror. "Well, then, I think you'd
      better gather up your plastered companions and put them to bed. And
      we'll talk about this," he indicated the trashed bedroom and beer
      bottles scattered everywhere, "in the morning."

      "Okay!" Rogue squeaked, then exclaimed to the others, "Okay,
      everybody get up, let's go to bed. NOW!"

      Most of the group managed to pull themselves up and drag themselves
      to the door, then stumble in the general direction of their rooms.
      However, Kitty took two steps and promptly fell through the floor.
      Fortunately, her room was below Logan's, so she landed in her own
      bed. "Oh. Izn't that lucky! Goo' nide all!"

      The following afternoon…

      The hangovers were finally beginning to wear off. "Man, I guess we
      learned that one the hard way," Bobby grumbled, trying to concentrate
      on his history homework.

      "I am NEVER touching another glass of liquor in my entire life,"
      groaned Kitty, rubbing her temples.

      Charlotte nodded, grimacing, "I swear, every child within a hundred
      miles decided to have a tantrum this morning and it was twice as

      "I'm taking a vow of sobriety here and now!" John declared, thumping
      the table and causing the other kids to groan and smack his hand in

      "Ditto," Andy agreed.

      "Likewise," Charlotte said.

      "If I never see another beer, it'll be too soon!" Kitty sighed.

      "I still feel like I'm gonna throw up," Jubilee said. "I'll never
      eat again, either, just gimme intravenous fluids for the rest of my

      "I'm am SO going to kill myself!" Bobby put in.

      "I'm already dead!" Allen retorted.

      "Well, mes amis, I finally scored a 4.0, but I think it's my blood
      alcohol level!" Remy grumbled.

      "Ooooh my God, here comes Ms. Monroe," Rogue groaned.

      "You mean the Goddess of Divine Retribution?" Nadine groaned.

      "Oh shit," Jubilee hissed as Ororo walked up to them, her arms folded
      and wearing a way-too-neutral expression.

      "Kids." The guilty party exchanged apprehensive glances. "I
      understand you paid an unsolicited visit to Logan's room last night."

      "Uh, we were just…" Andy trailed off helplessly as Ororo fixed him
      with a stern gaze.

      "Just helping yourself to some of Logan's beer, trashing his room,
      and waking up the whole house in the middle of the night!"

      "We didn't mean to!" Allen protested frantically.

      "Which part?"

      "Um," he glanced appealingly at the others, all of whom looked
      equally at a loss for a defense.

      "That's what I thought," Storm said coolly, putting her hands on her
      hips. "So what, may I ask, do you expect me to tell Mr. Summers
      about what you were doing last night?"

      Jubilee was suddenly struck by inspiration at what might be their one
      chance to live through this episode. She stood up, looking utterly
      resigned, "You're right, Ms. Monroe. You should tell him that we
      were in Logan's room last night, drinking his beer, trashing his
      room, because…Logan wasn't there."

      Ororo didn't quite get the point, "Well, I didn't think he'd be
      standing there watching you."

      Then Nadine caught onto Jubilee's angle, and decided to stick her
      neck out as well. With wide, innocent blue eyes, she said in her
      sweetest voice, "No, he wasn't. Where was he, Miss Monroe?"

      This time, their meaning didn't escape Storm, and she faltered for a
      second. That gave Remy the opportunity to press the advantage,
      "Yeah, I think Mr. Summers is going to wonder where Logan was, Ms.
      Monroe, that he wasn't in his room in the middle of the night and
      left his beer unsupervised. He might even have to ask Logan where he

      "And you know Logan," Kitty sounded positively gleeful, "he just
      LOVES to piss off Mr. Summers. So he would probably tell him!"

      "That is," Charlotte put in, "if he had been doing something that
      would piss off Mr. Summers at the time. Do you suppose he was?"

      Ororo pursed her lips, but then John got into the act, "I mean, you
      know how chauvinistic Mr. Summers can be. Why, he gets mad if we
      boys even dance too close to the girls. He's so protective of the
      ladies around here!"

      "Yeah," Andy surprised everyone by adding, "Just IMAGINE what Mr.
      Summers' reaction would be if he knew…" he let the sentence dangle.

      Ororo's eyes narrowed. "You wouldn't."

      Rogue had been caught in a conflict of interests just then, between
      her new role as an X-man and her beloved slumber party crowd. In the
      end, party crowd loyalty won out, and she threw her cap in with the
      rest. "Wouldn't what?" she asked sweetly.

      Storm folded her arms, visibly gritting her teeth. "All right.
      We'll keep that incident to ourselves. I'm quite certain from what I
      saw of your hangovers this morning that this is the last time you'll
      be messing around with alcohol." She was answered by vigorous, wide-
      eyed nods, and then glared furiously at them. "And if you EVER
      breathe one word of…you know…to Mr. Summers, I'll…I'll…"


      "I don't know what I'll do, but it'll be ugly," she finished in a
      half-snarl. She turned on her heel and stalked out of the room.

      The kids heard a rumble of thunder in her wake. "Holy shit! We
      survived!" Allen slapped his thighs in elation.

      "Just barely! Way to go, Jubes! It never occurred to me that we had
      something on her!" Bobby exclaimed.

      "Wasn't it great?" Jubilee said in delight. "I dunno why, I was
      just thinking how Mr. Summers would throw a fit if he heard about
      Logan and Ms. Monroe. Hey, you think she's going to tell Logan right

      "Ooh!" "I dunno!" "Let's go see!" "Come on!" The kids dashed for
      the door and surreptitiously placed themselves outside the lounge
      door where Storm went to talk to Logan.

      Bobby pushed the door open a crack… "And then they threatened to tell
      Scott!" Ororo was exclaiming in despair.

      Logan's hearty guffaw startled the group. "They…blackmailed you?!"

      "YES!!" Her exasperation forced them all to stifle giggles. Logan
      laughed again and they heard Ororo say, "Well, what was I supposed to
      do, let them tell him? You know how Scott gets when it comes to the
      girls, and especially when it involves you!! He'd…he'd…I don't even
      want to think about it! Logan! Stop laughing!"

      "Well, they're smart, ya gotta give `em that, Ro."

      "I don't have to give them ANYTHING!" she snapped, outraged. "Of all
      the underhanded, dirty tricks they've played this was…"

      "Priceless!" Logan howled. Ororo sputtered for a minute and he
      laughed again, "Whatsa matta, darlin', you afraid of Scott
      challenging me to a duel to defend your virtue?"

      "Logan! It's not funny! I—"

      "Ro. He already knows."


      "Jeez, why do you think he didn't come running when he heard all that

      There was a long pause. "I don't follow you."

      "He would've come running if he'd thought the kids were making that
      racket. But he didn't! Aw, come on, darlin, he thought that was us!"

      "What?! He thought all the crashing furniture, ripping curtains, and
      smashing glass was…us?!"

      "Well, we did stop just short of—"



      "Do you have to talk about that so loud? The kids might hear! And I
      don't want them to—mmph!"

      There was a long pause. "Why did they stop? What was she saying?"
      Andy hissed.

      "I dunno, but she's not gonna say it now," Charlotte giggled.

      "Why? Why not? Why'd she stop in midsentence?"

      "Why do ya think?" asked Nadine. "I'd hazard a guess Logan picked
      that moment to start tongue wrestling."

      "Right on the money, roomie," Charlotte cackled.


      "Guess we ought to leave them to their make-out session then," Kitty
      giggled. "I don't think we'll hear much more conversation."

      The others nodded, and they began tip-toeing away from the lounge.
      "Psst! Bobby, come on!" Rogue hissed.

      "Just a minute! I'm taking notes!"

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