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FIC: Raiders of the Lost Beer 3/5 R (Sequel to Some Enchanted Evening)

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    Title: Plan B: Raiders of the Lost Beer (# 3 in the Slumber Party Crowd Series) ***See Part I for disclaimer and story info*** Phase III: Securing the Loot
    Message 1 of 1 , May 9, 2001
      Title: Plan B: Raiders of the Lost Beer (# 3 in the Slumber Party
      Crowd Series)

      ***See Part I for disclaimer and story info***

      Phase III: Securing the Loot

      "God! Why have we never thought of that?" Nadine whispered
      to the
      others when they discovered Logan had hidden a small refridgerator in
      the bottom of his closet.

      "Okay, crack `er open!" hissed Bobby, as though they were
      into a safe.

      With a great flourish, Remy opened the fridge. "Voila!
      He grabbed the first bottle of beer from an ample stash.

      "Remy!" protested Jubilee. "Wait'll we get back to
      our rooms!"

      "Gotta make sure it's satisfactory," Allen chuckled,
      grabbing a
      bottle for himself and opening it with a grunt. "Mm. Ohh, yeah,
      Logan's got good taste. In beer and in women!"

      "I thought you liked Ms. Grey," Bobby said, opening his own

      "I do, but Ms. Monroe's hot, make no mistake. And since I
      wanna get blasted by Mr. Summers for ogling his fiancée, I eye Ms.
      Monroe," Allen replied, all logic.

      A thud from next door caused them all to freeze, but the noise was
      followed by a gutteral growl. (Gasp! Giggle!) "Man, oh, man,
      doing more than eyeing her, that's for sure!" Jubilee
      accepting a bottle.

      "How do you know that wasn't her you just heard?" Rogue
      earning giggles and gasps from everyone.

      "That wasn't," Charlotte began, but another rumble of
      thunder caused
      her to grin. "That, on the other hand, was."

      "Hey!" squeaked Kitty, pointing in delight at the window.
      "Check it

      The slumber party crowd had to cover their mouths to keep from
      shrieking with laughter as they noticed that the wind was blowing so
      hard outside that the trees were swaying. Struggling to control her
      giggles, Nadine whispered, "Kinda makes you wonder what'll
      when we all, um, get frisky eventually!"

      "Weelll," Allen said thoughtfully. "I'll have to
      make sure I don't
      get too crazy, because I might incinerate my girl if I start sweating

      "Now that would definitely put a hamper on things," Bobby
      firmly. "Of course, Jube would give us a fireworks display
      any—ow! Jube! I was just teasing!"

      "You're one to talk, Vanilla Ice, you'd freeze everything
      for ten
      miles, meaning you'd get stuck to the unlucky woman in a big
      block of
      ice!" Jubilee retorted.

      Rogue, who had been looking rather dismal at that moment, suddenly
      smiled craftily, "Jubilee, you may have just stumbled onto an
      incredible breakthrough."

      "What do you me—heeeeeeyyyy!" Bobby drawled, smiling
      slyly as he
      caught Rogue's meaning. "Whaddaya know, let's try
      it!" He moved as
      if to throw her onto Logan's bed, earning giggles all around.

      "Then, of course, there's Andy," giggled Charlotte,
      sipping her
      beer. "You'd create the Big One, all right, earthquake
      boy!" (Gasp!
      Squeak! Giggle!)

      "I might cause a problem in this area," Kitty mused. "Me
      and my guy
      would be, uh, having our fun, then suddenly I'd fall through the

      "Do it on the ground, then!" hissed John, and everyone
      laughed and
      poked her.

      "You're one to talk, John, you'd torch any girl you were
      with!" Kitty
      replied loftily. "Nadine would have that problem too."

      "Man, Nadine, how `bout you and Remy!" Charlotte
      whispered to Nadine,
      giggling. "You'd be so bright people would think it was the
      Borealis and Remy would explode everything in sight, including the

      Smothering her laughter, Jubilee agreed, "Talk about a

      "Shut up!" Nadine exclaimed in embarrassed outrage, only to
      shushed frantically by the others.

      "Uh, mes amis, there's still a lot of beer left here,"
      Remy said
      thoughtfully. "Did anyone bring a box or something?"

      The squad exchanged glances. "Uh, oops," Bobby said.

      "I say we vote Bobby off the squad for that," suggested John.

      "You're just dying to be squad captain, aren't you?"
      snorted Rogue.

      "Here, I've just, er, disposed of this one," Allen stuck
      his empty
      bottle back in the fridge with a mischievious grin. "I'll

      "Allen! You'll get drunk!" protested Kitty.

      "This guy?" Jubilee snorted. "You've never seen
      `im drink, Kitty, he
      could outlast Logan!"

      "Not quite, but I'm workin' on it."

      "What, he been giving you lessons, Al?" Rogue asked slyly.

      "Logan takes Jube and me to Lily's all the time!" Allen

      "Hey, how come he never offered to take any of us?" Remy
      looking miffed.

      "He said he wouldn't care, but it's hard to smuggle more
      than two of
      us off campus at once," Jubilee said apologetically. "He
      he'd take anyone who wants to go while Mr. Summers and Ms. Grey
      on their honeymoon."

      "Put Nadine and me down for that little field trip, Al," Remy

      "Will do. Hey, you'll be legal by then! The two of you
      could take
      the opportunity—"

      "Allen, shut your trap!" Nadine snapped. "If you bring
      up my future
      sex life one more time…"

      "Cool your jets, Firefly, he's just messing with you!"
      Jubilee said

      "You don't hear him bragging about his conquest of you yet,
      do you,
      Jube?" Rogue pointed out.

      "That's because he knows he'd get smacked upside the
      head," John

      "Don't bother with him, Jube, he snores," Remy said
      retaliating for Allen's incessant teasing about his
      sex life with Nadine.

      "I do not snore!" Allen exclaimed.

      "Oooh, yeah ya do, Al," Charlotte chuckled. "I can hear
      you at
      night! You don't just snore, you rattle the rafters!"

      (Giggle! Snort!) "Do I snore?" John asked her.

      "The snort says it all," Charlotte replied. "Allen's
      like a foghorn,
      but you snort like a bull at night, John."

      (Gasp! Squeal! Giggle!) "Do tell!" "Who else
      snores?" "Listen to
      her, she knows what kind of animal he sounds like!" "Man, I
      hope I
      don't snore!" "Do I snore?"

      "You?" Charlotte regarded Rogue. "Not really, you kind
      of mumble in
      your sleep. Ya know, I'll bet you picked that up from Logan. He
      does the same thing."

      "Hm. That's interesting," Kitty grinned. "What about

      "You sorta whistle in your sleep."

      (Giggle!) "And of course, we all know Jubilee just does that
      old-fashioned, traditional noisy snore!" Rogue laughed.

      "I'm not that noisy…am I?" Jubilee looked sheepish.

      "Yeah, I guess then you're the only one who could put up with
      at night!" hooted Bobby, and everyone burst into giggles.

      "You're one to talk, Bobby!" Jubilee fired back.

      "Why? What do I do?" Bobby demanded.

      "You sort of…" Charlotte furrowed her brow thoughtfully,
      for the correct description, "whuffle."


      "Way to go, Char, I couldn't describe it better myself,"
      agreed. "Whuffle. Yeah, that's the noise, Bobby."

      "Am I loud?" Bobby exclaimed, mortified.

      "No, no, not that loud," John assured him, taking a swig of
      "Just funny."

      "Pass me another bottle, Rem," Kitty said, finishing her beer.

      "Careful, Kitten, you're still an amateur," Allen warned.

      "Gotta learn sometime," Kitty said matter-of-factly, and
      attempted to
      show her growing prowess by taking a chug. The resultant gagging and
      coughing forced her to dive onto Logan's bed to muffle the sounds
      the mattress. When she looked up, she blinked several times and
      said, "Guess that was a little ambitious of me, wasn't

      "Cripes, she's getting tipsy," Bobby said in
      exasperation, and tried
      to grab the bottle from her.

      "Uh-uh!" Kitty exclaimed belligerently, pulling the long-neck
      his reach. "I can hannel myself."

      "Is that why you're already starting to slur?" asked John
      grimly and
      sighed theatrically at the others. "Be ready to carry her back
      her room and hope she doesn't fall through the floor when

      "I am NOT gonna get sloshed!" Kitty snapped. Then she

      Part 4...Coming Soon!
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