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FIC: Raiders of the Lost Beer 2/5 R (Sequel to Some Enchanted Evening)

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    Title: Raiders of the Lost Beer (# 3 in the Slumber Party Crowd Series) ***See Part I for disclaimer and story info*** Phase II: Penetrating Defenses
    Message 1 of 1 , May 9, 2001
      Title: Raiders of the Lost Beer (# 3 in the Slumber Party Crowd

      ***See Part I for disclaimer and story info***

      Phase II: Penetrating Defenses

      (Shuffle, shuffle) "Shh!" (Giggle, giggle) "Stealth
      mode!" Bobby
      hissed, and all ten "squad members" began slinking along the
      although Kitty nearly fell through it twice.

      "Uh, hold it one second," Remy whispered. The group paused,
      back at him. "To get to Logan's room, we have to pass Mr.
      room AND Ms. Monroe's!"

      "Kitty, step away from the wall. If you have an accident,
      we're all
      toast," whispered Bobby.

      "Yeah, yeah, she'll fall into one of their rooms and join the
      Jubilee chuckled.

      (Giggle, snort!) "Well, Char?" John whispered. "Are they
      having fun?"

      "Which room? The soon-to-be-newlyweds or Storm and Logan?"


      "I'd have to say both couples are having a ball!"
      snickered. "Although it's considerably more interesting at
      Monroe's end of the hall. At least, they're making more

      Just then there was a slight rumble of thunder. Everyone blinked,
      then covered their mouths to smother the hysterical giggling.
      yeah!" Rogue rubbed her hands together in delight. "Go

      "Go Storm," Allen added mischievously. "So, Char, are
      you just being
      nosy, or are they REALLY having fun?"

      "Oho, loads!" Charlotte chuckled.

      They continued tiptoeing and slowed to nearly a crawl as they reached
      the two succeeding bedroom doors that meant death if any of the
      occupants caught them. "Oh, crap!" Jubilee hissed.
      "Could Ms. Grey
      hear us? I mean, telepathically?"

      "Oh shiiittt!"

      The rest of the group was ready to bolt, but Charlotte shook her
      head. "When she's, um, with Mr. Summers, her mind link's
      focused in
      one direction, and one direction only. Magneto could get in here and
      she wouldn't sense it."

      Andy stared at her, "How in God's name do you know that?"

      "She told me."

      "Man! I wanna be Ms. Grey's apprentice now!" Allen
      whispered in

      "Shh! Forget it, Acid-glands, you'd incinerate the biology

      "Shh!" Bobby hissed frantically as they reached the first
      door: the
      Summers/Grey bedroom. As they tiptoed by, Bobby's face suddenly
      turned crafty, and he pressed his ear against the door. His eyes
      widened, and Kitty yanked him bodily past it.

      "Are you nuts?!" Rogue hissed. "What if they'd
      caught you?"

      Bobby grinned, "They wouldn't have, trust me. Man, I
      didn't think he
      had it in him!"
      "Bobby!! You pervert!" Kitty squeaked, then paused
      curiously. "So,
      did he?"

      "Did he what?"

      "Did he have it in him?" Kitty demanded.

      "Oh, believe me, I've heard `em before, and he's
      definitely got it in
      him," Charlotte grinned back. "This is a quiet night compared
      to some
      tumbles they've had!"

      "Jeez, Char, I thought you said you didn't listen in!"
      Andy commented
      in astonishment.

      "Lemme put it this way, when you're in a big, dark, silent
      with tissue paper-thin walls and floors, and there's people
      it on just a floor up and one room over, you'd have trouble
      it too!"

      "Oh, come on, the walls can't sound that thin," Jubilee

      "They are to these ears! You should've heard `em on prom

      (Gasp, squeal!) "Shh!" (Giggle!) The tiptoe parade
      continued down
      the hall until they reached the next door—this time, nobody
      needed to
      put their ears to the wall to learn all too well what was going on.
      "Dang!" Allen whispered. "I'll bet she's on

      (Gasp! Giggle! Snort!) "I should've brought a notebook! I
      need to
      write this stuff down!" John added.

      "I think that qualifies as classified information!" Rogue
      back, and then everyone had to cover their mouths to stop laughing.
      "Shh! Come on, before he hears us, then we're all dead

      "Please tell me his door isn't locked," Jubilee said,
      crossing her
      fingers as Bobby tested the knob. He shook his head at them.

      "Kitty? It's your show," Bobby ordered, motioning her

      Kitty sauntered forward, flexed her arms several times (earning
      another spate of giggling), then folded her hands in front of her and
      mock-swan dove through the door. A moment later, the lock clicked
      quietly, and the door creaked only slightly as she carefully opened
      it. Kitty's head peeked around the door. "All clear, squad
      she whispered to Bobby.

      "Let's go!" Bobby whispered to the others, and they
      tiptoed inside.

      As they closed the door again, Andy held up a hand to forestall any
      more movement. "Char? Are we safe?"

      Charlotte paused, listening. "Yep. They're still at it.
      Woo! Boy,
      are they still at it!"

      (Giggle, nudge, wink!) Rogue regained control of herself and said in
      an official whisper, "Okay, squad, we're in! Let's do

      Part 3...Coming Soon!
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