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FIC: Raiders of the Lost Beer, R (Sequel to Some Enchanted Evening)

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  • jocelyncs2002@yahoo.com
    Title: Raiders of the Lost Beer (Sequel to Some Enchanted Evening and Party All Night) Author: Jocelyn, Navaeh, and Sandy (jdog985@hotmail.com) Feedback:
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      Title: Raiders of the Lost Beer (Sequel to Some Enchanted Evening and
      Party All Night)

      Author: Jocelyn, Navaeh, and Sandy (jdog985@...)

      Feedback: Picture me on my knees, begging and pleading for all
      worth. A fic writer's life has so few rewards.

      Series: # 3 in The Slumber Party Crowd Series

      Summary: Teenagers never learn. The slumber party crowd has
      reconvened on a grave and dangerous mission: to discover the secret
      location of Logan's stash of beer.

      Characters: Includes all the main characters, mostly stars the
      students, Gambit, and my Party All Night originals (Nadine,
      Charlotte, Andy, Allen)

      Relationships: Bobby/Rogue, Logan/Storm (definitely more than just
      overtures this time!)

      Rating: R for language and dirty imagery (from those twisted little
      teenaged brains—meaning the authors'.)

      Disclaimer: The X-men belong to Brian Singer and Marvel Comics,
      not making any money off this fic, so please don't waste your
      valuable time suing me when you could be writing the sequel to the

      Author's Note: First and foremost, if you haven't read Party
      Night and Some Enchanted Evening, you won't have a clue
      what's going
      on or who my originals are. I created Nadine, Charlotte, Andy, and
      Allen simply to have a few extra students to get into mischief, and
      this story makes no effort to follow the comic or cartoon canon.
      This story takes place roughly ten months after the movie and two
      weeks after Some Enchanted Evening.

      Phase One: Assemble the Squad

      Midnight…Kitty, Jubilee, and Rogue's Room

      "It's like this, you pick a famous guy, then decide whether
      want to marry him, be his best friend, or just screw him."

      "You're such a sicko, Charlotte!" Rogue laughed.
      "Okay, pick a guy."

      (Giggle!) "David Boreanz?" Kitty Pryde asked the group.

      "David Boreanz or Angel?" Nadine Sanderson asked her.

      "Angel. None of us knows what David's like, besides,
      isn't he
      married?" Charlotte Larson grinned.

      "Okay, Angel then. Ooh, I'd marry him," Jubilee said

      "If you could avoid the curse, but I'd risk it," Rogue

      "Is that a marriage verdict all around?" Nadine asked.

      "Yeah! My turn," Jubilee smiled thoughtfully. "How

      (Squeal!) "Oh hell, I'd screw him silly!" Nadine
      exclaimed, causing
      her gal pals to gasp and laugh at her bluntness.

      "What would Remy say?!" Rogue exclaimed.

      "I'd screw Remy too," Nadine replied matter-of-factly.

      "Nadine!!" Kitty exclaimed. Nadine just grinned slyly.
      "Okay, Char,
      it's your turn."

      "James Marsters?" Charlotte said.

      "You mean Spike?" Jubilee asked.

      "Of course."

      "Screw!" they all chorused at once.

      Unfortunately, the door had opened at just that moment. "Screw
      Allen Corde asked, coming in, followed by the other boys.

      "Definitely not you," Jubilee said haughtily.

      "I love you too, Babe." Allen and Jubilee had a rather
      unique way of
      showing their mutual affection.

      "What the hell are you guys doin' here?" Rogue demanded.
      Summers swore he'd give us KP and stable duty for a month if we
      got caught in here again after lights out!"

      "Since when has fear of Mr. Summers ever stopped us?" Bobby
      demanded, hopping onto her bed next to her. "Oh, boy, you're
      your bunny slippers, too!" He rubbed her fuzzy blue bunny-rabbit
      slipper-clad feet in delight.

      Andy Harner started snapping his fingers, singing, "`Bunny
      Hoppin' down the street, bunny woman! With her fuzzy feet, bunny

      "Okay. You're dead." Rogue calmly pulled off one bunny
      and threw it
      at Andy's head.


      "Okay, guys, what's the deal this time. And don't start
      us singing
      again, Andy. We all know what happened last time." Everyone
      groaned, and Jubilee told the girls, "They said they had
      very important to do tonight."

      "No, we are not going all the way with you," Kitty said
      firmly. "Not
      yet, anyway." (Giggle!)

      John Allerdyce sat down on the floor and grinned at them. "We
      some unfinished business."


      "Yessir!" Bobby grinned slyly at the group. "Mr. Summers
      and Ms.
      Grey are getting married in two weeks, and we graduate a month after
      that! So…we the boys have decided that we are not leaving this
      school until…we get us some of Logan's beer!"

      (Gasp! Squeal! Giggle!) "You guys! Are you crazy?! He'll
      and dice you if you try to get into his closet!" Rogue protested.

      "Well! There's a start! We know it's in his
      closet!" John said
      triumphantly, pointing at Rogue, who clapped her hands on the sides
      of her head in dismay. "Come on, girlie, you know you want some

      "John, I can't, I'd get in so much trouble," Rogue
      said, shaking her
      head. "I'm training with the teachers now, I have to

      "Oh puh-leeze!" Jubilee snorted. "That didn't stop
      you from hiding
      out on the roof all night with Bobby after prom!"

      "Yeah, Rogue, and Mr. Summers himself said that he used to get
      mischief even after he first got his uniform," Andy added.

      "What do you suppose his idea of mischief was?" Allen mused.

      Kitty grinned, "Holding hands with Ms. Grey under the table in
      dining room?" (Giggle! Snort!)

      "Yeah, Rogue!" "C'mon, slipper girl!" "Come
      on, X-woman, loosen
      up!" "We dare ya!" "Double dare!" "In the
      name of the bunny
      slippers, I challenge you!"

      Rogue got a sheepish grin on her face, and everyone whooped as they
      knew she'd given in. "Shh!" (Giggle!)

      "Okay, Roguey, here's the deal! You tell us where the beer
      is, and
      nobody gets hurt!" John said in his Godfather voice.

      "There's Al Capone again," Nadine sighed.
      "You're still the God of
      Corny, John."

      "That was Marlon Brando, goldilocks!" John retorted.

      Nadine raised her eyebrows at John's own light hair and asked
      "Goldilocks? Is this the pot calling the kettle blonde?"


      "Shaddup. Anyway, don't worry about Logan catching us in his
      folks, because…" Charlotte paused dramatically. "He's
      NOT in his

      "Pfft. Lily Page's Tavern again? Mr. Summers is gonna catch
      coming back one of these days," Jubilee rolled her eyes.

      "He's not at Lily's," Charlotte elaborated, shooting
      them that famous
      I-know-something-you-don't-know grin.

      "Oo-kay, he's having it out with Cyclops in the gym?"
      Allen guessed.

      "Oho, you're WAY off!"

      The kids exchanged puzzled looks. "Where's he at and
      what's he doing
      at this hour?" Bobby demanded.

      "You mean…WHO is he doing at this hour!" Charlotte said

      "WHAT!?!?!?! But Mr. Summers and Ms. Grey are—wait."
      Jubilee's jaw

      Then everyone else's jaw followed suit. Silence filled the room
      several seconds. Everyone seemed to be doing a mental head count.
      "I don't get it. We're all here and Ms. Grey's about
      to get
      married. Who'd he pick up?" Remy asked.

      "Uh, guys, you're forgetting the one and only eligible and
      jailbait female at this school!" Charlotte said in a
      "duh" tone.

      "Nadine's here! And she's not eligible!" protested
      Remy, grabbing
      his girlfriend's arm defensively.

      Everyone else exchanged lost glances. Finally, John made the
      connection. "Ms. MonROE?!"

      "Oh, puh-leeze, John, Ms. Monroe wouldn't…" Jubilee
      trailed off when
      she saw Charlotte's grin. "Char? Don't tell me

      "Give the boy a cee-gar!" Charlotte cried triumphantly,
      clapping her
      hands as everyone gasped. "Okay, you can all stop gaping before
      drool on the carpet. Sheesh, you and your normal ears. They've
      shakin' up the second floor since lights out! I can't
      believe you
      guys didn't even hear them!"

      Looking disturbed, Kitty mused, "I'm glad I didn't hear
      them. I'd've
      had a heart attack! Ms. Monroe and Logan? Jeez! Who'd've
      thunk it?"

      "They got pretty friendly at prom," Remy pointed out.

      "Everyone got friendly at prom. Mr. Summers and Ms. Grey were in
      till noon the next day!" (Giggle)

      "Now, back to what we were discussing, as you can see,
      Logan's the least of our worries on this little endeavor,"
      John said
      with a mischievous grin. "So here's the plan—"

      "Mission Impossible music, please!" Nadine cut in.

      (Squeal! Giggle!) "Shh! Pay attention!" Bobby ordered,
      suddenly deepened his voice into a passable secret agent imitation.
      "Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to break into
      Logan's stronghold, penetrate his defenses, and obtain his secret
      supply of alcoholic beverages, and return them to squad headquarters,
      the residence of squad members Rogue, Jubilee, and Katherine. If you
      or any of the squad are captured, the rest of the slumber party crowd
      will disavow any knowledge of your actions—even under torture by
      Evil Mr. Summers."

      "This mutant will self-destruct in five seconds!" Rogue said

      Bobby pantomimed shooting himself, and everyone giggled. "All
      members, report in!" Allen ordered in an official sounding voice.

      Everyone leaped to their feet simultaneously, standing in mock-
      attention. "Squad member Gambit reporting for duty, sir!"
      announced, snapping off a sharp salute.

      "Squad member Firefly reporting, sir!" Nadine declared.

      "Squad captain Pyro reporting—"

      "ExCUSE me?! Squad CAPTAIN?" Jubilee demanded.

      "Pfft! Squad dork!" Nadine snorted.

      "Hey! Squad attention!" Bobby ordered. (Giggle) "Shhh!
      Quit your
      bitchin', we've got a mission to complete!"

      "Squad member Pyro, reporting for duty, sir!" John corrected
      saluting (and thumbing his nose at Nadine and Jubilee.)

      "Squad member Rogue, reporting!"

      "Squad member Sizzler, reporting!" Allen saluted British
      earning giggles all around.

      "Squad member Tremor, reporting as ordered, sir!" Andy
      saluted and
      nearly knocked himself over.

      Kitty giggled, "Squad member Shadowcat, reporting, SIR!"

      (Giggle!) "Squad member Firecracker, reporting!" Jubilee

      "Squad member Siren, reporting, sir!" Charlotte snapped.

      "And squad member Iceman, reporting for duty!" Bobby saluted
      all, and everyone exploded into giggles. "All right, team! We
      all assembled!"

      "Or falling apart…"

      "Let's move out!"

      Everyone tiptoed out the door humming the theme to Mission Impossible.

      Part 2..Coming Soon
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