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Fic: Hold Me In Your Arms (S/L, Traitorous thoughts 4)

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  • Jemisard
    Title: Hold Me in Your Arms Author: Jemisard Fandom: X-Men movie verse AU Paring: Logan/Scott Rating: MA Status: New, Complete Archive: If you ask nicely :)
    Message 1 of 1 , May 9, 2001
      Title: Hold Me in Your Arms

      Author: Jemisard

      Fandom: X-Men movie verse AU

      Paring: Logan/Scott

      Rating: MA

      Status: New, Complete

      Archive: If you ask nicely :)

      E-mail address for feedback: kalika@...

      Series/Sequel: "Traitorous Thoughts" series- part 4.

      Disclaimers: They aren¹t mine. You know that. I¹m just borrowing them.

      Thanks:ERIKA! deserves the biggest thanks here, for her continual letters of
      encouragement and inspiration. Thank you so much. Also, thanks go to Nadja
      who wrote so often and put up with me taking forever to do things, and all
      the people who sent me feedback, which keeps me writing. :)

      Summary:The reconciliation from another point of view.

      Warnings:Violence, slash themes.

      It took me a lot less time than I thought to find you. Mind you, you weren't
      trying to hide from me really. If you had been, I doubt I ever would have
      found you.

      I pulled up outside the hotel, and saw my bike parked there. I felt like
      crying, I was so relieved, but at the same time, I felt so angry. I couldn't
      understand why you'd done it.

      Mind you, wasn't that the reason I came?

      I watched the windows for a moment, and saw your shadow silhouetted by the
      light. It hurt to see you, it felt like the knife in me had been twisted,
      but I had no choice.

      I never have had a choice when it comes to you.

      I knocked on your door, and every doubt that clouded my mind fled when you
      opened it, surprised but unsurprised to see me there.

      I nearly managed that smirk that drives you nuts, and told you that I'd come
      for my bike. I didn't know what else to say, but somehow, I knew that you
      knew what I meant when I said it. I came for you, if you wanted me.

      You looked at me and stood aside to let me in, asking me if that was what I
      really came for.

      It was during the silence that too many things were said to be ignored.

      Next thing, you were in my arms, and I was in yours, and all that desolation
      and misery was soothed away by the feel of your lips on mine.

      I don't know how long we stood there. It didn't matter, it wasn't long
      enough. I'd been shattered into a million pieces when you left, and it would
      take a while to remake myself.

      You are the only thing that could remake me.

      I asked you. I asked you why, trying to hide the pain that you caused me,
      trying not to let the quaver in my voice say what my mouth was unwilling to.

      You turned away, and I got the sinking feeling you were going to tell me to
      leave, tell me that I meant nothing again, but this time I knew it wasn't
      true. I had felt the love in those kisses, and I wasn't going to let you
      hurt us both again like that.

      I pulled off my glasses, hoping that you would see the need I have for you.

      I felt whispered breath against my cheek, soft words mumbling how beautiful
      you thought I was.

      And you kissed away each tear on my face, telling me that they were more
      precious than diamonds and twice as beautiful.

      Explanations could wait.

      Next thing, we were in bed, and you were moving over me, kissing, soothing,
      taking away all the pain with those amazing hands and loving words.

      For the first time that night, I made love to someone. I made love to you.
      And you called my name as you came, just as I called yours softly into your

      We dozed off at sun up, I think. I can't be sure, my glasses lay on the
      table, abandoned. I whispered to you that I loved you. And you whispered it
      back, softly and lovingly.

      Explanations could wait. For now it was enough to know that those harsh
      words and cruel intentions weren't real.

      You're holding me close as you sleep, your kisses still fresh on my skin.

      You love me. It's enough.

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