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Fic : Sinister 6/6

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  • Sarita
    6/6 Wolverine tore the last circuitry out of the generator and looked around for a way, any way out of here. The mixture of mutants and humans had him pinned
    Message 1 of 1 , May 6, 2001

      Wolverine tore the last circuitry out of the generator and looked
      around for a way, any way out of here. The mixture of mutants and
      humans had him pinned in this blasted room so he was dammed if he
      wasn't gonna take advantage of it and trash their little toys while
      he was here.
      The wall behind him shuddered and then blew in. Storm strode through
      the opening. She smiled at Logan. "I trust you have left something
      for use to do."
      "Your locator!" sang Rogue from the corridor beyond, "now get your
      hairy butt out here and tell us where they're keeping Jean and
      Wolverine was already in the corridor before he pulled up
      sharply, "Cyclops!" he exclaimed, "I didn't know he was here too."
      They ran down the corridor, searching for a way down a level where
      Wolverine knew the main part of the complex to be. Storm blasted
      electrical energy back down the corridor behind them to discourage
      "We were ambushed in the swamps. I believe they got him while he was
      attempting to help me."
      Wolverine grunted. "Here," he snarled slashing open the doors to the
      elevator shaft. He looked down, "you carry Rogue I can get down the
      Storm nodded and without further talk they descended emerging in the
      same way that had entered, with a rending of adamantium claws.
      "Welcome to the twilight zone," muttered Logan as he took in a
      corridor identical to the one above. As Storm moved to go one way he
      stopped her. "This way he said at last pointing in the opposite
      direction, I can smell Jean she came this way."
      Sinister looked up in annoyance as the door was flung open. Gambit
      stood there staring at the scene inside. "Gambit, find Danvers and
      assist her. Now." He snarled when the man failed to respond
      "Gambit don't think so mon ami," Gambit said softly, slowly advancing
      into the room. "Gambit got a clear head right now and he don' think
      you been straight with him."
      Sinister stood and his eyes flashed silver for a moment, freezing
      Gambit where he stood, but the man shook it off.
      "No, homme that wont be working again. The lady here she done
      something that made me remember." He looked square at Jean. "Gambit
      owe her for that, and don't like what he been doing for you just
      lately." In a flash he had a charged card out and flung at Sinister.
      The man shimmered for a moment then shrugged off the blast with no
      apparent difficulty. "You forget Gambit, my molecular structure is
      unstable. Your particular type of energy or a mere physical attack is
      useless against me."
      Gambit grinned without humour. "Fair enough," he muttered and lunged
      for Jean, tearing her free of the Chair and shielding her back toward
      the corridor.
      "No," she cried, "Scott."
      He looked past Sinister to the lab beyond. "Gambit come back for your
      friend Chere, but right now he get you out eh?"
      "Think again swamp boy," came a snarl from behind.
      Danvers punch knocked Gambit straight through the wall and into the
      corridor beyond. He slithered to a stop at Storms' feet.
      "Forget him he's one of them," snarled Wolverine as Storm bent to
      help him.
      "No Logan," yelled Jean "he tried to help me". She struggling with
      Sinister as Danvers advanced on the four.
      Gambit opened his eyes to stare into the prettiest ones he'd laid
      eyes on in a long while. "Sugar, you sure picked a strange moment to
      switch sides," muttered Rogue when she was sure he was alive.
      "That's what I said to your friend there a while back," he muttered
      gesturing at Wolverine.
      Danvers smiled nastily. "Ooh look, it's the weather woman – haven't
      we met before when I kicked your ass?"
      Storms eyes went flat and she slammed the woman back with a hurricane
      force blast of wind, mortar crumbling at the impact. Wolverine used
      the distraction to slip past them and go after Sinister, who had
      dragged Jean back toward the lab. As he entered Sinister drew a cane
      from the workbench, yanking out the concealed sword within.
      "I do not have time to tarry with you fools," he muttered.
      "Make time," said Wolverine flatly looking around quickly to check on
      Jean. She was slumped on the ground, groggily trying to stand. He
      could see Cyclops beyond her, still securely restrained to some sort
      of contraption. He rolled to avoid a jab at his midsection and
      slashed backward as he came to stand. The hiss of sparks as his claws
      slid of the other mans body startled him.
      Sinister grinned savagely. "Your pathetic little kitty claws will not
      effect me" he snapped as he lunged again. Logan stepped inside the
      attacked and used a shoulder throw to slam the mutant into a wall.
      "Well, they ain't all I got," he muttered circling, ready for the
      next move.
      The battle between Storm and Danvers surged to and fro in the
      corridor beyond. With every step Danvers seemed to gain the advantage
      as she kept the quarters too tight for Storm to use her lightning
      without injuring those around them. Gambit launched an attack from
      behind, but as fast as they appeared to hurt her she recovered. There
      wasn't a mark on her, her skin seemingly indestructible and her
      physical strength without measure. Rogue could only look on
      helplessly as the Cajun was slammed into a wall with such force she
      heard his ribs break. Still he struggled to his feet, swaying with
      exhaustion. Storm likewise was far from fresh and not nearly
      recovered from her earlier battle with the black woman. Flinging
      Storm into Gambit and advancing on them, Rogue finally saw her
      chance. She leapt onto the woman's back and touched a bare hand to
      her neck. She meant full well to break the contact swiftly but the
      mutant howled in rage and grabbed her wrist in an iron grip.
      Rogue screamed as the bone broke and she couldn't pull free. The
      other woman arched in pain, suddenly aware of the danger but unable
      through shock to let go. In seconds that seemed to span a lifetime
      for Rogue she was suddenly standing in the corridor with the other
      woman at her feet. Other woman, herself? She didn't know anymore
      where she ended and the other creature began. She was torn between
      the desire to destroy those before her and the sure knowledge that
      they were her friends. She wasn't even aware she was screaming,
      crying out until Storm bore her gently to the floor and tried to
      comfort her, crooning nonsense words to try to get her back to
      reality. Finally she subsided, watching as Rogue simply rocked back
      and forward with a blank look on her face, silent tears running
      freely now. She looked at Gambit who was clearly in no fit state to
      "Stay with her," she instructed "but don't touch her bare skin."
      He swallowed hard and nodded, stunned by what he had just witnessed
      and took the girl into his arms ignoring the pain in his
      chest. "C'mon petite, don cry. Gambit look out for you chere."
      Storm staggered into the room beyond. Jean had managed to free Scott
      of the machinery Sinister had been using on him, but could not
      release the metal restraints that held his now unconscious form to
      the lab table.
      "Take over here," grunted Wolverine as another attack with his claws
      failed and he spun away to use them to better effect on freeing
      Scott. Storm lashed out with gale and then ice to little affect.
      Sinister simply changed his molecular structure to withstand the
      attack. With Scott slumped in Jeans lap beside the table Logan
      charged back into the fray to help her and was nearly fried when
      Sinister avoided a lightening strike she launched at him.
      "Hey, watch it sister," he yowled as he dived aside.
      Storm swayed on her feet. "My apologies Wolverine," she muttered
      panting, "I'll ask him to stay solid next time."
      Scott opened his eyes slowly, barely aware of anything, his body
      almost numb with the shock and shivering wildly.
      "Easy," he heard Jean say in his ear. "Don't try to move love."
      He could taste coppery blood in his mouth. *Bit my lip * he thought
      detached, as he became vaguely aware of the combat going on around
      him. He felt Jean ease him down to the floor, as she struggled to her
      feet trying to focus her power to send a mental blast at Sinister.
      Her head still felt like it was packed in wool and the resulting bolt
      lacked focus or power. She doubted the mutant had even felt it.
      Scott somehow found the strength to get to his hands and knees, still
      shaking violently and craned his head up to view the carnage in the
      room. He was barely aware of lifting his hand to his visor but the
      resulting blast caught Sinister squarely in the back driving him to
      his knees. The blast had only been a weak one but Sinisters cry of
      pained outrage bore testament to its effectiveness.
      "Hit him again," screamed Logan, his claws slashing and this time
      having effect.
      With a shudder Scott complied, this one weaker than the last but if
      anything more effective. It seemed Sinister folded in on himself,
      something about the particular energy from Scott's optic blast
      affecting him and his ability to manipulate his molecules. As Storm
      lashed him with a final blast of lightning he simply shimmered and
      disappeared. Jean knelt beside Scott, who had slumped motionless to
      the floor.
      "Is he gone?" asked Storm stunned.
      Logan pulled his aching bones upright, "We're out'a here," he
      growled. "Let Chuck figure out what happened to him."
      Storm nodded, "I'll help Rogue and Gambit" she said quietly looking
      at Jean.
      Logan ran a hand through his hair, glancing at Scott. "That Gambit
      guy okay?" he asked.
      Storm smiled wryly, "as well as any of us," she muttered.
      He nodded once then turned back to Scott and Jean and squatted down
      beside them on his haunches. He cleared his throat gruffly. "He
      Okay?" he asked.
      Jean had tears in her eyes as she looked up at him, shaking her head
      softly. "I don't know, he's hurt badly. We need to get him to proper
      medical facilities."
      Logan touched her shoulder. "Kid's got balls, he'll make it," he said
      gruffly as he shouldered Scott's limp form. "Christ," he
      muttered "who the hell decided to call him slim" he grumbled.
      Gambit led an almost comatose Rogue toward the parking garage on the
      upper levels, assuring them that there would be an all terrain jeep
      there. They made it back to the Blackbird, whereupon Jean busied
      herself with the wounded and Storm settled in to the Pilots seat
      calling ahead for the Professor to get things ready to meet them.
      Logan looked at her askance as the jet rose into the air. " I thought
      you didn't like this thing?"
      She flashed him an irritated look. "I don't but Scott can't do it,
      Jean is too distracted right now and that leaves me. I don't like it
      doesn't mean I can't."
      Logan made his way back to where Rogue and the Cajun sat. Jean had
      bound up his ribs and when offered the chance to accompany them had
      simply shrugged.
      "Why not," he said softly staring at the swamp, "lord knows I can't
      stay here with the thieves guild out for my blood now."
      Logan had taken Rogue into his arms and held her during the exchange.
      At Gambits questioning look he shrugged. "Kid and me got a history,"
      he said and that was that.
      Storm had recounted the battle in the corridor to them and he worried
      for the girls sanity.
      "The professor will help her," Storm had assured them.
      Gambit glanced back to where Jean sat. "Your friend, he gonna be okay
      too homme?"
      "He ain't exactly my friend," replied Logan wryly.
      Gambit raised an eyebrow and as Logan wandered back toward the pair
      he shrugged. "Could'a fooled me homme."
      Logan looked up from where he say on the corridor floor. Storm
      straightened up too as Charles Xavier exited the medical ward of the
      mansion. He regarded the two long and hard.
      "I thought I asked you two to get some rest," he chided them gently.
      Neither said a word and he sighed. "Rogue will be fine" he said
      quietly glancing back at the door. "She was overwhelmed by the
      memories of the mutant she absorbed. Unfortunately the contact was
      too long and will have somewhat more lasting repercussions but with
      help she should be able to adapt."
      "What do you mean," snapped Logan suddenly worried.
      Xavier fixed him with a look. "It would appear that she has
      permanently absorbed the woman's powers and now has a whole new set
      of challenges to overcome."
      "Holy…" Logan muttered.
      "She can fly now?" asked Storm stunned.
      Charles smiled. "In time as she learns to control it yes. It was her
      mental well being that I was more concerned with but I am satisfied
      that she will come to terms with this as she has the more unfortunate
      incidents in her past. She is a very strong young woman for all her
      youth. Gambit will be staying with us for a while at least. I've been
      able to determine that he was under Sinisters illusory influence for
      several years on and off. He too has done a lot in that time that he
      must learn to live with but I think he will make a welcome addition
      to the group here."
      "Lock up your belongings," snorted Logan. "What makes you think he
      can be trusted in a team?"
      Xavier smiled. "It was not so long ago that similar concerns were
      expressed about your ability to be part of a team."
      "There's nothing wrong with a thief," Storm smiled serenely.
      He looked at her askance.
      "I have known a few," she said struggling to keep her smile off her
      face "and been one," she added at last.
      Logan regarded her for a long while before turning back to
      Xavier. "And…..?" he prompted.
      "Does it cost you so much to be concerned Logan?" asked Charles
      He shrugged, "we ain't expected to like each other – keeps you lot on
      your toes."
      " Ahh," said Charles with amusement in his eyes. "Scott will be fine
      with rest." he said finally. "The tests" ,he used the word as if
      something distasteful had settled in the air about him, "were
      debilitating enough as I'm sure you can understand. Using his power
      in such a weakened state very nearly killed him. Now get some rest,"
      he said forcefully.
      Jean gently brushed a stray lock of hair from Scott's forehead,
      regarding the sleeping man intently. She had removed his glasses
      briefly, something that she knew he would not have approved of but
      now more than ever she wanted to look on him without them and fix his
      features in her mind. "You almost went away today," she said
      softly "and I don't think I could bear that." She leant forward and
      kissed him lightly on the lips before putting his glasses back on.
      The errant lock of hair slipped down again and she smiled.
      "Stubborn," she murmured. "Always so stubborn."
      She sat in silence for a while, just watching him sleep. She looked
      up startled as a shadow fell over her in the dimly lit room.
      "Sorry," Logan said simply. "Didn't mean to scare you."
      She sighed and folded her arms about herself. Smiling nervously she
      stood. "You know that the professor thinks he's still alive?" she
      asked quietly glancing at Scott.
      He shrugged. "Next time we know what hurt him. Paybacks a bitch they
      "Shouldn't you be in bed," she said smiling warmly at last.
      He shrugged, "figured you could use the rest and I slept already."
      At her startled look he quirked an eyebrow. "Don't go readin'
      anything into this" he said at last, "just get some rest. I'll watch
      over our glorious leader for a while."
      As Jean left the room with a final lingering look at the sleeping man
      Logan settled into a chair beside the bed with his feet up on the
      cabinet beside it and arms crossed over his chest.


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