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Fic : Sinister PG15 1/?

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  • Sarita
    Author : Sarita E-Mail: sarita.riley@btinternet.com / s.riley@southampton.gov.uk Title: Sinister Rating: PG15 - some violence , swearing (but not alot) Genre:
    Message 1 of 1 , May 6, 2001
      Author : Sarita
      E-Mail: sarita.riley@... / s.riley@...
      Title: Sinister
      Rating: PG15 - some violence , swearing (but not alot)
      Genre: Difficult - action fic mainly I guess (ie NOT a romance but
      there is Scott/Jean and implied Rogue/?)
      Disclaimers: They aren't mine - what more can i say.
      Notes : This is movieverse with a twist. I've stolen characters from
      the comic and completely changed them 'cos it suited me to do so (for
      all those who are avid comicverse - I know this is not how Rogue /
      Carol Danvers / Gambit met, I'm messing with continuity !).
      This will be up at Red Expressions later in the week (



      Professor Charles Xavier was concerned. He couldn't however place the
      cause of his concern, despite being probably the most powerful
      telepath on the planet. He put down the lesson plan he had begun
      preparing for the afternoon physics class and looked around his
      study, enjoying the rare moment of solitude yet knowing it was
      nearing its end.
      Several months had passed since Magneto had seized the Statue of
      Liberty intending to artificially advance humans into Homo superior -
      mutants. He still recalled with pride how well his fledgling team had
      handled that without him. Their first real crisis and they had come
      through alive and well, functioning as a team. Even Logan had fit in,
      he and Scott finally accepting each other and working well together
      under the younger mans leadership despite their initial antagonism.
      Since that incident the team had countered numerous smaller, but no
      less insidious threats to potential peace between humans and mutants,
      always without recognition by the outside world.
      He sighed, reaching out with his mind to those familiar presence's
      in the mansion. Disquiet. Each felt it in his or her own way. While
      they did not have his telepathic gift they were instinctive and
      attuned to the world around them. Charles Xavier gave up on his
      lesson plan and, activating his motorised wheelchair, made his way
      toward Cerebro. If he could not dispel his unease perhaps the machine
      could heighten his own prodigious senses and identify or point the
      way to the cause of it.
      Scott Summers leant on the frame of the French doors in his room,
      staring out at the surrounding estate. As always for Scott his view
      was tinged in hues of pink and red thanks to the ever-present ruby
      quarts lenses he was obliged to wear. Today that view seemed somewhat
      oppressive despite the calm late summer weather - like there was a
      storm brewing despite the clear sky. He frowned unconsciously as he
      glanced toward the horizon to the east of the estate where the town
      of Westchester lay. Anti-mutant sentiment had stagnated slightly
      after the disappearance of Senator Kelly but in the last few weeks
      there had been an almost imperceptible general increase again.
      Despite his teams best efforts every now and again one bad apple
      managed to make the press before they caught them and those
      individuals were held up as an example of the dangers mutants
      presented. Forget that America's crime rate was made up largely of
      human actions. Mutant `super powers' always made for more dramatic
      A feather-light touch brought him out of his musings. Jean Grey
      slipped her arm about his waist and leant her chin on his shoulder
      looking past his ear and out the doors.
      "Brooding again ?" she teased softly.
      He gave her a lopsided half smile. "I didn't hear you come in," he
      said quietly turning into her embrace. "I thought you and Ororo were
      going shopping."
      "We did, but I don't think our hearts were really in it. 'Ro decided
      she would rather eat back here with the family," she grinned, "even
      if that does mean putting up with Logan's smelly cigars afterwards."
      Scott snickered and released Jean. "He's been in the Danger Room all
      "On his own?" asked Jean alarmed.
      Scott shook his head. "I watched from the control room." At her
      startled look he shrugged. "I finished up with the re-calibrations on
      the Blackbird early so..." he trailed off.
      She smiled. "If you're not careful we'll start to think you two
      actually like each other."
      Scott's expression slipped back into his usual serious demeanour as
      he took her hand and led her toward the door. "Why don't we see if
      Ororo has done anything about lunch yet?"
      Ororo glanced up as the door to the kitchen banged open. Logan pulled
      up short as he noticed the room was occupied. With his hair still wet
      from the shower and his habitual checked shirt and scruffy boots in
      hand he clearly hadn't expected company for lunch. He'd felt out of
      sorts all day, hell most of the week all told. Figuring to blow off
      steam in the danger room for an hour had turned into a whole morning
      of it and for once he hadn't chaffed at Cykes "drill instructor"
      role. While he usually found Scott's over serious approach
      restricting, the guy did know how to make you jump through the hoops
      and throw in a few surprises along the way. He'd given Logan a good
      run from the control room and he thought it had worked until his
      shower. Then all the tension and unease had flown right back on in
      and it was a very waspish Wolverine indeed who banged into the
      kitchen and startled Ororo.
      Ororo sighed at the sudden intrusion of noise. While Jean had been
      good company this morning the trip had left her feeling hemmed in by
      people. She was candid enough with herself to know her feelings were
      linked to her growing sense that something big was happening and her
      dislike of being surprised by these things. "Lunch ?" she asked Logan
      He sniffed suspiciously. "Sure," he grunted puling on his boots, "as
      long as you've got more in mind than just that grass n weed
      concoction you got there."
      Ororo sighed. "The salad is for those who want it Logan. I'm sure we
      can manage to massacre some poor unsuspecting cow for you."
      "Pastrami will be good," he nodded.
      With a sigh she added the beef to the growing pile of food on the
      table just as Jean and Scott entered.
      "Need any help?" Jean asked joining the other woman immediately.
      "Just need some cutlery," she grinned and moved the coffee-pot to the
      table only to watch Logan empty half of it into the cracked and
      battered mug that most would call a bucket. "Maybe another pot of
      coffee," she muttered.
      They were joined midway through lunch by the Professor and Marie.
      Xavier looked distant and when questioned by Jean simply smiled and
      changed the subject or said "I hope all will become clear soon."
      "Great," muttered Logan as Xavier left as abruptly as he had
      arrived. "Chucks gone ga ga too." Scott scowled across the table at
      him but said nothing. Lunch was finished without further comment and
      they all went their separate ways for the afternoon. It was just
      getting dark outside when they each received a mental summons to meet
      the Professor in the map room. Logan was the last to arrive and found
      the others already peering at the changing map at the centre of the
      table as it shifted itself into a larger scale version of its
      previous display.
      "Ah, Logan Good we my now begin" Xavier said with a small smile. "I
      know that for the past few days you have all been somewhat uneasy,
      each in your own way. I feel I may be partly responsible for that.
      Either I have been leaking my own anxieties or I have simply seen you
      too well trained or too well attuned to the role we play here.
      Nevertheless it is not I fear without cause on this occasion. I have
      spent most of the day in Cerebro trying to make sense of my concerns
      and all signs are that there is a growing problem in the south,
      particularly Louisiana. There have been some fairly exotic witch
      hunts down there, mutants or suspected mutant sympathisers have been
      disappearing and there has been a growing number of alarming
      illusions and bouts of mass hysteria in the area. I don't know if the
      two are linked or even if it is the centre of the action so to speak,
      but at least it has given us focus from which we may begin
      investigating this matter." He looked at Scott. "I want you to take
      the team down there and begin looking into this matter. I will
      continue to use Cerebro and our other resources here. We can keep in
      contact through the communications equipment on the Blackbird or
      through Jean as necessary."
      "You want all of us to go?" Scott sounded a little surprised.
      Xavier nodded. "We are looking at two specific problems and a large
      area to cover - I also feel this is coming to a head now. I think
      when it comes down to it you're going to need your whole team around
      you when this one kicks off."
      Scott nodded. "It would be best to fly down at night - use the dark
      as cover and take it from there."
      "Agreed," Xavier nodded. "Get your equipment together and meet back
      here in an hour, Scott stay a moment if you please."
      As the others filed out Scott looked pensively at the map. "There is
      a power down there Scott," he said at last, "and it is trying to
      shield itself. I can get glimpses, hints at something so dark it
      makes my skin crawl. For all Magnetos power, his is not a truly evil
      mind. Misguided in the extreme but at the end of the day a sane one.
      What ever is down there cares little for mutant or human alike.
      Magneto helped me build Cerebro so it is not surprising he found way
      to counter it. It worries me that something else can shield itself so
      well. I don't like not knowing what I'm sending you into. Be careful
      and don't spread yourselves too thin. Your strengths are in teamwork -
      above all else use that."
      Scott straightened slowly. "We won't let you down Professor Xavier."
      "I know you won't Scott, that's not what I'm afraid of. God speed
      Cyclops and safe return."
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