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FIC: The Forgotten Few, 11/?

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    Disclaimer: Jenn belongs to...well...herself =) They were tired. In the end, when Bobby really let himself think back to their arrest, he realized it was just
    Message 1 of 1 , May 5, 2001
      Disclaimer: Jenn belongs to...well...herself =)

      They were tired. In the end, when Bobby really let himself think back
      to their arrest, he realized it was just internal exhaustion that
      defeated them. It couldn't have been anything else, for usually,
      human weapons could not contend with the mutant powers imbedded deep
      within them, nor the training maneuvers which still managed to
      resurface whenever the X-Men needed them. No, their failure was not
      due to lack of skill. What it all came down to was that the X-Men
      lacked the heart necessary to succeed, Their souls were weary from
      the last year of harsh oppression and cramped conditions and frankly,
      he couldn't blame them.
      Standing out in the rain, feet sinking so into the mud that
      it now reached his ankles, Bobby looked at the large crowd assembled
      at the train station, searching for a familiar face among them. He
      was, of course, not surprised when every face he peered into, every
      pair of eyes that caught his gaze, were foreign to him. They had seen
      to it, successfully, that the X-Men be separated to the best of their
      Alone, Bobby Drake was offered a silence so strong it bore
      down upon his shoulders and added only in increasing his misery. All
      this was his fault, of course. It was always the fault of the leader,
      just as any death of a sheep lays on the shepherd's shoulders. As
      usual, he let his heart speak louder than logic, and was now paying
      the consequences. Mostly, though, he beat himself down over the fact
      that Logan's betrayl should have been so obvious to him, to all of
      "Back in line!" The harsh cry drew him from his thoughts in
      time to catch a small form that was practically thrown at his feet.
      "You fiends!" And though she opened her mouth to argue
      further, it seemed as though something caught her attention and
      turned her away from the idea. Instead, she worked to steady herself
      and thereby free her from his hold. "Thank you..." The frail form
      turned slowly to look upon her saviour, and he was met with a pair of
      hazel eyes that seemed to burn with anger and misery all at once. The
      only other pair of eyes he had seen that resembled them were Marie's,
      so filled with emotions he thought they should be overflowing.
      "It was nothing..." Quirking a small smile, all he had left
      in him, Bobby made sure she had fully steadied herself before
      releasing his grasp. Seeing her shiver under the cold droplets, he,
      always the gentleman, removed his coat and draped it around her
      shoulders. She began to argue, when he shook his head slightly,
      causing her to fall silent. One tiny hand slipped out to hold the
      coat in place, while the other rested lightly atop a protruding
      stomach. Such a sight surprised him, considering she looked to be as
      old as, if not younger than himself.
      When he looked up from her stomach, he caught her watching
      him, a faint blush tinting her cheeks."It's not what you think..." It
      took him a moment to catch her meaning. She glanced down at her
      clothes, nothing more than rags due to the poor conditions of the
      holding cells everyone was kept in. Her legs, covered onto to her
      knees with a skirt, were bruised and filthy.
      "Oh! No, I didn't think...I mean..." And she laughed then,
      which caused him to laugh, despite the fact that anyone in their
      present condition could clearly see that there was no humor in any of
      it. Several people, in fact, turned to shoot them glares, tears
      streaming down their cheeks. He felt himself stop immediately, and
      watched the woman before him duck her head, almost ashamed. "I'm
      "Drake. Yes, I know." When he looked surprised, she smiled,
      eyes brimming, dirty locks of hair falling over her eyes. "Everyone
      knows you, in this place. The X-Men are all legends here...our
      supposed saviours from this nightmare." Her words pierced his heart,
      remembering how many people out there were looking to himself and his
      friends to pull them from the mess their own home had created for
      them. They were called heroes, by others and by themselves, yet in
      the moment of truth, they couldn't even provide hope and relief for
      the five of them, let alone a hurting nation. "Sometimes...people
      forget that heroes, behind the masks and costumes, are just as much
      human as everyone else."
      Grateful for her kind words, he moved to answer, when loud
      voices boomed above the PA system. Though everything in him strained
      to hear the words coming out, the hustle and terror that ran through
      the crowds made everyone shriek with panick and drowned out any
      instructions given to them. He knew only what those in control wanted
      when people began to push from behind, and upfront, reluctant mutants
      were being dragged to various box cars that looked fit for cattle, if
      even that. Bobby wondered why the mutants didn't fight back, and, as
      though reading his mind, the woman before him answered the unspoken
      question. "We were all injected with a small computer chip...it
      cancels out our mutation. We can't fight back..."
      When those behind him forcefully shoved him forward, Bobby
      quickly took hold of her hand without really thinking. When she
      looked slightly puzzled and surprised, he shrugged his shoulders
      some. "We're in this together now, all right?" He could see the
      confusion scan over her features before she quickly nodded in
      response and moved forward with him.
      Despite their known cruelty, those loading the cars didn't
      separate them as they almost expected. Bobby got onto the car first,
      leaning over to pick her up and pull her in. She smiled in thanks,
      gripping his arm tightly without realizing it, as they moved into the
      corner to allow room for the others. "Easy, now..." Slowly, he helped
      ease her into a comfortable sitting position before joining her on
      the floor. The entire car reeked of things Bobby didn't even want to
      think about. Instead, he turned his attention to the door, haunted
      eyes watching every new prisoner enter.
      At last, the car was filled to a point where another form
      would have made the frame burst. As it were, neither he nor his
      companion could move their arms or legs without hitting someone else.
      Even breathing seemed impossible, due both to the cramped spaces as
      well as the wretched smell that seeped into every pore of him, making
      him feel even more dirty than he had been exiting the holding
      cells. "I'm Jenn, by the way." The tiny whisper she spoke in came as
      a surprise to him, considering the strength of emotion he'd heard
      through her words the last time she addressed him.
      Despite the protests of those around him, Bobby pulled his
      arm free from his side and wrapped it about her shaking shoulders,
      drawing her closer to him. "Don't worry, Jenn...the two of us are
      going to make it. I promise." And he meant it, knowing he would do
      anything to keep that promise. It felt like he'd been offered another
      chance to do that which he had failed at the first time, and he'd be
      damned if he didn't come through for her, as he should have for the
      others. "Just rest easy..." Continuing the whispered, comforting
      mantra, he stroked her arm slightly, thinking ahead to the horrors
      that awaited them at their upcoming destination.
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