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Fic: Eternal Flame (S/L, Traitorous Thoughts 3/5)

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  • Jemisard
    Title: Eternal Flame Author: Jemisard Fandom: X-Men movie verse Paring: Logan/Scott Rating: MA Status: New, complete Archive: If you ask nicely :) E-mail
    Message 1 of 1 , May 5, 2001
      Title: Eternal Flame

      Author: Jemisard

      Fandom: X-Men movie verse

      Paring: Logan/Scott

      Rating: MA

      Status: New, complete

      Archive: If you ask nicely :)

      E-mail address for feedback: kalika@...

      Series/Sequel: "Traitorous Thoughts" series- part 3.

      Disclaimers: They aren¹t mine. You know that. I¹m just borrowing them.

      Thanks:ERIKA! Honey, gorgeous, I love you, you have been such an inspiration
      to me. Thank you forever, my dear friend. Thanks to lythias, for my site,
      and Peja, Taryn, Hanoer, Lee and everyone else who archive my work. :)

      Summary:After the events in stories one and two. A reconciliation.

      Warnings:ALTERNATE UNIVERSE, kind of. Strong slash themes.

      Why'd you have to go and do it, you dumb kid? Why couldn't you have accepted
      my words, accepted that I hated you and was a bastard to be forgotten?

      Why'd you have to follow?

      Not that I didn't encourage you in my own way. I shouldn't have taken the
      bike. Shouldn't have taken anything but the memories of you with me.

      But I didn't do that. When I had gotten the information I needed, and broken
      your heart to escape you, you still had to come after me.

      Why, slim? What's so good about me? I'm short, hairy, bad tempered and
      treated you like a fuck toy to be thrown away when I got sick of you. Why'd
      you follow me?

      I know why. You love me, like she did.

      And me, the bigger fool, fell in love with you too. Despite knowing how
      dangerous that could be to both of us, but especially you.

      If I truly loved you, I would have forced you away, screamed and ranted and
      threatened until you would never think of going near me again.

      Because I love you, I couldn't.

      I didn't expect to see you there. I heard the thrum of an engine outside
      that cheap motel room, but cars come and go from these places at all hours
      of the night.

      It was when I heard the knock on the door, and smelt that soft apple and
      grass smell that I realised it was you.

      But, I still opened the door, to see you, glasses on, face drawn and pale,
      holding a bag. You looked at me, and almost smirked, saying that you'd come
      for your bike.

      I held open the door and asked if that was what you really wanted. We stared
      at one another for an eternity, and suddenly we were in each other's arms,
      kissing like there was no tomorrow, holding each other so tight that nothing
      could have slipped between our bodies.

      My hands were on your face, on your back, I was kissing you so frantically.
      You were holding onto me, hands running along my spine and neck, holding my
      head against your shoulder.

      We stood there for a long time, just you and me. The universe ceased to
      exist around us, the galaxy was unmade and made in your arms.

      Slowly, you pulled back far enough to look at my face. You asked me why, why
      did I leave you, why did I say such spiteful and hateful things?

      I could feel my control reach its limits. I want to stay with you, hold you,
      love you, never let go.

      I try to tell you to get out, try to drive you away.

      Then, you had to pull off your glasses and turn your face to me.

      I'd only seen your face uncovered once before, at the Statue of Liberty. You
      were scared then, and I had other things on my mind.

      Now, though, I could see you. You're so beautiful, those fine cheeks, that
      sweet, pouted mouth.

      The wet eyelashes, brushing against your cheeks.

      And I couldn't do it.

      I can't leave you. I need you too much.

      I walked over to you and cupped your face in my hand.

      I realised that you were crying. You thought I was going to leave you again,
      you thought you were going to be thrown out and abandoned.

      And your tears were crystal clear, like uncut diamonds glistening on your
      cheeks, highlighting along those fucking gorgeous cheekbones.

      Goddamn you. Why'd you have to be perfect?

      I kissed each of them away. Explanations could wait until tomorrow.

      We tumbled into bed, and we made love, slowly, gently, with so much care and
      happiness that I thought I was going fucking insane.

      We collapsed at around sun up, unable to stay awake.

      And before we fell asleep, you smiled and kissed me and whispered that you
      loved me.

      Fucking idiot that I am, I told you the truth, that I loved you too.

      And this time, I couldn't break your heart and run.

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