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FIC: The Forgotten Few, 10/?

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    Bobby moaned slightly at the banging that aroused him the next morning. Generally, Arnold Frank knocked lightly, needing to be as quiet as possible to keep
    Message 1 of 1 , May 4, 2001
      Bobby moaned slightly at the banging that aroused him the
      next morning. Generally, Arnold Frank knocked lightly, needing to be
      as quiet as possible to keep from attracting unwanted attention.
      Pulling himself first into a sitting position, Bobby rubbed
      his face, trying to coax his mind from the lazy blanket of sleep
      induced weariness that momentarily overtook him. Peering momentarily
      down the opening to the food storage, he saw Hank, already wide away,
      whistling quietly and scribbling away as usual in his notebook.
      Still, despite the usual air of cheerfulness, something was different
      about him.
      Tugging on a comfortable shirt and warm pair of pants (though
      warmth was not nearly as necessary as comfort) he moved quickly down
      the ladder and sat beside his blue, hairy friend. "What's made you so
      happy, Hankster?" Reaching in the direction of his long time comrade
      and teammate, Bobby snatched the remaining Twinkie from the otherwise
      empty bowl, flashed a triumphant smile at all who were watching, and
      began to work on removing the wrapper.
      "Well, I was going to tell you...but now that you've taken
      the remaining chocolatey, sugary treat, I'm afraid I've not the
      strength to do so." Flashing Bobby an equally triumphant smile, he
      ducked his head again, with the intention to remain silent and keep
      any and all secrets that might be floating about in his head to
      Bobby Drake, having lacked anything remotely resembling a
      gossip session, while thoroughly having been filled with Twinkies for
      weeks, quickly made a show of sighing and mumbling to himself before
      ultimately sacrificing the treat to his friend. "My thanks, Iceman. I
      seem to have consummated the ingestion of my entire supply."
      "No problem." Taking instead a few pieces of fruit, Bobby
      instead entertained himself by pretending he was talented in the area
      of juggling. After being hit several times in the head by stray
      apples, (not to mention hitting several other passerbys as well) he
      reluctantly gave up this act and instead drew his knees to his chest
      before inquiring as to what made Hank so happy that particular
      "Why, Mr.Drake I assure you I'm equally as happy every day."
      Frankly, Bobby would have actually believed that, were it not for the
      sideways glance at Ororo, followed by the brief quirking of both
      pairs of lips and a knowing glance that made Bobby altogether very
      unhappy at being kept in the dark. And so, as leader of the X-Men, he
      did the mature thing.
      He whined. "Come ON Hank! You used to tell me everything!"
      When his furry friend continued scribbling, Bobby folded his arms
      across his chest and slumped slightly against the wall, trying to
      think of a way to trick him into telling. Of course, when one was a
      genius, tricking them was a slightly difficult task. "I'm the leader
      of the X-Men here...can't I...y'know...demand that you tell me or
      something?" He must have looked ridiculous, though he was trying for
      commanding and intimidating, as Ororo and Hank both burst into
      laughter at the sight of him.
      Blushing sheepishly, he ducked his head and gave up his quest
      for the secret. Luckily, his friends had only been out to get a rise
      out of him. "My apologies, Robert. I intended only to get you to
      loosen up slightly. You've been far too serious these past few days."
      "Yeah..." Just thinking about Marie being with Logan was
      enough to make his stomach lurch. Still, after many an argument, he'd
      given up on the issue, and decided to let Marie ride this out. It was
      just a phase, of course, and once the war ended, or the appeal was
      lost, she would return to her old self. "So...?"
      "So..." Bobby watched as Hank lifted his head to gaze at
      Ororo a moment. She gave a brief nod of her head and returned his
      large smile, before taking his hand.
      "Robert...Hank and I have...decided to get married." A moment
      later, when realization hit, Hank had to forcibly lift Bobby's jaw
      off the ground. He knew the two cared for each other deeply, but he
      would never have guessed...
      "Married...? Hank...'Ro...that's...that's great! I don't know
      what to say..." He was stunned. Ororo and Hank simply smiled back at
      him and hugged him and shook his hand. "This is really, really
      "We fully intend to wait til the war is over...let life begin
      to fall back into routine before attempting such a feat. Still, I-"
      Dr.Henry McCoy was interrupted mid-speech as Marie, eyes wild with
      fear, burst into the room.
      Everyone stood to their feet, Bobby rushing over quickly to
      help her when she appeared to lose the ability to stand on her own.
      While she caught her breath and fought oncoming tears, Bobby looked
      around for any imminent threat before looking at his other, equally
      puzzled, friends. "Marie...what's the problem? What's happened?"
      Turning her head to look at him face to face, she managed to
      appear brave and controlled enough to spit out the news. "It's Logan.
      He's gone."
      Silence reigned for several moments, while the news and the
      effects of this new sunk in. They were in grave danger, now that one
      of them had been inside, knew how to manuever around this place, and
      was gone. Bobby cursed himself repeatedly for ever thinking it was
      possible to trust a man like that. He knew from the start that he was
      wrong in doing so, and felt the crushing effects of guilt, because he
      knew what may follow suite. "It gets worse..."
      Bobby pulled Marie into a tight hug, while Gambit shook his
      head and took his agressions out on the nearest available object. It
      shattered in a burst of red light, leaving nothing but the charred
      remains of a pot in its wake.
      Below, glass windows began to shake and soon shatter, and
      while the five friends huddled together and attempted to plan any way
      of survival, loud, heavy footsteps noisly ascended the staircase,
      while angry shouts and orders were spat in every direction.
      Soon after, with no where to go, the remaining X-Men each
      said a silent prayer before turning, wide-eyed, to watch the door.
      Hank kept a hand on Ororo's shoulder, whilst Gambit pulled Marie
      behind himself and Bobby. Bobby, who stood, head hanging, stewing in
      the realization that their downfall was his fault. He had failed, as
      a leader and as a friend, to do the one thing Scott Summers had asked
      of him. Not only had he brought them to this...he had let down
      Xavier, the other X-Men that had died before them, and the cause that
      they had all promised to defend til the bitter end. Clenching his
      hands into fists, he realized that he was never going to amount to
      anything but a failure. Now his friends, those standing beside him,
      would see it as clearly as he had every day of his life.
      The door burst open a moment later and a flood of American
      soldiers in all shapes and sizes flooded into the attic rooms, aiming
      every weapon known to man at them. "X-Men," a loud voice boomed,
      laced with bitter hatred and smug triumph. "You are under arrest.
      It's over."
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