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Fic: " Trapped In Darkness" ( 6/?) [PG-13] [All X-men]

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    Hi all, For L. Burke with thanks for her great kindness. To Peachy for getting me to write again. Thanks to Minerva just for being there. This is part 6 of
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      Hi all,
      For L. Burke with thanks for her great kindness.
      To Peachy for getting me to write again.
      Thanks to Minerva just for being there.

      This is part 6 of "Trapped In Darkness".
      Disclaimers see part 0 (both for X-men and the song).
      Since it has been a while since I last worked on this story, a small recap;
      All the X-men (Storm, Cyclops, Jean, Logan, Rogue etc) have been captured. In the last part Scott was tortured as their captures wanted to know where the other X-men (Betsy, Alex, Lorna etc) where. The mutants cannot use their powers.
      This story is movieverse.
      Warnings: Mention of torture.

      Yep, I guess that is all.
      Feedback: Is very needed. It`ll make me write much faster *G*. Please?


      Part 6:
      Jean sat on the floor, hugging herself. Every time someone were to pass outside in the hallway she’ll lift her head and eagerly await Scott’s return. And each time it wasn’t him. She had seen men, women and children, broken and bruised being pushed by, their eyes empty and their stare blank. She had moved over to the force field to be sure not to miss him should…when Scott came back. He must have been gone for hours. At least it felt that way. No one had been allowed to keep a watch so it was hard to tell. She only knew that she was dying from worry. He had been taken from her and she had no way of knowing what was happening to him or even why. The others had tried to calm her, saying he’ll be back soon but she knew better. Xavier had told her but he was a poor liar. Then Logan had repeated it, in more colourful words and it had sounded more convincing but still she had seen the sadness in their eyes as the words had rolled from their lips. They knew their words were false. But she had so wanted to believe them. For a while it had worked. The others had let her in peace and she had waited for his return. Until…until the screams had begun. She didn’t know where from they came but they had stuck the small cell as clear as if he had been in the room next to theirs. It was driving them all crazy and her most of all.
      “ Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh,” a yell of pure agony, Scott’s voice twisted almost beyond recognition, sounded through the building and the small cell.
      “ This is too much. I can’t take this anymore,” Kitty cried as she gave up her already useless attempt at finding a way out.
      “ Shhh, douchka* . All will be alright,” Peter whispered and gathered her in his arms, drawing calming circles on her back.
      “ How the fuck is it going to be alright? We’re locked up, going to be sold as slaves, tortu…” Jubilee began angrily and scared but Bobby put his hand over her mouth before THAT word escaped her lips.
      “ Shut up and help me,” he hissed, giving her a warning look as he with his eyes indicated Jean’s white face. They still searched for a way out but even though none would voice it, they had admitted defeat.
      “ I’m going out of my mind,” Jean whispered pained as another cry of agony followed. She put her hands over her ears in a failed attempt at blocking out the terrible images the screams brought up in her mind.
      “ You sick bastards,” Logan yelled to no one and everyone as yet another scream followed. Rogue pressed herself against his chest and tears fell from her eyes. She wished he could stop the screams and make them…make it all go away.
      “ Make it go away. Please,” she mumbled against his chest and Logan stroked her hair, whispering unintelligent words of comfort. Remy stood off to one side, alone. Ororo noticed a small tear glimmering in his eye and wanted to go to him but she was still working with Xavier’s collar, hoping that by keeping busy she could ignore the screams of pain. So far it hadn’t worked. Suddenly, out of the stillness between the terrible screams a song was heard:

      “ Just a smile and rain is gone
      Can hardly wait
      Can hardly believe it
      There’s an angel standing next
      To me
      Reaching for my heart”

      Ororo turned towards the source of the voice and saw Remy singing. He actually had a fine singing voice and his French accept wasn’t so strong in song as in speech. She smiled as she knew what he was trying to do and when she looked at the professor she read in his eyes that he understood as well. When Remy continued the song that they all knew since Jubilee had been playing it for months, they sang with him;

      “Just a smile and there’s no way
      Can hardly believe it
      But there’s an angel standing next to me
      Reaching for my heart”

      It didn’t escape Ororo´s eye that Remy was looking softly at Rogue as he sang, his words for her. But she looked up at Logan as she sang with them and Logan smiled at her and grunted a few unheard words with them. As they began the next verse all but Jean sang with Remy;

      “I know I’ll be ok
      This time it’s real”

      Jean smiled through her tears as if the words bought back good memories and even she sang with them for the next part;

      “Just a smile and there’s no way
      Can hardly believe it
      But there’s an angel standing next to me
      Reaching for my heart”

      Any other screams were deafened as Remy picked up a new song as soon as one was finished. When the songs finally died away, no screams were heard and the cell was quit. For a while no one spoke until Remy broke out in hysterical laughter and soon the others followed him. They had nothing to laugh about and everything to cry over yet still an insane laughter ran through the cell as if they needed this; needed this release, this pretend of carefreeness for just a few seconds until reality couldn’t be denied anymore. As even their laughter died away the stillness seemed more to mock them than cry for them.


      Translations to this part:

      * Russian for " Darling"
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