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FIC: The Forgotten Few, 9/?

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    Author s Note: Sorry for the delay. I posted these earlier, but with the email screw ups lately, I guess it didn t make it through. If you DID get this
    Message 1 of 1 , May 3, 2001
      Author's Note: Sorry for the delay. I posted these earlier, but with
      the email screw ups lately, I guess it didn't make it through. If you
      DID get this already, I apologize for the Reposting! PArt 9 us new

      Several days later, Logan was washing up during one of the
      hours they were allowed to move freely about. He was amazed, thinking
      back on the week that had slipped by while he remained, that he had
      managed to live amongst other human beings-no...mutants- for as long
      as he had. Human interaction agitated him, made him want to release
      his claws and show them what he thought of talking and bonding.
      Of course, he had two real reasons for remaining. The first
      was to get the group to fully trust him before he pulled the rug from
      under their feet, and the second was to string out the game he was
      playing, using Marie as his wild card. Things had been working very
      much to his advantage lately. All he had to do was move into
      Marie's "personal space," flirt with her every now and again, and
      watch as the others tried to accept their actions.
      By the end of the week, Marie was still completely oblivious,
      as well as completely in need of him. He played the part as well,
      offering passionate kisses, a few groping sessions, anything thought
      would make the others truly convinced of their "relationship." It
      helped, of course, that Marie was never exposed to any other male
      companion, besides those she had been housed with for the past year.
      The need for something different only made her want him more. He
      could practically smell it on her some nights.
      The X-Men responded, at last, after four days of putting up
      with the two of them. He was almost afraid that they were as into
      that freedom of choice bullshit as they pretended to be. In the end,
      Bobby Drake had been the first to crack; no surprise there, in
      Logan's opinion. He'd approached Marie first, gently suggesting that
      she take her time with Logan, learn more about him before jumping
      into anything too drastic that she might regret later. Storm and Hank
      followed suite, though for the most part, Gambit kept his nose out of
      their business.
      Their "suggestions," however, did exactly what he expected
      them to do. Marie told him on more than one occasion that she was
      tired of being spoon fed everything. She wanted to, at twenty three,
      live her own life. Every word of advice they uttered only caused her
      to move toward him even more than she already was.
      Suddenly, the door beside him flew open, and a furious Marie
      stepped out of it, running both hands through her hair before holding
      her face a moment. He had, while washing up, heard the entire
      arguement that had taken place behind that door, and had to fight not
      to quirk a smile. It was the third "discussion" (as Marie called it)
      that they had had in the course of three days. "Everything okay?" He
      tried, and succeeded, at sounding sincere in his questioning.
      "What happened...?"
      "The usual. Everyone trying to run my life again. They mean
      well, they really do, it's just-"
      "They gotta let you live for yourself." Marie peered over her
      fingertips at him, before cocking a small smile and dropping her
      hands altogether. "I know what everyone's saying about me. About us,
      and frankly, I don't give a damn." Surprised at how well he acted
      like he was in the midst of a soap opera, Logan took Marie by the
      wrist and pulled her so she was between himself and the wall.
      "Logan, I-" And then a finger was placed against her slightly
      parted lips, and her words fell silent. A moment later, he was an
      inch from her face, index finger flicking loose strands of white
      locks from her eyes.
      "I know what he thinks. I know what they all think. And it
      doesn't matter. What matters to me is, what do YOU think?" Stroking
      her cheek slightly, he saw as she gave in to whatever doubts she
      might be having, and handed herself wholely over to him. A part of
      him reveled in this, grinning ferally at how well his plans were
      working out. Another part though, another part was amazed. He'd never
      had anyone look at him with the same eyes filled with love,
      admiration, and gratefulness that Marie did every day. It stung,
      knowing of his betrayal, and at some points in the day, he hated
      himself more than he hated anyone...mutants included.
      "I..." He watched the internal struggle, knowing so well what
      it was like to have your soul torn in two. To feel the need to do one
      thing, all the while knowing the necessity of doing the other. Too
      much was at stake here. More than just friendships...
      "C'mon, Marie. Y'tell me you aren't a kid, that you do things
      for yourself. Show me that." Edging her on, partially for himself,
      partially because he knew he was beginning to care, he cupped her
      chin in his hand and lifted her face so her eyes would meet his.
      Pausing a moment to look at her, he quickly had to remind himself tht
      this was all part of the game. That he could sleep with her every
      night, and that he didn't have anymore feelings for her then that he
      had when they'd first met.
      Watching her close her eyes and lean toward the kiss she knew
      was coming, he knew that after that night with her, things had to
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