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FIC: The Forgotten Few, 7/?

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    He didn t like him. Watching Marie sit, back against the wall, chatting away with Logan while the laborers downstairs made the noise that permitted her to do
    Message 1 of 1 , May 3, 2001
      He didn't like him. Watching Marie sit, back against the wall,
      chatting away with Logan while the laborers downstairs made the noise
      that permitted her to do so freely, Bobby found himself constantly
      wringing his hands in irritation. It had been no longer than two
      hours, and already he feared that bringing this stranger into the
      apartment had been a fatal mistake.
      The first instance of doubt struck the moment Marie
      introduced the group as the "X-Men." He had warned the others not to
      mention any piece of information that might aid in his cause, should
      he truly be a spy. He was further discomforted by the grin that
      flitted across the man's face as his eyes fell on everyone for the
      first time, after such an introduction.
      Still, Bobby decided to give the man the benefit of a doubt,
      and pointed out to himself the fact that he may simply be jealous.
      Hank had Storm, Gambit pointedly reminded him almost everyday that he
      didn't need anyone, and Marie, greatly missing the outside world, had
      taken to talking to the stranger almost constantly for as long as
      he'd resided. Though he never thought of her as more than a friend,
      Bobby still found himself uncomfortable with the thought that Marie
      had abandoned his companionship for this man, with his superior air
      and gruff exterior.
      Of course, for the good of the team, or what was left of it
      at least, he pushed his feelings aside, concentrating on the good of
      the whole, even if it meant abandoning the best interest of the
      individual. He, pulling himself from his attic room down to the main
      room with the others, attempted to show interest in the facts about
      this Logan that Marie instantly bombarded at him. While "listening,"
      he chanced a brief glance at Gambit, who returned a look of annoyance
      before waving a hand in a "c'est la vie" manner and returning to his
      solo card game.
      With Hank and Ororo reading together in the corner as usual,
      and Marie building a new, better friendship by the moment, he was
      torn between joining Gambit and altogether paying as little attention
      to the man next to Marie as possible and joining her, just to learn
      as much about him as he possibly could, to finally settle the rousing
      doubts in his mind. At last, he did just that, grabbing an apple from
      the food storage before sitting himself next to Marie. "Hi. We
      weren't formally introduced. I'm Bobby Drake." Resisting the urge to
      offer only a small nod of greeting, Bobby did the mature, adult thing
      and offered a hand, which, after a moment or two, was taken and given
      a firm shake.
      "Good to meet you." Turning the apple he held slightly in his
      grasp, he felt Marie give an appreciative glance his way, knowing she
      was almost surprised that he had resolved to be polite. "So,
      Logan...how did you manage to hold out so long without hiding?"
      With a heavy shrug of his large shoulders, Logan looked away
      from Marie and settled his gaze on Bobby, which he was none too happy
      about. "I have my ways." Squirming slightly under the piercing
      analyzation Logan put him through, Bobby dropped his eyes, nodding
      briefly in understanding, before seemingly transfering all his
      interest to the little piece of fruit he held in the palm of his
      hand. "How'd you manage to convince an entire nation that you'd
      "We have our ways." Peering up through the blond locks that
      fell over his eyes, Bobby caught sight of Logan a moment, before
      nervously quirking his trademark grin. The same grin he offered, a
      lifetime ago, to any person who should fall victim to his usual round
      of pranks. What surprised him this time, though, was that, after a
      moment's hesitation, Logan offered the grin back. Such an action,
      presumably unnatural for a man like the one sitting in front of him,
      momentarily laxed his judgement, causing him to put down his guard
      and listen to Marie ask numerous curious questions of him, which he
      either answered gracefully, or grunted and changed the topic.
      "So...you got a girlfriend anywhere?" Bobby chuckled at the
      surprised look on Logan's face before elbowing Marie slightly and
      giving her a warning look. "What! It was just an innocent question."
      With that, he watched her cock her head to one side, as he'd seen her
      do countless times before, and knew that she was taken with this
      stranger. Whether that was because he was actually someone a girl
      like her could be attracted to, or simply because he was something
      new in an otherwise mundane lifestyle, he couldn't be sure. All he
      knew was, pretty soon she'd be pouring on the charm and pulling her
      innocent-yet-seductive act on him, like she had a few boys back at
      school. It was all innocent enough, which didn't lead Bobby to worry
      any. Nothing serious could come of it after all, right?

      By the end of the evening, any doubts Bobby Drake had about
      Logan drifted into the back of his mind, what with the way he clearly
      answered every question, with the exception of a few personal
      questions Marie shot his way. Of course, it never occured to Bobby to
      think that perhaps the answers were given just a little too
      confidently, and a little too perfectly. As far as he knew, Logan was
      as trustworthy as any of the others present, and definitely worthy of
      their confidence. For the first time since news of his moving in had
      reached his ear, Bobby Drake thought of Logan as just another average
      guy, looking, as he said, for a place to hide, just like the rest of
      them. Unfortunately, for himself and the others around him, he
      couldn't be more wrong.
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