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Fic: Yesterday (S/L, Traitorous Thoughts 2/5)

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  • Jemisard
    Title: Yesterday Author: Jemisard Fandom: X-Men movie verse Paring: Scott/Logan Rating: MA? Status: New, Complete Archive: If you ask nicely :) E-mail address
    Message 1 of 1 , May 3, 2001
      Title: Yesterday

      Author: Jemisard

      Fandom: X-Men movie verse

      Paring: Scott/Logan

      Rating: MA?

      Status: New, Complete

      Archive: If you ask nicely :)

      E-mail address for feedback: kalika@...

      Series/Sequel: "Traitorous Thoughts" series- Part 2

      Disclaimers: They aren¹t mine. You know that. I¹m just borrowing them.

      Thanks:Erika. Above all, my lovely friend Erika, who inspired this, read it,
      put up with me whining about my writer's block and let me read her work when
      she wouldn't let others read it. I can never thank her enough.

      Summary:The repercussions of a traitor's actions.

      Warnings:Slash themes.

      It was so simple. For some of us anyway. You walked in, a whirlwind, a
      maelstrom of action and emotion, an out pouring of primal need, and then, as
      suddenly as you came, you went.

      They all think they'll miss you the most. They don't know what you are, what
      you did, what a cruel, callous and unfeeling bastard you are.

      They all see you as the strong, silent type. You weren't so silent when you
      with me, alone, slamming me into the wall, panting your need in my ear as
      your cock was in my arse.

      You told me, the first night you were there, what a beautiful mouth I had,
      how beautiful I was.

      Goddamn, I fell for it, as well. I fell for every lie and every twisted

      God I'm a fool. I fell for it.

      I fell for you.

      I never realised what it was. I thought there could be something between us,
      was something between us. I thought that we could be something, something
      meaningful, that lasted out of the bedroom and into the halls, beyond the
      few weeks that you were needed here.

      When you nearly died, I thought I would die too. I couldn't eat, I couldn't
      sleep, all I could think of was how I had let you down.

      I cried. I never let anyone know, never moved when anyone else was around,
      but when they left, I couldn't stop my tears rolling, falling onto your

      What do you look like? What colour is that thick hair, that intense gaze? I
      imagine your eyes are brown, like wood, like the nature you come from and
      belong in.

      Listen to me, still the love struck fool, despite everything you've done.
      You killed me a thousand times over, and I still love you.

      How stupid is that? Guess the brain damage runs deeper than we thought.

      When I cried, for the first time since I gained my eyes, I wondered what
      colour those tears were. Were they the blood red they looked, or were they
      as clear as crystal, like everyone else's?

      Then, you woke up, and everything was going to be fine. You loved me, I
      loved you, we could stay together, here, and I wouldn't have to live without
      you anymore.

      But that wasn't how it went, was it? You never loved me, even when you
      looked at me with those so sad eyes and told me that it was over. You
      sneered at me and laughed, laughed at my anger, laughed at the devastation
      you did to my heart with those spiteful words.

      I didn't cry, not in front of you, but I got right royally wasted that
      night. I didn't want to live anymore, not now that my dreams had been ripped
      away from me again.

      You destroyed me amazingly well.

      And I still love you.

      How pathetic is that?

      And all I can think, is that in taking my bike, the only other thing I
      cherished so much, you were trying to do one of two things.

      Take away everything I had had and might have in the future, or.

      You were telling me to follow.

      Goddamn fool that I am, I have to follow.

      I love you.

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