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Acceptance Series 5/? (R Language)

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    Acceptance Series 5/? (Disclaimers in 1 and 2) (Little note: I just want to let everyone know that this fic, like the last one, hasn t been beta read.
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2001
      Acceptance Series 5/?
      (Disclaimers in 1 and 2)
      (Little note: I just want to let everyone know that this fic, like
      the last one, hasn't been beta read. Feedback would be greatly
      appreciated. If anyone has any suggestions about the next fic in
      this series, I would love to hear them. Thanks to everyone that has
      given me great feedback. You guys, ROCK. Thanks. :-))

      The Take Over

      Logan conversed with the "him" that talked through Rogue. Though,
      thoroughly confused by the events that lead him to talking to
      himself, he nonetheless held up his end of the conversation. Logan
      told "him" about his unsuccessful quest to find his past. How he
      couldn't stop thinking about the girl that he left here at the
      mansion. About how he worried about her and her adjusting to life at
      the mansion. He had often wondered whether he had made the right
      decision or not about leaving her. He told "himself" about how he had
      freaked out when he realized that Rogue had meant a lot to him and he
      didn't know how to handle that. How he wasn't used to caring about
      someone other than himself in all the years that he could remember.
      But a scared little girl had weaseled her way into his heart and
      there was nothing that he could have done to prevent it. So he
      decided that the best way to deal was to keep moving. Either he'd
      return one day to claim her when she was older ... ready for him,
      legal. Or he'd disappear, she'd forget about him and move on. At the
      time he wasn't sure what to do. The Professor took the decision out
      of his hands or really Marie had.

      "In all the years that I can remember, I have never felt a connection
      to one person as I feel with Marie. It's a damned unsettlin' feelin'.
      She's gotta be okay. She's just gotta be." Logan mumbled to
      himself, literally.

      "Yeah, she's a special girl, this one. She's never stopped
      believing, trusting in 'us'."

      "She hasn't? Even after all this time?" Logan sounded uncertain for
      the first time in a long time. Luckily there was no one around to
      see a self conscious Wolverine.

      "DUH. What do you think? I mean she wears that freakin' dogtag all
      the time. Talks to me all the fuckin' time. She misses you -- the
      physical you, that is. She likes having me in here. It makes her
      feel closer to you, ahh, to 'us' -- fuck, this is confusin' as hell."

      "Ya ain't tellin' me nothin', I don't already know there, Bub. This
      shit is confusin'. But I didn't know that she was waitin' fer me.
      Now I feel like an asshole. More than usual. Why didn't she ever
      move on? It's not like there ain't enough guys her own age here.
      She's turned out to be one hell of a babe. I mean, when the fuck
      did she get those? How'd I miss them the last time around?" He
      looked directly at Rogue's rather well endowed chest.

      "That's easy, you, ahh, we had eyes for only one set of tits and they
      belonged to Jeannie. Only Scooter gets to play with them. But when
      Marie doesn't notice I still get a quick look at them. But she
      usually catches me when I do and that gets her pissed at me and
      sometimes she won't speak to me for a week. She locked me up snug
      and tight in this pretty brain of hers once because I was staring.
      That fuckin' sucked, man...sucked big time. As for the other guys
      her age, she wasn't interested in them. Good thing for them too,
      because I didn't like any of them that sniffed around her. Non
      of 'em good enough for my Marie."

      "Ah, my Marie? When that happen?"

      "She's always been ours, dickhead. You just never noticed. Never
      wanted to notice. Whatever. She's been waitin' a long time for you
      to see the light. Took ya long enough. I was afraid that she'd give
      up. But not my Marie, she's as stubborn as it gets. A damned brick
      wall. When the others-- I mean Jean, Scott, Storm all told her to
      move on that you wouldn't be back. If you did come back that you'd
      only see her as a little sister or maybe even a daughter," both
      flinched at that statement because each personality knew that he
      could never see her as a daughter, nope, not with these thoughts in
      his head, "she was great. I was so proud of her. She just 'yessed'
      them until they gave up. It was classic. Yep, a stubborn one, this
      girl of ours."

      "It's kinda scary ta have ta live up ta all her expectations of me.
      The scariest one is that I have no idea what she expects of me."

      "Believe it or not, she doesn't expect anything of us. She just
      wants us close to her. She'll settle for whatever we can give her.
      She wants only that."

      "She deserves so much more than that. She deserves someone whole.
      Someone who has a past. Who's not old enough to be her fuckin'
      father. She deserves a man who will worship her."

      "Yes, she does. And she deserves someone better than 'us'. But she
      believes in 'us'; she wants 'us'. The question here is, do you think
      that you can give her all that?"

      Ahhh... I... I'm... Marie? MARIE!" Without warning, Rogue's eyes
      snapped shut, almost as though she were in pain. Then just as
      suddenly, she fell backwards, her head made a sickening thud as it
      struck the hard metal of the exam table. Logan, alarmed by the
      abrupt change, mentally yelled for Jean and the Professor.

      "Jean! Professor! SOMEONE GET IN HERE NOW!!!"

      "Logan? What's wrong?" Jean mentally replied to him.

      "I think that she's gone back under. I mean, she's unconscious
      again, I think. She needs help. GET YOUR ASS BACK IN HERE NOW!" He
      was not prepared for the site that next befell his eyes. One moment,
      Rogue was lying there peaceful, almost looking as though she were
      sleeping. The next moment, her body began convulsing...legs and arms
      flailing, head banging against the cold metal table. It took all his
      strength to hold her down on the table. That was how the Professor,
      Scott and Jean found them. Logan struggling with a convulsing Rogue,
      trying to keep her from hurting herself while in the throes of a

      "What. did you do!?" Scott accused as he rushed over to help Logan
      secure Rogue on the table.

      "I didn't do anythin'. I was, we were just talkin' like Hank said to
      do. One minute we were talkin' the next was this. What's goin' on?
      How do we get her to stop? She's gonna hurt herself."

      "Logan, we have to let the seizure run its course. We really don't
      know what we're dealing with at the moment. This could mean so many
      things. Good or bad." Jean said as she ran over to check Rogue's
      condition. As she reached the table Rogue's eyes flew open and her
      body stilled.

      "Rogue?" Jean asked softly but took a step back. She wasn't stupid.
      She remembered what happened the last time that Rogue woke up.

      "Hello, Jean." Rogue said in a soft womanly voice, much different
      from the voice that was used while the 'Logan' personality inhabited
      her body.

      "Rogue?" Jean couldn't hide the hope in her voice.

      "No, I'm sorry. Rogue's still sleeping."

      Jean looked over to Scott, then to Logan. Each held a puzzled look
      on his face.

      "Carol?" Jean asked softly.

      "Yes, Jean. It's so nice to see you again. You're looking as lovely
      as ever. Scott, Professor. I'm glad to see that at least the team
      survived that ill fated mission. By the way, how is Storm? She's
      not here. I hope that doesn't mean that something has happened to

      "No. No Carol, Storm is just fine. She's in the library doing some
      research to help Rogue recover."

      "That's good. I was fearful for a moment when I didn't see her."
      Dark eyes once again turned to Logan, "Ahh... you must be Logan. I
      have heard so much about you."

      Logan growled low and deep. A very menacing sound if ever one was
      heard. This was the woman that did this to 'his' Marie. He'd be
      damned if he'd be civil to her.

      "Ah, uh, ahh, Logan, my dear. That is no way to greet a friend.
      Hasn't anyone ever taught you manners, beastie man? Hmmm... So
      you're the infamous Wolverine. You don't look so tough. What could
      she possibly see in you?" Logan's growl grew steadily in volume
      before he answered.

      "Look Lady, one, I'm not your friend. Two, I may not look tough to
      you but I'm sure that if I could figure a way to kill you without
      killing Marie, nothin', come hell or high water will stop me, not
      even death. Three, what Marie sees in me is none of your God damned
      business. This is your fault! You did this to her! If you were really
      her friend, you would have known that what you did would do this to
      her. How could you do it? How could you call her friend?"

      "Well. What did I do to deserve all this anger? I was only Rogue's
      friend when you were no where to be found. How dare you presume to
      know anything about me. I did what I did because I love...loved
      Rogue. She is...was my best friend. I knew I was dying. I knew if I
      died then she'd be alone, defenseless. She needed...needs my power.
      I just thought that once she had it, that my personality would fade
      into the background like all the others. I didn't know that this
      would happen. That she'd fight this. She has to accept what has
      happened. She needs to wake up soon. Otherwise she'll go insane,

      "Well, We're taking suggestions from the peanut gallery?" Logan
      directed this comment toward Carol.

      "No need to be so snide, Logan."

      "Call me Wolverine."

      "Fine. Wolverine it is then. Can we put our petty differences aside
      for a mo..."

      "Petty? PETTY! YOU THINK THIS IS PETTY? Listen lady..."

      "NO. You listen. We don't have that much time left. We need to
      work together here. Like it or not, I'm a permanent member of this
      team now, Wolverine. I'm really not as bad as you may think I am. I
      wish we could have met in person. Rogue thought that you and I would
      have gotten along. Can't we just try to work together here, for her

      "Fine. But I want you all to know that I don't like this."

      "Dually noted, Logan." Scott couldn't hide his smirk even if he
      wanted to, and he didn't. It's been a long time since he's seen
      someone besides himself put Logan in his place. Under different
      circumstances he would have been rolling on the floor laughing. But
      now was not the time. If what Carol said were true, Rogue would be
      lost forever really soon.

      "Do you have a suggestion, Carol?" The Professor asked.

      "Yes. Logan has to touch Rogue again."

      "WHAT! NO. There has to be another way." Scott yelled his concern.

      "I'm afraid not. Only he...the one inside her, can wake her from her
      sleep. Only he is trusted enough."

      "But you...you were her bestfriend. That's what you said. You're
      stronger than the Logan in her head. Can't you wake her?"

      "Unfortunately no. She doesn't trust me the way she did before this
      happened. Neither do the others in here. I regret this, I really do.
      But Logan has to touch her again. Another dose of him and the Logan
      in here will be as strong as I am in her psyche. He'll be able to
      pull her out."

      "I'll touch her. I'll do it. Just don't let him touch her again."
      Scott's voice cracked and the fearless leader persona left his body
      replaced with the concerned of a brother, "Please. She doesn't need
      more of him in there. We've finally got her to get 'him' under
      control. Another touch and he'll be just as loud as 'she' is. What
      if another touch from him totally pushes Rogue out? What if she
      won't be able to handle more of him? Remember the nightmares?
      Remember the swearing every other word? Remember the mood swings? I
      don't want to lose her. I want her back. But to force her to accept
      more of his personality is cruel."

      "Scott, we know that you're scared. We know that you love her. We
      all do. We have to try this. If we fail, if this plan fails..."
      Jean couldn't continue. Her eyes welled up as she stood next to the
      man she loved looking down at the girl he, they, all believed to be a
      little sister or a daughter. All that is but Logan.

      "Stop being a selfish prick, Cyke. She needs me. I'm touching
      her." Logan reached a bare hand to her face. Inches before bare
      skin touched bare skin Logan was tackled to the ground.

      "I'M. NOT. LETTING. YOU. TOUCH. HER. DAMN IT!" They rolled around on
      the ground of the lab knocking things over and each getting in a
      punch here and there. Then suddenly, they were frozen. Neither
      could move an inch.

      "SCOTT! I have had enough. This discussion is over. Logan has
      agreed. This does not concern you. I think it would be best if you
      left and cooled down." The Professor wheeled over to where the two
      lay frozen, Scott on top of Logan, each had an arm cocked to strike
      the other. "Maybe you should go lay down and rest. Or take a walk in
      the garden. But I think it would be wise if you left." Scott looked
      up at the Professor. Shock clearly visible on his face.

      "Professor? Are you sending me to my room? Like a child?"

      "Yes. If you wish to see it that way. Then yes. You are acting like
      a child and until you can act like the adult that you are supposed to
      be you will not be permitted within this room. Is that clear? I
      want Rogue back anyway way I can get her back. I love her too. I
      have had enough. Right now all that matters is getting her back.
      Going insane is no way for her to live. If there is the slightest
      chance that she'll have her lucidity back, we'll take it. I will
      deal with the repercussions of this. I will help her. But I can't
      reach her now. I can't help her now. I am being selfish. I want
      her back. The mansion isn't the same without her. Without my little
      Rogue. Logan. Once I release you. You may touch her. But only hang
      on long enough to boost her inner you, understood?"

      "Yes, Professor." They both said at the same time then looked at one
      another. The Professor released them both from their frozen state.

      "Cyke, wanna get off me, or are you comfy?" Logan smirked a
      triumphant smirk. Scott flung himself up and away from Logan. A bit
      stunned by the Professor's reaction and also a bit hurt that no one
      was listening to his opinion. He stormed out of the lab, nearly
      knocking over Storm on her way in.

      "Well, it seems that you bring out the best in everyone, Logan.
      Rogue told me that the two of you don't get a long but I wasn't
      expecting that." Carol said. "Anytime you're ready, big boy. Just
      tell her that I'm sorry, would ya? Tell her that I never meant for
      this to have happened." Rogue looked pleadingly at Logan then to Jean.

      "I will, Carol. I will tell her." Jean answered.

      "Thank you, Jean. Ready when you are, Logan. How do we want to do

      "Maybe Logan should sit down on the chair. Or better yet, Carol could
      you sit in the chair and Logan, hop up onto the table. It'll make
      life much easier, just incase you pass out, we won't have to struggle
      getting you to the table."

      "Fine. But can we get this over with." Logan's impatience was
      evident in his tone. With a nod from Rogue, signaling that Carol was
      ready. Logan leaned forward. His hand gently cupped her face. The
      connection quickly sucked at his essence. He leaned even closer. His
      lips a mere breathe away from hers, continued on their path. His
      veins bulged under his skin, pain raced through his body, but he was
      bound and determined to taste her lips, skin to skin, just once. As
      his warm loving lips finally met her soft full ones, his eyes closed,
      savoring...memorizing their taste, their softness, the feel of her
      breath mingling with his. He felt her wake though he didn't see her
      eyes open. He knew that she was Marie again. He gave into blissful
      oblivion while his Marie stared wide eyed down at his unconscious
      body. Lovingly and thankfully.

      "Welcome back, Rogue. We've missed you." The Professor wheel himself
      over to her, smiling the most brilliant smile that she had ever seen
      on his face. She took a deep breath to steady her raging emotions.
      Tears welled in her eyes as she looked around the room at her
      friends...at her family.

      "Thank ya Prafessah." She scanned the room again, "Thank ya very
      much." She said to all in the room. Then she leaned close to Logan's
      ear and whispered, "Ah'm nat goin' any where, Sugah. Ah'm stay'n
      raght here, with you. We've got a lot ta talk about." Then she sat
      up looked around the room, leveled her eyes with Jean's, the most
      stubborn look etched on her face. "Ah'm stay'n raght here, Jeannie.
      Can we hold off on the testin' until the mornin'?" She laid her head
      down onto Logan's chest listening to the steady rhythm of his heart
      beating. Jean walked over to her and laid a gentle hand on to her

      "Sure, Rogue. Tomorrow. We'll do the tests tomorrow. I glad you're
      back." And as uncharacteristic as it was Jean Grey, leaned down and
      kissed the back of young woman's head. She knew that she was
      protected by her hair, there was no danger. Rogue smiled. Jean
      smiled. The Professor wheeled over and rubbed her back softly and
      bid his farewell. Storm mimicked Jean and kissed the back of Rogue's
      head. And told her how glad that she was the she was back. They all
      turned to leave Logan and Rogue in the lab. Her voice caught them as
      they reached the door.

      "Ah love ya'll very much. So very much. Thank ya for giving me a
      family. Jeannie, please tell Scott that Ah love him too. Ah want ta
      see him, Prafessah. Can he be allowed back in here? Ah want him ta
      see that Ah'm all raght. That this was the raght decision, fa me."

      "We'll see Rogue, Scott has a lot of anger to work through and I
      don't want him to up set you. Not right now at least. We just got
      you back. I wouldn't want to loose you again over something so

      "Okay, Prafessah. Soon though."

      "Yes, Rogue, soon. Good night."

      "Naght everyone. Ah'll be here in the morning, Ah promise." They
      left and Rogue went back to concentrating on Logan's heart beat.

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