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FIC: 'Til Death Do Us Part 1/7

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    Title: Til Death Do Us Part Series: Sixth in the Wedding Vows Series Author: Khaki E-Mail: rimmette@earthlink.net Category: Drama/Angst Rating: PG13
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2001
      Title: 'Til Death Do Us Part
      Series: Sixth in the Wedding Vows Series
      Author: Khaki
      E-Mail: rimmette@...
      Category: Drama/Angst
      Rating: PG13
      Disclaimer: These characters don't belong to me, except for Anna and
      Archive Rights: WRFA, XMMFFC, otherwise, just ask.
      Summary: Someone dies and everyone else has to cope.

      WARNING: Character death ahead. I am issuing an official Prozac
      warning since tissues alone aren't sufficient to cope with the
      sadness level of this fic.


      Anna sat on her soccer ball alone in the empty field, arms folded and
      face set in a frown. Finally, a familiar Jeep screeched into the
      parking lot. She watched as her harried mother burst out of the
      driver's side door and approached her in a quick walk/run. <p>

      "You're late." <p>

      Surprised by the venom she heard in Anna's voice, Marie stopped mid-
      stride. "Well, I love you, too." <p>

      "Everyone's been gone for twenty minutes, Mom," Anna whined. <p>

      Marie reached down and picked up her daughter's equipment bag, "I
      know, sugah, I'm sorry. I came as soon as I could." <p>

      They walked in uncomfortable silence back to the Jeep. As Marie threw
      the bag in the back of the vehicle, Anna opened the passenger door
      and asked, "Where's Dad? He was supposed to get me." <p>

      "He had a mission, honey. I just found out he was gone when you two
      didn't show up on time. How was practice?" <p>

      "Fine." Anna said, slouching in her seat and sulking. <p>

      "Kick any goals?" <p>

      "Yeah." <p>

      "You going to tell me about it?" <p>

      "No," Anna answered, twirling her shoulder-length dark brown hair
      around a finger. <p>

      Only the sound of the wind whipping through their hair in the topless
      Jeep kept them company as they drove through the residential streets
      and pulled onto the main, four-laned thoroughfare. Marie was the
      first to break the silence. <p>

      "Look," she said in exasperation. "It's not like this happens all the
      time. Your dad would've been here if he could, but an emergency came
      up." <p>

      "Why aren't you gone too if it's such an 'emergency?'" Anna said,
      rolling her eyes. <p>

      "It's not a full-scale mission, just a new mutant manifesting. The
      professor only sent Jean and your dad." <p>

      Anna scoffed. "If it's just a new mutant, why couldn't someone else
      have gone?" <p>

      "The girl's hurt. She needed a doctor, and her mutation makes her
      blood deadly. The professor thought Jean and your dad would be the
      best choices." Marie paused for a moment, and then asked, "Why is it
      such a big deal? This was only a practice, right?" <p>

      Anna sighed and unbuckled her seatbelt. Turning around in her seat,
      she fumbled through her bag, finally producing a piece of paper.
      Turning back around, she handed the paper to her mother. Marie
      glanced down, then back at the road. "I'm driving, sugah. What does
      it say?" <p>

      Anna cleared her throat and read, "For outstanding accomplishments
      both on and off the field, Anna Logan, has been voted Team Captain of
      the Spartans." <p>

      "Oh, Anna, that's wonderful," Marie said, reaching out to squeeze her
      daughter's hand. "Your dad'll be so proud. We'll go out and celebrate
      tonight, just the four of us." <p>

      "Do we have to bring Mike?" <p>

      "Anna," Marie said in a warning tone. "He is your brother." <p>

      "Yeah, but sometimes he's such a child." Anna said, in a haughty tone
      as she returned the certificate to her bag. <p>

      "Well, he is only five. Give him time. Now, where do you want to go?"

      Anna settled back in her seat and replied, "I don't know... Could we
      go see Matrix: 5? That's supposed to be so cool." <p>

      "It's also very R. Pick something else. How about a dinner out?" <p>

      "Maybe," Anna said, playing with her seatbelt by hitting the buckle
      against the door. Marie noticed instantly. <p>

      "Put your seatbelt back on, missy." <p>

      Anna clicked the belt into place, pointing out, "You don't have yours
      on, either." <p>

      Marie looked down, surprised to see that she had, indeed, forgotten
      it. She was in such a hurry to pick up Anna and so distracted by
      their conversation that she, a stickler for safety, had forgotten.
      She turned, reaching around to grab it, when she heard the blare of a
      horn. <p>

      As she'd turned in her seat, the wheel had turned as well, and the
      Jeep crossed the yellow line into on-coming traffic. If she'd been
      paying more attention, if the truck hadn't been there in that one
      split-second, the accident would never have happened, but happen it
      did. <p>

      The crash was ear shattering as metal twisted and crumpled in ways it
      had never been intended to move. Marie was thrown forward into the
      windshield by the force of the impact as the Jeep and the truck
      glanced off each other, her forehead creating a star-like pattern in
      the glass. The Jeep spun ninety degrees and was struck again on the
      driver's side by the mini-van that had been following in Marie's
      lane. <p>

      The world spun out of control as the Jeep overturned and flipped
      three times down the road, coming to rest on its roll bar. Marie was
      thrown half out of the vehicle the first time it flipped, and the
      second time around, she felt a burst of agonizing pain in her neck
      and heard a loud crunch before the pain just as quickly disappeared.

      Now, everything was eerily calm. She lay limp on the ground looking
      up into the passenger compartment of the Jeep as it lay atop her. She
      saw Anna bleeding and crying in the passenger's seat, suspended
      upside down from the harness. She wanted to say something to her,
      comfort her, tell her she loved her, but she couldn't breathe, and
      the image faded into darkness. <p>

      She could hear Anna calling to her, her voice getting more and more
      desperate even as it got fainter to her ears, "Mom?... Mommy?...
      MOMMY!!!" <p>

      She could smell gas and she could taste the coppery blood in her
      mouth, but like the others, these sensations quickly dulled and
      disappeared. <p>

      She felt herself getting lighter, her whole body just letting go. Her
      last thought was, `Logan, I love you.' and then she entered the
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