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FIC: In Sickness and in Health 1/8

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    Title: In Sickness and in Health Series: Fourth in the Wedding Vows Series Author: Khaki E-Mail: rimmette@earthlink.net Category: Drama/Angst Rating: PG13
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 29, 2001
      Title: In Sickness and in Health
      Series: Fourth in the Wedding Vows Series
      Author: Khaki
      E-Mail: rimmette@...
      Category: Drama/Angst
      Rating: PG13 (mostly for blood at the beginning)
      Disclaimer: I own nothing, except for Anna, and as a rambunctious
      three-year old, I'm not even sure I own her. See Stan Lee, Fox, Brian
      Singer, etc. if you want the real deal.
      Archive Rights: WRFA, XMMFFC, otherwise, just ask.
      Summary: Marie and Logan have to deal with an injury.


      Marie looked up from the picnic she'd arranged by the lake to see the
      man she'd been waiting for walking across the expansive lawn. Of
      course, as soon as Anna saw him, she was off and running as fast as
      her little, three-year old legs could carry her. Marie followed more
      slowly, the picnic forgotten. She watched as Anna collided with his
      leg with her customary thump and held on as he continued to walk,
      taking her along for the ride.

      Even Anna's giggles couldn't bring a smile to her face, though, as
      Marie took in her husband's attire. He was dressed in his uniform,
      ready for battle.

      "Who is it this time?" she asked.

      "Magneto." was his gruff reply.

      "Dammit, Logan. I'm going with you."

      He chuckled low. "No you're not darlin'. Don't want you risking
      injury now. Besides," he added, pointing to her slightly rounded
      belly, "you wouldn't be able to zip up the uniform."

      Marie hated feeling this powerless. She loved being pregnant, but she
      worried terribly whenever Logan went on a mission without her. It had
      been hard at 23 with Anna, and it was even harder now. He thought he
      was indestructible. Her skin had proven on more than one occasion how
      wrong that assumption was.

      "Just promise me you'll stay away from Magneto. Play with Sabretooth
      and Mystique all you like, but don't take him on."

      "You know I can't promise that, darlin'. What if someone gets hurt or
      needs help?"

      "Ok, just don't go looking for trouble. Don't fight him unless you
      have to." She let the worry creep into her voice as she started to
      cry. Damn, she hated these blasted hormones. She was starting to cry
      at the slightest provocation. It made her feel weak.

      At her mother's tears, Anna looked up, confused. Thinking something
      must be the matter, she started to cry too. Logan picked her up,
      giving her a quick hug and settling her on his shoulders. Then, he
      leaned forward and hugged Marie. "I promise, darlin'. Sabretooth'll
      probably keep me plenty busy."

      Grabbing her gloved hand in his, he said, "C'mon. Walk me back to the

      Marie nodded and leaned against him. Anna started to pull on his
      hair. She loved being on her daddy's shoulders. She always clung to
      the two small points in his hair like handle bars, tugging his head
      right and left to point him where she wanted to go. Logan indulged
      her for a few minutes, weaving crazily across the lawn, then he heard
      the growl of a motorcycle quickly approaching.

      "That'll be Scooter. He was in town when the call came. That's why I
      had a chance to say goodb..."

      Marie put a hand over his mouth, cutting off his sentence. She hated
      it when he said goodbye before a mission. She knew it was
      superstitious of her, but she couldn't help it.

      "I'll see you tonight," she said, reaching out to take Anna from his
      arms, then pulling her scarf across her face, she rose on her tip-
      toes and kissed him.

      "Tonight," Logan answered, then ran off. Scott finally arrived a
      minute later, running after Logan. Minutes later, Marie watched as
      the Blackbird took off, praying that everyone would be safe. She set
      Anna down and they returned to their picnic spot, eating lunch by


      Marie was startled awake by the knock on her door. She hadn't meant
      to fall asleep. She'd wanted to stay up and wait for Logan, but the
      pregnancy was making her more tired than usual. Rising from the chair
      and shutting off the TV, which was now displaying static, she
      stumbled through the darkened room to the door. Who could be up at
      this hour?, her sleep clogged mind tried to figure out. It couldn't
      be Logan; he wouldn't knock.

      She opened the door to see the tear-streaked face of her best friend.
      Jubilee's uniform was torn and bloody in places, and she slumped, as
      if bearing some burden too heavy for her to hold.

      Marie stepped back as if she'd been punched. Her heart froze. Her
      tightened throat would only allow her to whisper, "No."

      Noticing Marie's reaction, Jubilee held out her hands, "No, no, no,
      Rogue. He's not dead. He's just... you have to come to the Med Lab."

      Marie was relieved and struck with terror within a second of each
      other. He wasn't dead, but he wasn't hunky dory either. Jubilee
      wouldn't be acting this way unless it was really, really bad.

      Surprised at her presence of mind, Marie asked, "Anna?"

      "I'll watch her, Rogue. You've got to go to the Med Lab, now."

      Marie hurried down the hall on shaky legs, using the elevator ride to
      try to calm her nerves. No matter how bad it was, this was Logan.
      He'll be all right. He always is.

      Exiting the elevator, she saw the blood. It wasn't just a few drops
      here and there. This was an unbroken trail of blood poured along the
      floor from the hangar bay to the med lab. She froze, unable to take
      another step. There couldn't be that much blood in the human body.
      How could someone lose that much and still be alive?

      "Rogue." Scott's voice took her by surprise. She hadn't even noticed
      him standing there, in the hallway outside the med lab. In fact,
      almost the whole team was standing there, besides Jean, Hank, and
      Logan. "Rogue, he's asking for you. It's... it's bad Rogue."

      She nodded, forcing herself to move down the hallway, one step and
      then another. When she reached the med lab, she triggered the door
      and stepped inside. She had thought the hallway was bad. There was
      even more blood in here, splashed on the floor, spattered on Hank and
      Jean, covering the body on the operating table. The body, for that's
      all it could be, glistened with blood. There wasn't an inch of
      undamaged skin in sight.

      Hank was frantically pulling out drawers, opening cupboards, and
      collecting and preparing the surgical instruments. Jean was leaning
      over the body, whispering something about how they didn't have time
      and they couldn't wait.

      When the soaked head turned and the pain-filled hazel eyes looked
      into hers, she knew, and the tears poured from her eyes, blurring her
      vision. It was Logan lying there, horribly injured.

      "Marie," he whispered, holding out a hand weakly.

      She ran to him, wanting to touch him, to comfort him, but it wasn't
      only her deadly skin that stood in her way now. She didn't want to
      hurt him.

      "Oh, Logan," she said through her sobs.

      "I had to, Marie... I love you."

      Marie's grief and pain turned immediately to anger. "Oh no you don't.
      Don't say that like you mean goodbye. You're not getting away from me
      that easy, Mister. I'm not close to being done with you yet, so you
      let Jean and Hank do their jobs and you hold on, you hear me? You
      hold on. You promised, remember? You promised you wouldn't leave me

      "I'll... try, darlin'."

      "No, don't try, just do it."

      "Rogue," Jean interrupted. "We have to start the operation."

      "Jean, why isn't he healing?"

      "The damage is so extensive his healing factor's been overloaded. It
      doesn't seem to be working right now... Rogue, I can explain this
      later. For now, you really have to go."

      Marie nodded and started to back away. "I'll be right outside, sugah,

      The last thing she saw was Logan nodding and closing his eyes, then
      the med lab door shut in her face.


      See Part 2.
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