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FIC: The Forgotten Few, 5/?

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    Marie had never seen Bobby as furious as he was just then, what with the way his face was a deep shade of red and how he was constantly pacing the floor.
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 29, 2001
      Marie had never seen Bobby as furious as he was just then, what with
      the way his face was a deep shade of red and how he was constantly
      pacing the floor. "Bobby, sit down, before you wear a hole in
      the rug." He shot her a glare, before reflexively wincing and
      apologizing for his actions.
      "I can't help it..." Still, he did as she said, sinking onto
      his bottom, back against the wall. Running a shaky hand through his
      hair, he looked over at the others, none of which seemed any more
      pleased about their latest news as he was. "You talked to him for
      what...five minutes?" Angry as he was, he had to resort to harsh
      whispers to get his emotions across, as yelling would certainly have
      attracted attention.
      "He's a mutant...there's no doubt, Robert. Why would a mutant
      set out with the intention of hurting his brothers and sisters?"
      "You can't trust anyone in this society anymore...it isn't
      "Robert," The gentle Goddess leaned over and patted his hand
      to comfort him. "What if he hadn't trusted the man, and what
      he said were true? We cannot turn others away because we have been
      mistreated. It is still our duty, as the remaining X-Men, to do all
      that we can for those like us. As well as those who are different."
      The new "leader" of the X-Men blushed slightly at the small scolding
      he received and nodded his head.
      "I understand that...and I sympathize...but lately the Anti-
      Mutant Organization has-"
      "Been relatively quiet, so say the papers." Henry McCoy now
      spoke up, feeling it necessary to defend their latest roommate.
      "There's always a calm before the storm. Am I right? They may
      need to be quiet now, to regain the public's favor, but that doesn't
      stop them from acting underground. Any number of actions against us
      could be in the works as we speak. How do we know this man isn't a
      spy? They have been known to send out ground crew to
      retrieve "fugitives" like us."
      "That may be true, but that's a chance we're going to have to
      take. If he is what you think, then maybe spending a few days with us
      will turn him off his original course. Remember what Xavier said?
      Even your worst enemies can be swayed to become your best alliance.
      If these "spies" are out there, maybe they are just being misinformed
      about mutants. In which case, it only takes one of us to set him
      straight." Marie looked at him sincerely, offering the words he
      didn't want to hear, but knowing he had to hear them.
      "She got a poin', homme...De guy deserves a chance, jus' like
      anyone else." Bobby Drake raised his eyes from the hands he had used
      to cover his face and looked intently at each of his friends. This
      wasn't something he could or would take lightly. The situation at
      hand called for serious thought, something he was not well averse in.
      Times like these made him wish that Cyclops was still around,
      considering the leader always seemed to know when something was a bad
      Intuition had always been the way to go, in Bobby's eyes. It
      had yet to fail him, since he had come to lead the X-men through hard
      times. Still, if he were to follow it, and be wrong...a man's life
      hung in the balance. Something he had never dealt with before.
      Everyone else seemed to be in agreement over the matter, yet
      they still left him with the final say. Such respect was nice, for
      once, and he wanted to be sure he never acted in such a way as to
      lose their respect. Letting out a deep breath, he finally turned to
      Arnold Frank again. "When will he be here?"
      "Tomorrow evening, after curfew. We need to move the food to
      one side of the upstairs room, if you're to have any room for him."
      "No..." Bobby stood to his feet, brushing off his pants even
      though there was nothing on them, just to give his hands something to
      do. "I'll clear the place out and move up there myself." The rest he
      didn't have to say, and that was that this way, the stranger would be
      amongst them as much as possible, and therefore unable to plan
      anything without their knowing about it.
      "That's very generous of you." Bobby cracked a small smile,
      almost chuckling because, it really had nothing to do with
      generosity. He just wanted to stay alive to see this war end. No spy
      or Anti-Mutant member was going to ruin that dream for him.
      A few moments later, while the girls slipped out to prepare
      for bed, Arnold Frank excused himself, saying he needed to return
      home as quickly as possible. Bobby shook his hand and called good-bye
      before turning his attention to the food storage area that was to be
      his new room. It was colder there, he imagined, what with the lack of
      body heat to make things more comfortable, which made it rather
      appropriate that the Iceman take it over.
      Pushing cans and loaves of bread aside, he managed a neat
      enough stack, though it was an act he performed without much
      conscious thought. He was gripped with fear and apprehension, despite
      how he hid that from the rest of the members in the room. So
      distraught was he that, when Marie's hand fell lightly upon his
      shoulder, he jumped.
      "Hey...just me." Quirking a small smile, she sat down, legs
      dangling onto the ladder, and watched as he continued stacking the
      food. "You did the right thing..."
      "I hope so." He doubted he'd ever be really sure one way or
      the other as to the stranger he was allowing to integrate into their
      close knit lives.
      "It'll be a good experience, I think..." Marie always managed
      to make things positive, no matter what the situation was. It seemed
      to him as though all his carefree, optimistic moods slipped from him
      and seeped into her when he needed to assume some responsibility in
      life. Now it was she that made sure the others remained upbeat when
      things started to get tough. He wished, at that moment more than ever
      before, that he could be that way again.
      "If things work out, it will be."
      "They will. You'll see." Tossing the can she had taken into
      her hands at some point back to Bobby, she threw him another smile
      before beginning her descent down the ladder and back into the main
      room of the hidden hallway.
      "Hey, Marie?" She stopped then, eyes sparkling slightly from
      the usage of her real name. No one else called her that, as it didn't
      seem appropriate. But he, having been there through the hardest parts
      of her life, had been given the permission to use her real name,
      while all others continued to refer to her as Rogue.
      "Thanks." A lot was behind that one word, for he owed a great
      deal to her when he thought about it. She was always the one talking
      sense into him when he got carried away with himself. They weren't a
      couple, as many people thought, yet they were more. Close friends
      that went beyond the call of such a title, doing more than was
      required of themselves, to ensure that one another were well taken
      care of.
      "Don't mention it." With a playful wink, she disappeared
      entirely, and Bobby turned back to his work a little more hopeful
      than he had been when he started out on his task. By the time he
      finished cleaning up the room and setting up his sleeping bag, the
      others were already asleep, having blown out the candle that provided
      their only light. Laying down atop the sleeping bag, Bobby looked up
      at the ceiling and tried to imagine the stars he was faintly sure
      were hanging there in the sky at that very moment. Reassuring himself
      once again that things would be okay for the five of them, he shut
      his eyes, and gratefully drifted off to sleep.
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