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Somewhat Damaged 21/?

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    Title:Somewhat Damaged Author: Cordelia LaMorte Catagory: Evolution (Rogue and Logan) Summery: Rogue s past comes up with twisted details after the delivery of
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      Title:Somewhat Damaged
      Author: Cordelia LaMorte
      Catagory: Evolution (Rogue and Logan)
      Summery: Rogue's past comes up with twisted details after the delivery of
      papers and her induction into the X-men
      Rating: NC-17 graffic violence and sexual situations
      Archieving: You want it? Please take it!
      Feedback: You scratch my back I'll scratch yours
      Disclaimer: I only own original characters such as Evangeline and Jakob (Both
      are dead and hold minor roles) Everything else besides Rogue's wardrobe (also
      mine) belongs to Marvel. The excessive mention of the beautiful god-man that
      is Trent Reznor belongs to himself regrettably.
      Author's note: Sorry it's taken this god damned long but I've been having
      delays related to life and a plague called writer's block. My earlier
      prediction of finishing this during spring break got shoot to hell and I
      might as well have gone with it after all the choas our list has suffered. I
      propose a remedy though... everyone think of naked Trent and Hugh covered
      only in purple glitter. (Sure they'll look like something that fell out of
      David Bowie's ass but hey...It's Trent Hugh and Purple glitter! Such things
      can't be wrong...) And for our guys on the group...think of Charisma
      DARK FERRET!!!!!!~ hey girl I'm so totally sorry I couldn't get back to you
      on Run 2 like I planned but Life is a bitch and I couldn't. Sorry sorry
      sorry!!!!!!! This is dedicated to you by the way! Drop me a line and we could
      talk about that little idea we were kicking around.

      Raven Darkholme stared through her black rimmed glasses at the girl in the
      opposite chair, the over stuffed chair dwarfing her already small frame.

      "I'd like to congratulate you on the publication. I'm quite proud." Smooth,
      professional, but there was an urgency for Rogue to believe her. The girl
      remained reticent, so Darkholme continued as the girl examined the multitude
      of jelly bracelets spangled from her wrist. "I read the stories, they're
      rather good, though macabre" Raven gestured to the hard back copy of
      Borderland's 11. It was a yearly publication show casing the year's best
      horror fiction. Rogue had been excepted for two of her short stories. " You
      have a gift, dear one."

      "Ah ain't here about that" Rogue finally spoke.

      Raven nodded sipping her Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. "I assumed as much.
      What it you need, daughter?"

      "Who is he?"

      Raven's expression passed as clueless. "Who's who?"

      "Mah fathah, you said you left me with Evangeline to protect me from Magneto.
      Why not just leave me with him instead?" She paused as a new thought form in
      her mind. "Or does he even know about me?"

      Raven took another sip of the strong brew thoughtfully, it's redolent flavor
      stung bitterly at Rogue's nose."He does not know of you and that is best, he
      also has definite connections to Eric."

      "If that's all true than why'd you tell Magneto about you being mah momma at

      "Because the time was right, and I wanted to know you."

      "You mean you wanted those papers Irene sent."

      Raven put the cup down with unnecessary force and a water fall of dark fluid
      poured on to the desk.

      "Why is it so hard for you to believe I care?"

      "17 years of you not being there!" Rogue cried out despite the new fact that
      she'd been there at various times, disguised as Josette, as if tapping
      through her train of thought Raven spoke again,

      "You know you were rather marvelous at the piano, I had Irene record you
      playing once. I listened to it over and over til it wore out and broke, I'd
      asked Irene for another but you had already abandoned playing for that other
      wretched instrument." The guitar. Jakob had been teaching her in his attic.
      Rogue stilled, her focus dragging past he knees her black skirt bore and to
      the knee high Doc Martian's peeking just above them. The left one was untied
      but she made no move to adjust.

      "Ah can understand making sure Irene got me, but Ah don't understand
      Evangeline and why ya found me now if Magneto's so dangerous"

      "Evangeline, as regrettable as the situation was, prepared you as well as
      kept you away from Eric."

      "Prepared me fo' what?" Choler raised in her voice as gloriously green eyes

      "For life" Raven said as if that was explanation enough. "You are very well
      capable of caring for yourself, and do not give your trust freely, venerable
      qualities, dear daughter."

      The threat of tears scorched Rogue's sinuses and quivered her lip. "Do you
      know there were week's when all I had was a jar of peanut butter? I had to
      ration it out until Evangeline's dealer left town or one of her tricks bought
      me dinner to keep me quiet. And there were times when Ah was really sick and
      she wouldn't take me to tha doctor cause she was afraid he'd realize she was
      high. Do you know that she beat the living shit out of me everyday because
      Ah'd 'Ruined her liagh'?" Rogue stood and was now visibly shaking. "Did you
      know that when Ah found her dead, Ah laughed before Ah cried? This ain't a
      damned soap opera, now tell me who the fuck is mah fathah?" Rogue flinched as
      she felt her nails bend and break as they burrowed into her flesh.Had she
      looked down at her palms, she'd find weeping crescents with small slivers of
      black nail polish.

      "Xavier" Darkholme said trying to remain philometric.

      Rogue's eyes grew wide and she fled, ignoring a gap faced Jean Grey out side
      the door as she pushed her way to her Harley at full gate.

      Jean crumpled the principal meeting pass in her hand and tossed it in the
      trash before running to find Scott.

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