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A Family Affair 4/?

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  • Jaguarita J. H.
    Disclaimer and stuff at the top of part one ******* Vicky stood up and twisted until her entire spine popped. Eh. That s better. That s gross, Kyle said
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 29, 2001
      Disclaimer and stuff at the top of part one

      Vicky stood up and twisted until her entire spine popped. "Eh. That's

      "That's gross," Kyle said with a small grin playing around his mouth.

      "That's yer oppinion." Vicky grinned openly at her son. "So how good are yer
      senses? Can ya track by scent alone or do ya have ta look for sign?"

      Kyle gave a wolfish smile, nearly identical to the one Vicky wore when she
      was on the hunt. "Try me."

      "Find yer little sister," Vicky suggested with a raised eyebrow.

      Kyle's nose twitched. He started to bound off, but turned to raise an
      eyebrow of his own. "You coming?"

      "Right behind ya," Vicky laughed.

      The two ferals raced through the woods. Kyle ahead of Vicky by a few dozen
      feet, being just that much faster. They both slowed as the came closer to
      the source of the faint scent of peaches and motor oil.

      Vicky grinned as she saw the southern girl taking apart a motorcycle engine.

      Marie was cussing a blue streak. She ground her teeth together as she pulled
      apart the engine. Scott had told her that she could have his old bike, if
      she could get it to run.

      He hadn't told her the alternater was shot. And that was just to start with.

      Kyle crept forward slowly, secure that she wouldn't smell him with the wind
      blowing away from both of them. Suddenly her head came up, but it was too
      late, Kyle tackled her and they both went rolling.

      At least until a laughing Vicky pounced on them.

      Marie giggled and shoved Kyle away with her legs. Vicky on the other hand
      found herself flung head over heels.

      "Remind me ta knock Logan around for teaching ya that move," Vicky gasped
      once air filled her lungs again.

      "Pa didn't teach me," Marie said still giggling. "That was left overs from
      ya touching me."

      Vicky blinked. "Oh, yeah. Remind me ta knock Logan around anyway."

      The two teenagers shared a look then broke out laughing. Their mother arched
      an eyebrow.

      "So ya think that's funny, huh?" Vicky rumbled.

      A soft cough interupted her planned pounce. Scott Summers raked a hand
      through his hair. "The Professor wants you and Rogue, Vicky."

      "Sure, Cueball can cut into play time any old time he wants," Vicky growled
      sarcasticly. She rolled to her feet in an easy graceful motion. "Come on,

      Kyle and Marie trotted easily after her as she moved at that easy half-run
      that was more natural to her than walking. They stopped at the door to
      Xavier's office and Vicky winked at the two younger mutants, but just as she
      pulled her fist back to really give it a pounding the Professor called out
      for them to come in.

      Marie and Kyle muffled giggles as Vicky ground her teeth together.

      "What can we do for ya, Chuck?" Vicky asked as she stalked into the room.
      She froze at the sound of her semi-adopted daughter's choked off gasp.

      "Marie?" whispered the small mouse-ish looking woman sitting in front of
      Xavier's desk. "What did you do to your hair?"

      Marie whimpered and jerked back from the woman's reaching arms, a hand
      coming up to touch her white, blonde and black streaked hair. When the man
      stood up Kyle moved between him and Marie with a snarl.

      "Easy, Kyle," Vicky said quietly as she rested a massive hand on Marie's
      slender shoulder. "What the blazes they doing here, Chuck?"

      "We've come to take our daughter home," the man said firmly as he eyed the
      hand on Marie's shoulder.

      The woman nodded. "There's a doctor that says he can help her..."

      Vicky's eyes narrowed and a low growl rumbled up in her chest. She took a
      deep breath before she could speak calmly. "Ya mean he says he can 'fix'
      her. Well, there's nothing for him ta fix. The kid's just fine the way she

      "Fine? She can't touch anyone!" yelled the man.

      "See this?" Vicky growled, placing her other hand on Marie's shoulder. "It's
      touching. She can be hugged and held and tickled and all sorts of simple
      things without anybody getting hurt."

      Marie finally whispered: "I am home."
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