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Repost Fic: Crying In the Dark (1/?) Scott/Kitty

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  • Alyx Alexandre
    I m reposting this part for Kelsey. All feedback goes to her. Alyx Title: Crying In the Dark Author: Kelsey H20Babie6@AOL.com Rating: PG Characters: Scott,
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 26, 2001
      I'm reposting this part for Kelsey. All feedback goes
      to her.

      Title: Crying In the Dark
      Author: Kelsey H20Babie6@...
      Rating: PG
      Characters: Scott, Kitty,
      Summary: Two people find themselves.
      Notes: Thank you Alyx! Your beta was wonderful! This
      is my first angsty fic, be kind! Feedback, feedback,
      feedback! I have the next part ready and I'll
      send it once I get five feedbacks (because I like
      feedback and have no shame

      Part 1:

      She knew it was a bad idea.
      He knew they'd only end up hurting the people they
      They both knew they'd do it anyway. They did.
      It amazed her, how good it could be.
      He'd never had anything like it.
      They both knew they couldn't let go of what ever it
      was they had found.

      She knew it was breaking Bobby's heart.
      He knew Jean was growing lonely and bitter.
      They both knew that hearts would be broken before it
      ended, but they couldn't stop.
      She cried, he cried.
      He left, she yelled.
      They both remembered.

      Kitty graduated from NYU a year ago and returned to
      Westchester. She, Bobby, Rogue, Jubilee and John
      joined the team that summer. It was a summer of
      parties, joy and light. Work at the Academy started in
      the Fall.

      Kitty was assigned most of Jean's teaching schedule so
      that Jean could devote more of her time to research.
      The days were hard and long, and the light dimmed to
      that heavy gold of late autumn afternoons. Missions
      started too. Missions that began with adrenaline and
      energy, but ended with blood, tears and utter
      exhaustion. The light dimmed to the color of midnight.

      It was always midnight in Scott's head. Brought on
      from years of leading before he was truly ready to
      lead. Brought on by the things he did but hated, and
      longed to do but couldn't. Midnight came from seeing
      too much and not being able to do enough. From
      thinking certain thing and saying the opposite. And
      despite living in close quarters with two powerful
      telepaths, they did not seem to notice the dimming of
      his light.

      Kitty missed light. The longing for light was what was
      destroying her, not the simply the presence of
      darkness. Bobby didn't notice, sensitive lover though
      he was. He just assumed that quiet equaled mature and
      Kitty was a grown up.

      After the disastrous mission no one could meet his
      eyes. Which was just as well because Scott couldn't
      look them in the eyes either. He needed to escape.
      The blackness started to suffocate her after the
      mission, to cover her with its cool impersonal
      dryness. She ran to the courtyard, cool, and dark, and
      barren. She stopped when she saw him.

      Scott stood in the center of the courtyard, trying to
      absorb the starlight.

      Kitty pressed close to a wall without phasing through
      and watched. A weak lamplight flickered above her. Not
      the kind of light she had been looking for.

      Scott sighed, turned. Saw Kitty.

      She stood there, crying. Tears coursed gracelessly
      down her face.

      Scott beckoned to her, gathered her in his arms when
      she reached him. He couldn't just leave her alone,
      crying in the dark.

      Kitty allowed herself to be comforted and wished she
      knew why she was crying.

      Scott stroked her hair and wished he could cry, saying

      Kitty didn't say anything either. The silence between
      them was the most comforting thing of all.

      End Part 1

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