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Fic: " Trapped In Darkness" PG (4/30) [ All X-men]

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    Hi all, And just to be sure I totally confuse everyone, myself included; part 4 of my very long ( yep, another long story I started) story. This is part 4 of
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      Hi all,
      And just to be sure I totally confuse everyone, myself included; part 4 of my very long ( yep, another long story I started) story.

      This is part 4 of " Trapped In Darkness"
      Disclaimer see part 0.
      This part is about the free X-men. All mutants mentioned in this part exists in the comics. You can search the net for info on them in the comics since I have changed them to fit the movieverse in here.

      Warnings: None. This part the dog could read. Well, the big dog anyway.

      Feedback: Would make me write faster and is always loved. Any ideas or suggestions is welcomed.


      Part 4:
      “They have to be somewhere. Search again,” Alex Summers, Scott’s kid brother, persisted as he and the rest of the mutants at Xavier’s school searched for their friends. Somehow it had seemed natural that Alex had taken over leadership now that all people over the age of 19 were missing. He was a Summers, a born leader and then he was the oldest of the students left behind.
      “ I have checked the data four times already,” Kurt complained but did as bid.
      “ Hon`, you’re driving them too hard,” Lorna said as she lay a gentle hand on his shoulder.
      “ We need to find them and soon. Time is of the essence,” Alex reminded her as he ran through TV broadcasts and other documentary from the fight their friends had had with the anti-mutant group. Of cause most of the TV stations told the story very differently, saying that mutants had attacked humans and all that usual rubbish.
      “ I know. I worry too. We all do,” Lorna reminded him softly.
      “ I know,” he turned to a young, beautiful Chinese woman with a tattoo on her face. “ Betsy, can you feel any of them?”
      “ No, it is as if their powers are…gone. They’re either unable to use their powers, not on Earth or….dead,” Betsy answered, not giving them much to work with. Earth was a big enough place to get lost on. The whole universe was way too much for him to even consider right now and death was not an option he would even think of.
      “ Angel, do you have something?” Alex asked into the comlink which connected them to Angel and all other students sent out in town to find clues.
      “ I’m on the sight of the fight now. I have found pieces of their uniforms and clothing, blood which Hank says matches theirs and such but nothing to work on. We’ll keep to it,” Angel said, anticipating Alex’s next sentence.
      “ Good. Alex out.”
      Alex ran a hand through his golden hair. This was promising to be a long day in a long month in a long year. But he wouldn’t rest, he wouldn’t stop until he had found his brother, his only living relative he had first met a few years ago, and the others. No matter if he then had to search till the end of time or in the senate. He would find them. He would. No matter what it took, he’ll be reunited with his brother.

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