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FIC: The One You Love (S/R, implied L/R)

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    The One You Love By Kes Serleef Rating: R/NC=17 S/R, implied L/R Disclaimer: I don t own any part of the X-Men or any of its characters. That privilege
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 8, 2001
      The One You Love
      By Kes Serleef

      Rating: R/NC=17
      S/R, implied L/R

      Disclaimer: I don't own any part of the "X-Men" or any of its
      characters. That privilege belongs to Marvel, Fox, etc...no
      infringement on copyright is intended. Please don't sue me.

      Summery: Rainy nights leads to dangerous games...and a hard choice.

      Disclaimer: I don't own any part of the "X-Men" or any of its
      characters. That privilege belongs to Marvel, Fox, ect... No
      infringement on copyright is intended. Please don't sue me.

      Note: The song "The One You Love" belongs to Glenn Frey and his
      record company and whoever else claims it...no copyright infringement
      is intended.


      She turned in the strong arms wrapped around her and stared up at the
      sleeping face of her lover, illuminated by the silver of the moon
      which had appeared in the quite after the storm.

      He looked angelic, and her heart twisted in her chest.

      She knew that once the light of day came she would have to do one of
      the hardest things she'd ever have to do in her life.

      His face became a blur and she felt the butterfly kiss of a tear
      caressing her cheek.

      She reached out a finger to caress the lids of eyes always shadowed
      by the red tint of shades or visors, but were now closed in slumber.

      She didn't even know how she had gotten here.

      He had been her friend, her confidant. He had been everything a
      lonely little girl had needed after experiencing the first taste of
      heartbreak and loss after the man she had been foolish to fall in
      love with had left her behind. He had left her behind with a sliver
      of metal as the only promise of his return — a return she had
      on for three and a half years. Now he was back...now...

      He wasn't meant to be her lover — this man who's arms she
      laid in — because he hadn't been hers in the beginning —
      and now she
      wasn't his in the end.

      But at that moment, she was here, in the embrace of a man who
      complicated things in ways that neither were ever going to escape
      from unscratched.

      And she blamed it on the damn rain.


      It always started with the rain.

      It started with the baited anticipation of waiting for the first
      drops to fall from the shadowy night sky.

      Eyes closed, breath held, she always waited for the first few
      trickles to slid over hyper-sensitive and exposed skin like
      finger-tips leaving their mark on her body.

      She would wait and let the sensation resonated through nerve-endings
      and laughed because with this simple act she had found a way out of
      her prison.

      It was a prison made of layers of clothes to protect against exposing
      too much, it was a prison made of poison skin that she cursed but was
      beginning to accept.

      In this simple act she could pretend and remember the sensation of
      being touched.

      And so she waited for those nights of thunder and lighting and waited
      for the caress of the rain.

      Then one night, he discovered her secret and they shared it with
      unwritten rules that came handy when they had to share other kinds of
      secrets. The most important of those rules involved never
      acknowledging in the light of day the events of that transpired the
      previous night in those moments of insanity. They were good at
      following the rules.

      They got away with things that it would have seemed impossible with
      two telepaths in residence. They could look each other in the face
      during normal events that occurred in their lives with a "yes, Mr.
      Summers," or a "good morning, Rogue," without anyone being the wiser
      of those rain splattered-nights. They could laugh and talk and be
      friends because of the pretense.

      They could look at each other the next day and pretended that on one
      of those nights he didn't leave Jean's bed and stand in the
      shadows to watch her sneak out into the night and embraced the storm
      like a lover.

      They pretended that the other wasn't there and she would peel off
      restricting layers, letting the rain take her in nothing but a pair
      of panties, translucent from the rain, and a bra.

      They knew they were both lucky that the telepaths in their lives were
      embedded with ethics that prevented them from digging into the minds
      of the inhabitants in their midst's.

      It started with the rain and had progressed into something else —
      something that left them with feelings of guilt and secrets that were
      no longer so innocent.

      They pretended as time went on, that she didn't perform for him
      when she shed her clothes, they pretended that they weren't aware
      that they were playing a dangerous game.

      Then one night she hadn't wanted to pretend anymore. She was
      lonely and tired waiting for a knight who may or may not come back.

      One night in the face of the storm, she had broken the rule and faced
      where she knew he stood even if she couldn't see him in the

      Then he broke the rules too, and stepped out to be illustrated by the
      flash of lighting.

      She didn't know who made the first move, but all of a sudden
      there were hands pulling her close, gliding through her hair and
      she was looking up at a face that was at once shuttered and exposed.

      She couldn't see his eyes but she could read all the feelings
      that were and were not exposed on his face. They echoed her own.
      She reached one gloved hand to his face, and his face crumpled —
      exposing all to her. He turned his face into her touch and her heart
      had twisted in her chest. All of a sudden she had been driven by a
      compulsion and had gently tugged him to his knee as she fell with

      They were laying on her scattered clothes on the wet ground of the
      surrounding forest. He was on top of her, fully closed, their hands
      entwined above her head, starring at each other. Neither could think
      of anything to say, so they let their bodies speak for them. He had
      buried his face in her wet hair where it surround her neck.

      His hands were at her waist and skimmed her torso. Then those hands
      were cupping her breasts and she arched into the touch. She had
      bitten her lips, but a moan had escaped anyway when she felt the
      hardness of him rub between her open legs. She was breathless,
      couldn't catch her breath, and little gasps had started to leave
      her mouth.

      Nerve-endings had been touched and her stomached had flip-flopped
      — butterflies gently fluttering their wings. Her nipples firmed
      against his chest, and it was as much his groan against her neck as
      the study rubbing of their body that made her cry out.

      She had started at the sky above their heads and felt the rain pound
      their bodies, even as their body tempos had picked up and her body
      had tightened. Legs were wrapped around his waist, and even fully
      clothed, the sensations of his hardness rubbing against the
      pleasure point between her legs had her spiraling towards an orgasm.

      She closed her eyes in remembrance, and knew that he was awake even
      though he still had his eyes carefully closed. She turned to stare up
      at the night sky, which was just turning the dark purple of early
      morning, and felt him stir beside her, reaching for his visor.

      He knew where her mind had been. His thoughts were there now, this
      being the time for remembering how it had started, before it ended.

      ::I know you need a friend, someone you can talk to

      Who will understand what you're going through

      When it comes to love, there's no easy answer

      Only you can say what you're gonna do::

      Afterward, that first time, he hadn't been able to pretend
      anymore either. He was basically an honest person and he hadn't
      been able look his fiancee in the face and pretend.

      Jean had been waken from sleep and read his guilt when he had walked
      into the still dark room because he was projecting his guilt so

      She had looked at him with such disappointment and hurt and, a
      underlying sense of shock. He didn't think she had ever
      that it would be him who strayed in their relationship, he had always
      been too predictable for that.

      He had moved out of their room that same night. He had left his past
      behind to embark in a new relationship the woman next to him, staring
      at him with her own look of guilt because she was going to shatter
      his heart.

      He had been expecting it for the last eighteen hours, when Logan had
      walked back into their lives.

      ::I heard you on the phone, you took his number

      Said you weren't alone, but you'd call him soon

      Isn't he the guy, the guy who left you cryin'?

      Isn't he the one who made you blue?

      When you remember those nights in his arms

      You know you gotta make up your mind::

      Now she had a choice and he knew in his heart he was going to come up

      This was their last night together, they both knew it, but neither
      wanted to break the silence. They still had until the light of day to
      speak words that were going to cut and leave at least one heart

      ::Are you gonna stay with the one who loves you

      Or are you goin' back to the one you love?

      Someone's gonna cry when they know they've lost you

      Someone's gonna thank the stars above::

      They watched together as the tint of gray lit the sky and the early
      morning moisture settled around them in the slowly awakening forest.

      They waited together for the words to a decision they both knew she
      had already made. A decision to be with a man who had come back after
      almost four years to lay claim on a girl who was already claimed
      — even if she didn't realize it yet.

      ::What you gonna say when he comes over?

      There's no easy way to see this through

      All the broken dreams, all the disappointment

      Oh girl, what you gonna do?

      Your heart keeps sayin' it's just not fair

      But still you gotta make up your mind::

      They laid there, and somewhere in the deepest, most selfish part of
      him, he hoped she was haunted by her choice, even more than he knew
      he was going to be.

      ::Are you gonna stay with the one who loves you

      Or are you goin' back to the one you love?

      Someone's gonna cry when they know they've lost you

      Someone's gonna thank the stars above::


      The End
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