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Fic: Silent Scream 12/? (PG)

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  • Emy & Tanya
    Sorry this is so long in coming. I got sidetracked by another fic that decided to attack me. Damn bunnies!! Ignore me for weeks and then....WHAM!!! They re
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 8, 1996
      Sorry this is so long in coming. I got sidetracked by another fic that decided to attack me. Damn bunnies!! Ignore me for weeks and then....WHAM!!! They're all over me! I got pages and pages of new poems, another fic started, and about 3 more ideas to flesh out. ARGH!!! If there are any spelling errors forgive me. I am working with no spell check, on 3 hours of sleep....which is about all the bunnies are allowing me and that is only cause I am sick and the meds put me out that long. So, I am posting this in a cold medicine induced haze. Don't flame please!

      PS. I know this is a short one but the bunnies assure me that the next one will make up for the shortness of this one.

      Title: Silent Scream (12/?)
      Author: Tanya Miller
      Rating: R for violence and language
      Summary: On the run from Hunters, a girl seeks help from our heros.
      Disclaimer: Not mine. Never going to be mine.


      Logan led the group out of the building with Scott bring up the rear to make sure that no one was left behind. Moving swiftly, they dispatched anyone that crossed there path swiftly to the land of slumber. Rogue led Anne while Bobby and St.John carried Emily once more wrapped in the sheet. Anne's eyes, unaccustomed to the brightness of the sunlight, kept her eyes tightly closed. She wasn't sure what was going on when she heard noises around her but Rogue told her so that she wouldn't be scared.

      "Don't worry. We're almost to the jet." A sudden blast of sound startled Anne, making her jump. Rogue was quick to reassure her. "It's ok. That was Jubes. Just scaring off some bad guys."

      Anne's hands clamped on even harder onto Rogue's arm. Feeling the gloves that covered the girl's hands and lower arms, Anne frowned. Deciding to ask later she let Rogue lead her forward. When they made it to Blackbird, she slowly eased them open and gasped at the sight of the plane.

      Rogue smiled at her surprise. "Emily got to know some pretty important people lately."

      "I'd say so!" she spat out in shock.

      Once they were all on board and secure, Scott got them up in the air and on their way back to the mansion. Anne and Rogue set about getting Emily strapped in carefully. While they were working, Anne's eyes once again fell on the gloves that covered Rogue's hands and arms. In fact, her whole body was covered.

      Biting her lip, hoping not to hurt Rogue with words, Anne quietly asked what had been on her mind for about an hour. "Why do you wear those gloves? Are you marked?"

      Rogue smiled a sad smile. "It's my mutation. If I touch someone they can get hurt. That's why I stay all covered up so that I can't hurt anyone." She said quickly to reassure Anne that she was safe.

      Anne smiled softly. "Don't worry. I'm not scared of you. I've been around Emily, remember?"

      Rogue smiled and nodded. "She's lucky to have a sister like you. Wish there were more 'normal' people that were as understanding as you are." she said before turning away. She never saw Anne's smile fade and a frown cover her face.

      Logan turned and his gaze swept over the group. The kids had done good, he grudingly admitted to himself. They hadn't panicked under fire and actually helped out with a few. His gaze rested on Emily and Anne. Rogue was helping Anne to make Emily comfortable. What would happen to them now, he wondered. He caught Rogue smiling. She had seen him watching them all. Logan quickly pasted a scowl on his face and turned back to face the front of the plane , but it only made her smile more.

      Coming up to sit in her seat across the aisle from him, Rogue turned to face him. Leaning in close, she whispered softly. "Ya know Logan, it's ok to care about them."

      "Don't know what you're talkin' about, kid."

      "Sure you don't." Rogue said with a grin before pulling back, resting her head back on her seat. Logan noticed that the white in her hair was tousled through her hair before shaking his head. 'Dammit! She's Marie. A kid!' he berated himself. But he couldn't help his eyes drifting back to her face. She looked so....beautiful.

      Anne's eyes were carefully watching the exchange between the man called Logan and Rogue. She noticed that Rogue seemed to lean a bit longer then she needed to, that her body seemed to unconciously reach out for Logan. And, by the look on Logan's face, he wasn't about to complain about the view. A slow smile creeped its way across her face. "Hhmmmm.....I wonder...."

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