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ADMIN: Reminder of Posting Guidelines

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  • Diebin
    Hey, at the request of some of the our hard working, back-log fighting archivists I m going to make a general reminder about posting courtesy. When you write
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 7, 2001
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      Hey, at the request of some of the our hard working, back-log fighting
      archivists I'm going to make a general reminder about posting courtesy.

      When you write something to be posted to a list and archived, it's
      important that you post it in text only format. The extension should be:
      .txt , not .doc or .wps or anything that macs might add on there. *g* Smart
      quotes, dashes, elipses, all of these cause archiving problems as well as
      showing up funny in many e-mail programs.

      If possible, try to turn off the 'extras' (like smart quotes) in your word
      processor. Or, if you prefer not to, try to save your story as a text
      document before you post it. It makes the archivists lives easier and makes
      your story easier to read.

      Second thing. Common internet procedure for posting is to seperate your
      paragraphs with spaces (if you look at this e-mail you can see what I
      mean--blank spaces between paragraphs instead of indents.) Since indents
      rarely, if ever, come through clearly on e-mail programs it is a much
      better idea to make your paragraphs more clearly seperated. More people
      will read your story, I can guarantee it.

      Proper headers include the title, your name, your rating (if you include
      ratings, if not please label it as 'General' or 'Mature Audiences'), your
      e-mail address, your disclaimer, and a brief description of the storie. A
      list of pairings or characters is optional but sometimes a good idea. The
      same with category/genre (is it action, romance, drama . . .) If your story
      is part of a series, please include that.

      A proper header would look something like this:

      TITLE: "The Story I Wrote About X-Men"
      AUTHOR: Diebin
      E-MAIL: diebin@...
      RATING: PG-13
      PAIRING: Scott/Jean
      CATEGORY: Action
      SERIES: 'Stories of X-Men Series'
      SUMMARY: A story about the X-Men Doing Stuff and eating pizza.
      DISCLAIMER: I don't own the X-Men. No money is being made.
      AUTHOR'S NOTES: Anything else you need to say.

      It seems like a lot--but it is the best way to make sure all the necessary
      information is there.

      Questions about the archive can be directed to one of the following people:

      Head Archivist Jenn - jenn@jenn@...
      List Mom Diebin - diebin@...
      List Mom Donna - bevan1013@...
      List Mom Shana - aericura@...

      Finally--betas are a GOOD thing. With so much fiction to go through, we
      don't have time to change mistakes . . . so make sure before you post a
      story that it's the story you want the world to see. If you don't have a
      beta--find one. I've found in the past that it's very easy to do. :)

      Thank you for your attention. May the fic go on.

      -Die, co list-mom XMMFF

      If you love someone, run the hell away from them. If they chase you down
      and hogtie you to a chair, it's meant to be. Or you're in love with your
      parole officer.
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