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Somewhat Damaged 19/?

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    The position he woke in the next morning had to uncomfortable for her. Legs tucked up to her chest and upper torso twisted straight by his own arrangement
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 6, 2001
      The position he woke in the next morning had to uncomfortable for her. Legs
      tucked up to her chest and upper torso twisted straight by his own
      arrangement that reached across her chest with a possessivly heavy arm
      pinning her small fist to the pillow beside her head.

      Disengaging himself from her after a slow awakening, meant to prolong his
      comfort, he stood and the bed bounced at the absence of a metal heavy
      skeleton. The movement began to rose Rogue from her own soft slumber as he
      crossed to the dresser.

      The statuette he'd given her stood vigil at the end of the dark wood
      furniture peice. A crystal and silver rosary was draped about it's feral body
      and wings like Mardi Gras beads on a prostitute. He began opening the drawers
      with fevor and peeking under clothes before slamming them shut.

      "What the hell are ya doin?" She was awake now and balanced on her knees with
      the blanket wrapped around her petite form, studing him.

      "Where are they?" He demanded and she blanched.


      "The drugs ,Rogue" he called as he moved to the vanity opening compacts and
      checking in her jewelry box before finding the metal lunch box. Dumping the
      contents unceremoniously on the floor and pushing through the money, photos
      and papers until he isolated the scent he was after. Holding up a small
      plastic baggy with two sugar cubes in it. He could smell the chemicals that
      had been dripped onto them under the saccharine armoma.

      "Are these what you took last night?" He was angry. That much was obvious.

      After a meek nod he proceeded in picking up an Altoid tin before moving to
      her back pack and withdrawling a Tic Tac container filled with a myriad of
      brightly coloured pills.

      "Come on," he growled. Rogue was scared now and didn't move. Grabing her by
      the wrist harshly and ripping her off the bed. Rogue fell hitting her knees
      and screaming at the pain indused, but Logan continued to drag her into the

      Throwing the drugs onto the counter top and rumaging through the medicine
      cabnet. In a house full of teens, someone was bound to get nicked somewhere.
      Perpously selecting the iodine instead of the peroxide he yanked her arm
      towards the sink examining the new tissue missing amungst the previous scars.

      "The fact I haven't told the others about you fucking yourself up doesn't
      mean I've forgotten." He spat as he poured the dark brown fluid over the
      still open wounds.

      "Jesus, fuck!" she screamed trying to pull away put he held fast knocking her
      against the counter top.

      "You're stopping this shit. You really think everyone's going to be this nice
      when you freak out like last night?"

      "Nice? Bull fucking shit" she finally succeed in wrenching her hand away from

      "The next one'll probably fuck you raw, girl, you think your skin'll protect
      you? Trust me darlin', there's ways around that." Her eyes spread wide and he
      knocked the door shut to prevent her escape. "This stops now" Logan pushed
      her into the tub, momentarily regretful as he heard her head smack against
      the tile wall above the bath tub and the dizzy look that fell over her eyes.
      It cleared and she flared in choler, but didn't move. Logan dumped the sugar
      cubes into the toilet, instantly beginging to desolve. Cracking open the pill
      capsoles to allow their power to sprinkle into the stale water and crushing
      others before flushing the load away. "Get up and get dressed, we'll go get

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