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Somewhat Damaged 17/?

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  • Swampfoetus@aol.com
    Hey all sorry it s been a few days, I ve been feeling lousy and really wanted to sleep, anyways more to come today, got three chapters ready, so hope you like.
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 6, 2001
      Hey all sorry it's been a few days, I've been feeling lousy and really wanted
      to sleep, anyways more to come today, got three chapters ready, so hope you
      like. as always my love and thanks to the people who encourage me in this,
      you all know you rock.
      Disclaimer in part one....uh...I love Trent! -Cordelia

      Polliwogs. There were polliwogs squirming with in the small confines of her
      skull. They wiggled and shook, and began to drip down her spinal column. Some
      splattering on her tongue others slithered down her throat splashing intot he
      pool of blood she imagined filled her chest cavity. They swimed in and out of
      her ribs taking chunks of meat as they churned.

      Rogue's hands came up to cradle her head as retching sobs spilled forth from
      her mouth. The tadpoles now moved into her veins and she could see their
      black heads crawl beneth pale skin, their thin tails whipped and tickled her

      She needed to get them out before they ate her all up. She went for her
      vanity sobing in success as she found a eye pencil sharpener and broke the
      white plastic, removing the now free razor blade and began peeling small
      slivers of skin away from her arms. Pushing across her forearm in an attempt
      to drive them from her flesh.

      Her chemical indused thoughts became more rapid. How did they get here? They
      must have swum in when she was swimming in the lake. This was all Scott's
      fault. He's the one that wanted her to go swimming with her. Just them. And
      he'd been so nice, who couldn't abide? She could feel the dark little beasts
      pluck away her meat and she couldn't help but fall on the ground damning the
      tears in her jeans that allowed her knees to be rug burned as they scrubbed
      across the carpet.

      Damned her jeans. Damn Evangeline, damn Irene, damn Scott for convincing her
      to go swimming.

      Rogue was now shaking violently, teeth smashing together as she dropped the
      razor and bringing her hands up once again to hold her head.

      Crawling into the corner next to the nightstand, her eyes came to rest on the
      painting above the fire place. The archaic woman scowled down on her the
      cacti that stood next to her swayed like sea anemones.

      "Oh, gawd" her head dipped down to veiw the fringes of her jeans that twisted
      out from the denim that clad the lower half of her svelte body. The tendrils
      pulled away from the jeans and began to web and claw their way across her
      skin and floor. Grey green eyes ripped away upwards to the mirror to see the
      glassy surface expell drippy silver orbs from it's cold being. The orbs
      drifted slowly across the room and splashed down shattering as if an unseen
      fist smashed them.

      She realized she'd knocked over a stack of CDs Kurt had been burning for her.

      She wished she could protract to when this would all be over

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