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Fic: " A Battle Of Magic" (1/1) PG [Scott, fairies]

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    Hi all, Helene; welcome home! This is for you. Julia, thanks for your interrest in Isabella and her world. Without you this story wouldn´t have been. To Sandy
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      Hi all,
      Helene; welcome home! This is for you.
      Julia, thanks for your interrest in Isabella and her world. Without
      you this story wouldn´t have been.
      To Sandy and Misty; thanks for your kindness.
      Feedback is welcomed and loved. Please?


      A Battle Of Magic By Nadja Lee 12/01/01
      English is not my native language. Please forgive me my mistakes.
      Disclaimer: "X-men" and all the characters in it belong to Marvel ,
      20 Century Fox and I intend no infringement, this is a piece of
      amateur fan fiction, and I make no money of it.
      Only the original idea contained within this work is the property of
      the author. Please do not copy this story to any website or archive
      without permission of the author.
      Author's note: Isabella and all the fairies as well as their world,
      belong to me.
      Archiving: What, ASK, Take, Have
      Feedback: Yes, please. My e-mail address is neh@...
      Timeline: Set before the movie. In Scott's past
      Pairing: None really
      Story: Isabella tells Scot about his destiny as the Warrior Of The
      Rating: PG
      Thanks to Cristina for the Beta.
      Note: This story is set between "A Day Wrapped In Magic" and "One
      Magical Night".
      Dedicated to: Julia because she asked for this. Without you this
      story wouldn't have been.
      *mm* is spoken telepathically in the mind. "mm" is spoken out loud.

      Part 1:
      Scott ran into his small room and closed the door behind him. Jack
      was out today so he wouldn't have to worry about that.
      * Isabella? Where are you?* Scott thought to her as he scanned the
      room for her. At night she'll often appear before him and stay with
      him during the night. He liked that. It calmed him. When ever he
      cried she'll appear before him as well. When Jack had been very drunk
      last week and had taken all his anger at the world out on him, she
      had been there. She had healed his wounds and told him that Jack was
      wrong. He wasn't a freak and there was someone who loved him. She
      loved him.
      *Isabella?* he thought again but still she didn't answer. It wasn't
      always that she did if not he was in trouble. Besides he did have
      homework to finish. Maybe she'll appear after he had made it. He
      didn't have a desk in his small room so he sat on the floor by the
      window to get some light. By his bed was a small drawer. On it stood
      a miniature bed and small pieces of clothes. Scott had made it for
      Isabella so she'll feel more at home when she came to him but she'll
      rather sleep on his pillow, close to him, though she loved the small
      dresses he had brought her. They were originally made for those baby
      Barbie dolls but they fit her. Sort of. He had had to help her adjust
      them so there were holes for her silver wings. Just the thought of
      her kind being brought a smile to his lips but he forced his mind
      back to the work at hand. First were mathematics. He had always had a
      natural ability in that subject and after his mutant powers
      manifested themselves he found that they enhanced his abilities in
      that area. Soon finished he began on the pages he was to read in
      English literature, "Pride And Prejustice". It wasn't his strongest
      suit as no one had ever thought him to read properly. Isabella had
      come to him once when he had tried to spell his way through "David
      Copperfield". She had landed on the book, fairy dust all over the
      places where she had been. She had taken his finger and placed it at
      the first word and spelled it with him. After that she had always
      helped him through the reading and he had improved immensely with her
      * Isabella?* he called again. It wasn't like her to not show up. She
      always helped him with the reading. Always. Getting worried now he
      began searching the room for her, thinking she could be hurt and
      laying unconsciousness somewhere on the floor, helpless.
      * Isabella, please. Talk to me. Let me hear your voice. Guide me to
      you,* Scott asked desperately as he had searched and searched but
      with no results. She had to be alright. She had to. He didn't know
      what to do without her. She was his friend. His only friend.
      * True Heart, I….hear you,* Isabella`s voice was weak and far away.
      * Isabella! Are you hurt?* Scott asked concerned but before she had a
      chance to respond, a light appeared before him and formed the small
      silver winged woman with the long golden hair he had come to love so
      * Isabella!* Scott yelled as she fell towards the floor. He quickly
      caught her in his hands. He looked down at her. She looked so weak
      and her fairy dust was much fainter than usual.
      * Isabella, what's wrong?* Scott asked worried as he held her in one
      hand and Isabella hold onto his forefinger on his other hand.
      * My warrior….I'm dying,* Isabella sent weakly and gave him a small
      smile which only brought tears to his eyes.

      Part 2:
      * What do you mean, you are dying? You can't die! You're a fairy. You
      can live forever,* Scott protested and wiped the tears away. This
      wasn't happening. He wouldn't allow it. A grim suspicion reached him
      * Have someone said they don't believe in fairies?* Scott asked
      worried. He knew that as true as it was that an angel got his or hers
      wings when ever a bell ran, as true was it that a fairy died when
      someone, especially a child, said they didn't believe in fairies.
      * No, True Heart. I….The Crystal of Light have been stolen. Been
      taken to the Dark Place,* Isabella rasped weakly.
      * Crystal? What? Why? What is going on here? What does that have to
      do with anything?* Scott sent confused.
      * The Crystal of Light gives us our powers. It is…like a beacon of
      pure light. While in our possession we use it to help humankind but
      should the crystal fall into the hands of the Dark Ones….we'll die,
      fade away and mankind will suffer an eternal darkness,* Isabella
      explained and tried to pull herself up by holding onto his thumb.
      Scott took her gently around the waist with his free hand and made
      her stand, supported by his thumb.
      * If the Dark Ones have the crystal, shouldn't we suffer eternal
      darkness now?* Scott asked and saw that even though the sun wasn't
      shinning from a clear sky at it had earlier and threatening clouds
      were forming, it wasn't eternal darkness.
      * They have to corrupt the crystal. They need to have it in their
      possession for 24 hours. They have had it in 12. If not we regain the
      crystal before that time is up, mankind will know only darkness. Fear
      and pain will rule the world and compassion will die as will we,*
      Isabella warned and with difficulty she succeed in flying up so she
      was eye to eye with Scott. Worried that she may fall again, Scott
      kept his hands under her so he could catch her should she fall.
      * Oh, Isabella. We have to do something. I will not let you die. It
      isn't going to happen,* Scott sent and although there was fear for
      her life in his voice, it had also gained a certainty and self-
      confidence he wouldn't have been able to give when she had first come
      to him as a small child in the orphanage or even five years ago when
      she had first appeared before him.
      * That, Chosen One, was what I was hoping you'll say,* Isabella said
      with a smile and lifted her small right hand and he carefully touched
      his to hers. A light surrounded them but this time the transformation
      took longer than it normally did and the light kept fading in and
      out. When he finally had safe ground under his feet again, he didn't
      believe his own eyes.

      Part 3:
      * Wow,* Scott sent as he looked around. First he looked at himself.
      He was the same size as Isabella and as he turned around he could see
      wings on his back, a white colour as pure as new fallen snow. He then
      looked around. He was inside a palace, its beauty beyond words. It
      was formed like a rose and it seemed to shine with small pearls. In
      the hall where he was there were a lot of fairies, coming and going,
      one more beautiful than the other. One was a handsome young black
      man, his wings a colour not even the sun could mach. Another was a
      beautiful exotic Chinese woman who was covered in rose petals. Even
      her wings were a soft pink colour as the first roses in spring.
      * Isabella. You have returned,* an older man who, if it hadn't been
      for the silver wings, could have passed for Santa, came towards them
      and hugged Isabella before turning to him.
      * So, you are The Chosen? I can't say how pleased I am that you're
      here. Now I know all will be fine,* the man said with an optimism
      which seemed out of place considering their situation.
      * He is our king. Some fairies are so powerful that they don't just
      guard a person but an entire emotion. He is the guardian of
      Optimism,* Isabella`s voice said in his mind. Now that they were in
      her land, she seemed stronger than at home. It was probably because
      she wasn't using any magic while here.
      * What exactly am I chosen to do?* Scott sent as a table appeared
      from the floor and then chairs. Ten fairies, including Isabella, the
      king and those he had seen in the hallway, seated themselves and he
      sat next to Isabella.
      * Isabella, you have guarded him for years. Why don't you tell him?*
      the king asked kindly. Isabella took hold of Scott's hand and Scott
      found he liked her touch. Liked being able to really touch her
      without worrying that he could squeeze her to death in his palm or
      that his thumb was too big to even touch her cheek probably.
      * Scott, our people are an old one. We were here before humans and
      now we live with them. But when God created humans not all were happy
      with His creation. The Dark Ones were among them. Gabriel, God's
      messenger, left the magical Crystal in our care, fearing what would
      happen should the Dark Ones ever get it. Many years passed and all
      went well. Until for 200 years ago, when belief was at its highest
      and there were more fairies than ever before. The Dark Ones went into
      league with Beelzebub and he swore that within 200 years the crystal
      would be his through the Dark Ones. Maria sent Gabriel to us again
      and while the Light can't undo a promise or spell made by the Dark,
      it can counterpart it and that he did. He promised that the Light
      would mark a young boy and that he'll be the Chosen. Chosen to get
      the crystal back. He said that when it was time, we'll know who it
      was and he was right as always. It was you, True Heart. It IS you*
      Isabella explained and all the other fairies nodded in agreement.
      Scott took his hand to him and stared shocked at them as he stood up.
      * Me? I'm chosen to save the world? No. You must have gotten the
      wrong guy,* Scott protested and backed away from the table. He was a
      mutant. An orphan. How could he ever do something that big?
      * My warrior, believe in yourself. You have that strength, that power
      within to do good, to do greatness,* Isabella said softly as she went
      to him and caught hold of his hand and with her left hand turned his
      head towards her.
      * This is too much to ask,* Scott whispered and a tear ran down his
      cheek. *Why me? What if I fail? What if I….kill you?* his voice was
      tear filled, agonised. She smiled at him and gently wiped the tear
      away with her hand, leaving a small spark of fairy dust on his cheek.
      * You wouldn't,* Isabella said confidently.
      * How can you be so sure that I´ll even try?* Scott asked with a
      small smile.
      * Because I know you. I know your heart.*
      * I…I'm afraid I`ll hurt you,* Scott said softly. She took him under
      the chin and lifted his head up so he could see her eyes.
      * Dearest Heart, please look at me* she asked and he lifted his eyes
      and looked into hers and saw oceans of trust and love in their deeps.
      * If you don't try I will die,* it was softly spoken but Scott knew
      she was right. Even now he could see that she and the others were
      beginning to fade to soon fade away as if they had never been.
      * I´l do anything to help you,* Scott vowed and Isabella smiled
      * You asked why you were the Chosen. That is why.*

      Part 4:
      * So, what am I to do?* Scott asked and turned towards the table and
      the winged people sitting there. All looked at the king.
      * Well, I….I honestly don't know. I always thought the Chosen would
      know. But I wouldn't worry. You'll think of something,* the king said
      warmly with a smile.
      * Think of something? Like what?* Scott asked desperately. Think,
      think. He turned towards Isabella. * Tell me more about the Dark
      Ones. Who…what are they?*
      * They are the counterparts to us. We are made of light, of all good
      emotions. The Dark Ones are made of darkness, all negative emotions,
      all hate and prejudice are their power,* Isabella explained and Scott
      seemed to think about that.
      * If that is so then they'll have to be very warlike.*
      * Very,* Isabella confirmed
      * Then why haven't they just invaded the palace long ago?* Scott
      asked and with a hand indicated that there wasn't any gates, no
      guards and no weapons at all in the building.
      * The Dark Ones can't cross our borders,* the dark skinned man with
      the golden wings, said.
      * Why not?*
      * This realm, this kingdom, is built of goodness. It exists only
      through belief and imagination. If they cross the borders, the power
      of the Light from this place would kill them,* the Chinese woman with
      the soft pink wings said and sounded sad at the thought of anyone
      * That's it!* Scott said loudly in his mind and almost jumped up and
      down in happiness.
      * What is what, True Heart?* Isabella asked and lay a hand on his
      * Goodness. The Light. With the Light we'll be able to battle the
      Dark Ones,* Scott sent excited.
      * We tried that once. We don't have enough power,* a young white,
      blond haired man with faint golden/white wings said.
      * You mean all fairies together don't have that kind of power?* Scott
      asked sadly. It had sounded like such a good idea at the time…
      * No, we don't,* a blonde woman said, her eyes covered by a band and
      her wings almost as white as the ones Scott had.
      * Justice is right, Warrior Of The Light,* Isabella sent softly as
      Scott bent his head sadly. With a quick motion he looked at her again.
      * What did you call her? Justice?*
      * That is the name given her. She is the guardian fairy of Justice,*
      Isabella said and didn't quite get his excitement.
      * This is great,* Scott sent.
      * Why is that, Dearest Heart?* Isabella asked puzzled.
      * Don't you see? You may not be able to raise that kind of power
      alone but if all guardian fairies call upon all the people of the
      world who possesses the virtue they guard…,* Scott sent happily.
      * ….We'll be able to stop them,* the king said and smiled. *I knew
      you'll find a way.*
      * I'm sorry to say this but actually he didn't. We can call upon the
      humans but we can't channel their power to aim it at the Dark Ones,*
      the blonde haired man said.
      * What about me? Wouldn't I be able to channel your power for you? If
      you let it pass through me before aiming it at the Dark Ones?* Scott
      * Y….Yes, I think we could. It could work,* the blonde man said.
      * But we still miss a guardian for Goodness and Compassion* the woman
      with the rose petals said.
      * Why not give it to them?* the king said and with a wave of his hand
      golden dust fell over them. Suddenly Scott could feel and hear every
      time someone did a good deed just out of the goodness of their
      * I'm…,* Scott began, still overwhelmed by it all.
      * You're the guardian of Goodness and Isabella is the guardian of
      Compassion. Chosen One, a word of caution…your powers only stay with
      you while you are here. Return to your own world and you are no
      longer a fairy and therefor no longer guardian of Goodness, * the
      king explained.
      * Guardian of Compassion. It fits you,* Scott said to Isabella with a
      * Likewise, True Heart. Likewise.*
      * We don't have much time. Let's do this,* the blonde man said.

      Part 5:
      Scott and Isabella seated themselves at the table again and all held
      hands, making a chain.
      * I'm Optimism. I call upon all humans who posses this virtue to help
      me,* the king began.
      * I'm Mother Nature. I call upon all humans who cares for me to help
      me,* the woman with the rose petals said.
      * I'm Warmth. I call upon all who have this virtue to help me,* the
      black man with the sun coloured wings said.
      * I'm Justice. I call upon all who have this virtue to help me,* the
      woman with the band over her eyes said.
      * I'm Courage. I call upon all who have this virtue to help me,* the
      blond man said.
      * I'm Love. I call all who have this virtue to help me,* a young
      woman in a white robe said.
      * I'm Innocence. I call upon all who have this virtue to help me,* a
      small boy said.
      * I'm Wisdom. I call upon all who have gained the knowledge of books
      and life throughout the ages,* a old man said.
      * I'm Compassion. I call upon all who have this virtue to help me,*
      Isabella said and smiled at Scott as he was the last. I hope this
      works, he thought.
      * I'm Goodness. I call upon all who have this virtue to help me,*
      Scott sent and he felt a flood of goodness in his heart, a desire to
      do something for someone else. Images of people helping each other
      ran through his mind's eye before a powerful light seemed to enter
      him. It was painful in its intensity and brightness and Scott knew
      that the fairies were channelling their powers through him. He tried
      to hold it all in without fighting it but at last he couldn't hold it
      in anymore. Please let it be enough, he prayed before a scream
      escaped his lips.
      " Ahhh," he screamed in agony as at least he let the energy go and
      when it left him through his eyes, he fell to the floor, unconscious.

      Part 6:
      * Dearest Heart? Speak to me, please,* Isabella asked and flew above
      him before flying close to his cheek and lay her hands on it in a
      miniature hug. * Come back to me, Warrior Of The Light. Please come
      back,* she whispered and a silver tear fell onto Scott's cheek.
      * Isabella?* Scott asked and slowly sat up. As he looked around he
      saw that he was back in his room, laying on the bed. * Did we…?*
      Scott began.
      * No, my warrior. YOU did it. We are all safe. The Crystal have been
      returned to us and our powers are back,* Isabella sent and Scott ran
      to the window. Outside, the sun was shinning from a clear sky.
      * Is it a lovely sky today?* Scott asked as she landed on the window
      frame next to his hand.
      * It is lovely. A rich blue colour with white colours running over
      it. The sun is warm and light, shinning a clear yellow,* she answered
      and tried to explain the colours to him but it was difficult to
      explain colours to a young man who couldn't remember how they looked
      like anymore.
      * Thanks, Isabella. For…everything,* Scott whispered softly.
      * As long as you believe, my friend, I´ll always be here,* Isabella
      promised and flew up and he opened his palm so she could land in it.
      * I´ll always be here but the question is; will you? You have just
      turned fifteen. Soon, you'll grown up and…forget me,* Isabella said
      sadly and tried to hold back a silver tear.
      * No. I´ll never forget you. Never!* Scott vowed and Isabella smiled
      through the tears.
      * One can hope. Almost all children lose their belief as they grow up
      and so lose the ability to see us. They forget we even exists,*
      Isabella said as Scott carried her towards his open "Pride And
      Prejustice" book and sat down on the floor with her.
      * I'm not like them. That will never happen,* Scott vowed.
      * No, you aren't like them and I hope you never will be,* Isabella
      sent and flew up and landed on the page of the book.
      * We will be together. Always,* Scott said warmly and she smiled.
      * Always,* she promised.

      The End?
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