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The Substitute 4/?

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  • Autumn
    10:13 Marie s Room Yup girlie, you have that man so wrapped around your little finger it s sad, a jubilant Kitty exclaimed. It s just too damn funny,
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2001
      Marie's Room

      "Yup girlie, you have that man so wrapped around your little finger
      it's sad," a jubilant Kitty exclaimed. "It's just too damn funny,
      little Roguie can control the biggest, badest mother fucker in the
      state and she doesn't even know it" Jubilee threw in.

      "Ah, come on girls, Logan still sees me as a child" the
      southern girl in question stated. She flopped on the bed, and missed
      the downright evil grin that passed between Kitty and Jubilee. "Oh,
      he certainly won't if he sees you wearing this," the Eurasian girl
      said as Kitty held up an outfit.

      Elsewhere in Westchester........

      The newest sex ed instructor at Xavier's was desperately
      battling the Wolverine within on two plans. A) how to hide Scott's
      gutted, decapitated, mutilated, and pulverized corpse where the
      world's strongest telepath couldn't find it, and B) how to teach sex
      ed without jumping one of the students. God must have a frickin'
      weird sense of humor Logan thought. He finally realizes exactly how
      grown up Marie really is, and he has to be her goddamn sex ed
      teacher. That's irony for ya.
      He grinned at the thought of her flirtatious and subtly
      taunting behavior in the classroom. She had no problem teasing him
      when everyone else was scared shitless of just talking to him. He
      still couldn't believe the little minx had the audacity too draw what
      she had on the board. He grinned lasciviously and though to himself
      two can play at that game.
      With that settled, his thought turned back on how best to kill
      Scooter. Marie would probably be pissed if he got himself kicked
      out of Wheels' little school, so that put a damper on things. Then
      again, she might come with him (get your minds out of the gutter!).
      One dead Cyclops, and one Marie all to himself, this plan was looking
      better and better.

      The next morning
      Logan's room....

      <Logan, please come to my office as soon as possible> Logan grumbled;
      yet another of his pleasant fantasies interrupted, because Chuck just
      couldn't wait too talk to him. He threw some sweats on and strolled
      down to Chuck's office. He smelled Marie and decided to take a
      detour through the student's quarters. He was greeted with the sight
      of a barely roused Rogue stomping down the corridor with her head
      down. She smacked right into Logan, and looked up with a glare that
      could rival Cyclops' optic lasers in fatality. Logan just grinned
      and said in a saccharine voice "Mornin' sunshine."
      Rogue, who was even less of a morning person than Logan
      crossed her arms in front of her and quirked an eyebrow "Why the hell
      are you down here?, did you get lost or something?" Logan drank in
      the picture she presented. A flimsily nightgown covering her,
      allowing just a hint of cleavage to show. Her hair was still tousled
      and unbrushed, and her cheeks were flaming from her early morning
      agitation. He decided to ignore her question, and grinned
      lecherously at her. "Nice gown" he said, as he picked the right
      strap up and eyed her. He watched her face change from agitation to
      curiosity to mischievous. Before he had time to ponder on the latter,
      the cheeky little vixen grabbed his gluteus maximums. "nice ass" she
      said, giving it a little squeeze before strolling down the hall to
      her room.
      Logan chuckled to himself, man his girl was full of piss and
      vinegar, and he couldn't get enough of her. He walked down the hall
      and came to the professor's office. "Yeah, Wheeles what did you
      want?" "Ah, Logan glad you finally made it, please sit down." Oh
      shit, nothing good could come from this. " Logan, I'll get right to
      the point. Scott's condition has taken a toll on him, and he will be
      out for several more weeks, we really need you to fill in for the
      rest of the term."
      "You're shitting me right?" the Canadian asked. "No Logan,
      I'm not quote unquote shitting you," Charles stated in an amused
      tone. Logan thought it over, was there any reason to do it? Seeing
      Marie for two extra hours a day, BIG bonus. Teaching sex ed, huge
      reason not too. Screwing with Scooter's perfect plans.... the
      thought was enough to put a huge smile on his face (not that he
      showed it, I mean come on this is the Wolverine). "Ok, Chuck, I'll
      do it." The professor looked at him a little bit suspiciously, he
      really thought he'd have to finagle him too do it. "Now, if you'll
      excuse me, I have some lesson plans to fill out." With that he
      practicly skipped out of the office and into his classroom.

      In the next installment: Logan takes control of his classes
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