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The Substitute 3/?

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  • Autumn
    The Science Lab 12:00 PM Logan walked over to Scooter s desk and rummaged around for the chalk. He was assaulted by a loud BRRRRGGGG!! The students began to
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2001
      The Science Lab
      12:00 PM

      Logan walked over to Scooter's desk and rummaged around for the
      chalk. He was assaulted by a loud BRRRRGGGG!!

      The students began to shuffle out of the room and into the hall, when
      Logan called out "Oh Rogue, get back in here girl." She acquiesced
      and strolled in with her hands behind her back and a mock innocent
      expression on her face. "yes Logan?" He walked up to her and leaned
      in so he was about five inches from her face, "are you this sassy to
      all of your teachers?" he asked with genuine curiosity. "No," she
      answered honestly.
      "So what makes you think that you can get away with sassing me?" She
      grinned and whispered into his ear "the fact that I already have."
      With that she turned to leave. "Marie, you still have to draw that
      uh, thing tomorrow," he cleared his throat, "do you need some uhh,
      pictures?" Rogue looked back over her shoulder and grinned
      lecherously, "Unless you're planning on posing for me." The look on
      his face was a combination of surprise, lust and that of a deer-
      caught-in-headlights. Marie just laughed and flounced out the door.
      Logan grinned to himself and adjusted his jeans before strolling out
      of the classroom and headed to the dinning hall. He joined the rest
      of the teachers/X-men at their table. He was trying to keep a scowl
      on the face, but failing miserable. Orono spoke up, "So Logan, how
      are you enjoying the world of education?" "Ro, it's not completely
      terrible, other than the fact that I HATE kids," he stated, his voice
      dripping of sarcasm. "Not Rogue" she muttered, unaware that his
      hypersensitive hearing picked up on the comment. Logan was going to
      say something when said girl walked passed, and it was all he could
      do not to drool on himself. His jeans tightened and he excused
      himself from the table. Damn, I have got to control myself if I'm
      going to be her teacher, until Cyke gets his ass back here. Then
      she'll pay for that smart mouth of hers. The smart mouth that he
      wanted to-damn Logan get a grip! He went out the front door and
      headed to the track to burn off some excess energy and to get his
      mind off of Rogue.

      2:50 PM
      The Science Room

      Logan was headed back upstairs when he caught Marie's scent in the
      science room. He was unable to control himself, so he entered the
      lab. When he faced Marie he stopped dead in his tracks. The entire
      blackboard was filled with drawings of the male genitalia ranging
      from flaccid to extremely aroused. Marie turned around to whiteness
      an absolutely stunned Wolverine. "Oh good Logan, I was just going to
      come look fer ya." "Marie, what the hell are you doing?" he asked,
      shocked at the greatly detailed drawings.
      "Well, ya told me to do the drawing for tomorrow, and I was just
      practicing." She grabbed his hand and led him to the board. "Now
      this one here, this is just when ya know, ole' willy ain't gettin'
      too excited, so I think this one could be like the first one that you
      talk about." He gave her an incredulous stare that she just ignored
      and kept on talking. "Ya know, kind of like a slide show." Logan
      was lost, completely speechless, and utterly turned on (again).
      Marie just kept on taking him down the "wall of arousal" as she had
      apparently dubbed it. "Hear we have a picture of a shlong-
      " "MARIE!" Logan shouted. "What?" she impatiently asked. "Do ya
      have to use that word darlin?"
      "Well what would you prefer I use? Hard on, dick, erection, boner,
      willy, johnson, one-eyed monster, purple yogurt slinger-" "Never
      mind, say whatever you want too." He scratched his head in
      perplexion, who came up with purple yogurt slinger?
      "Ok, well here's one of an aroused man when a pretty girl
      walks by." Kind of ironic, Logan thought to himself as she drug him
      down to the next set of pictures. "Then this is when he's copping a
      feel," "Here's one, of a man when he's getting some action in the
      pants." "Then this is what it looks like when he's getting a blo-
      " "How the hell do you know all this?!" he demanded. Rogue just
      looked at him as if he'd grown a second head. "I've got you,
      buckethead, and that wackado in my head." "I'm real sorry about that
      kid," he said as he pulled her into a tight hug. Reveling in the
      feeling of her curves pressed against him, he looked up in surprise
      to see a giggling Marie. "Speaking of action in the pants...." she
      said, then giggled at his facial expression and trotted out the
      Logan walked over to the desk, and groaned. He put his head in his
      hands and plotted Scott's VERY painful death. How the hell was he
      supposed to survive tomorrow?

      To Be Continued........
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