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FIC: The Substitute 2/?

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    10:30 AM The Hallway... Logan paced and growled. How the hell was he going to pull this off? Of course he wanted to teach Marie all about sex- he just didn t
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      10:30 AM
      The Hallway...

      Logan paced and growled. How the hell was he going to pull this
      off? Of course he wanted to teach Marie all about sex- he just
      didn't expect to be doing it in front of everyone else her age.
      Damnit, damnit, damnit he chanted to himself. Damn, damn da-<Logan,
      before you wear a path in the carpet, I'd like a word with you> the
      professor interrupted.

      Charles Xavier's Office...

      He had nothing better to do at the moment, so he stalked into
      the office. The older man had an expression of glee as he asked "So
      Logan, how were your students?" Logan gritted his teeth before he
      bit out "They're not my fucking students, this is a one time thing
      bub." The professor chuckled then opened his mouth "Young Bobby came
      in complaining that you disciplined him. He neglected to say why."
      Logan shrugged, "he shouldn't have been starring at my Ma- at uh,
      Rogue." He berated himself for his slip, but Chuck had an odd
      pleased expression on his face, before going back to his poker
      face. "Logan, it's quite normal for a young man to look at a woman
      he's attracted too. Surely you know this already. " He paused and
      gave the Canadian a pointed glance before continuing; "Otherwise, we
      wouldn't be having you teaching a course in sexual education." Logan
      growled and stocked out of door, leaving the professor chuckling in

      The Medlab...

      Dr. Hank McCoy was busy with a slide on a microscope when Logan
      walked in. "Where's Jean?" he barked. "The good doctor is
      attending too her ill husband." Hank patiently replied. "Well
      that's just peachy fuckin' keen!" Logan bellowed. Hank merely turned
      to the shorter man and calmly stated "Perhaps I can be of service to
      you, regarding your inquiry of Dr. Grey?"
      Logan cut to the chase. "Look, I'd rather face ten goddamn
      Sabertooths than teach Sex Ed to a bunch of horny teenagers." Hank
      was clearly amused " Certainly a man of your experience isn't shy
      about lecturing on intercourse to a group of post adolescents?"
      Logan the man wanted to scream "Oh hell yes!" but the more
      animalistic Wolverine took the remark as a challenge. " No, I just
      came down to get some condoms, and whatever else I'm supposed to
      Hank said "Very well my friends, I shall retrieve the
      appropriate papers for your instructional use, and the prophylactics
      are located in the brown cabinet to the left." Hank walked into the
      back as Logan strode over to the cabinet. He opened it and was
      surprised to see a large assortment of condoms ranging from Extra
      small to X-Large. A wolfish grin washed over his faces he grabbed
      10 medium sized condoms, and one extra small, which left him one
      short. He checked his watch too make sure he had time to return too
      his room before heading back to class.

      11 AM
      The Science Lab
      Logan's First Health Class

      The 12 seniors filed into the room nonchalantly until they
      noticed the Wolverine leaning against a wall with a hard scowl set on
      his features. Jubilee stopped short with shock "Dude, you're so not
      teaching health too are you?!" Logan glared at her and shot
      back "No, I'm here for my fuckin' health."
      Rogue moved in behind Jubilee with an impish grin on her
      face "Intrestin' choice of words there sugar" she practically purred
      before waltzing to a chair in front of the room. Logan stared at her
      and turned around before anyone could see the hint of a smile on his
      oh-so-badass mug. The other kids came in and sat as far back in the
      room as was possible. Logan decided that as long as he had to endure
      this stupid job, he was damn well gonna have fun with it. He turned
      around with a stern look on his face before gruffly asking "Why the
      hell are you all in the back of the room?" St. John looked at his
      classmates before replying "frankly sir, you terrify all of us,
      except Rogue."
      Logan rolled his eyes, but was secretly thrilled by the
      answer. "Get your asses up here, I ain't gonna bite."

      Rogue was clearly amused by the entire incident and laughed
      out loud. Logan always loved to here her laugh, but mentally
      reminded himself to show what a badass and how NON-whipped he was.
      So he let her get away with it for 30 seconds or so before he cleared
      his throat. "Uh, Rogue, you finished yet, so I can teach?" She
      looked at him with a glint in her eye, "by all means, go for it
      Logan." "Gee thanks" he said sardonically.
      "Alright, let's get this shit started, uh open your little
      booklet thing." Kitty timidly spoke up, "Um, are you gonna ya know
      pass them out?" She lowered her head afterwards in terror of being
      yelled at. Rogue twisted in her seat to reassure her friend "he
      ain't gonna yell at ya, right Logan?" She turned back to him and
      gave him a you'll-regret-it-if-you-don't-do-exactly-what-I-say glance
      and he caved. He choose to retreat to the desk and get the papers
      rather than answer the little minx.
      So he passed out the papers, and was about to begin the
      lecturing part on anatomy, when Jubes raised her hand "Uh, aren't ya
      gonna like draw a diagram on the board?" Logan felt his face get hot,
      and he thought to himself, I am in hell, utter hell, except Marie's
      here so it can't be that bad. He noticed her laughing her ass off
      again, and an idea struck him. "No Jubilee, I can't draw, so Rogue,
      is gonna do it." He smirked at his brilliant plan, and turned back
      to the girl waiting for her to blanche. Instead a brilliant grin
      slipped over her face and she stood up. "Give me the chalk
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