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Fic: Inside Me - 1/1 - L/R {Rogue POV}

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  • victoria p.
    Title: Inside Me Author: Victoria P. [victoria_p@att.net] Summary: Rogue muses on Logan s touch Rating: PG Disclaimer: All X-Men characters belong to Marvel
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2001
      Title: Inside Me
      Author: Victoria P. [victoria_p@...]
      Summary: Rogue muses on Logan's touch
      Rating: PG
      Disclaimer: All X-Men characters belong to Marvel and Fox; this piece of
      fan-written fiction intends no infringement on any copyrights.
      Archive: lists, my site, unfitforsociety.net, anyone who's already got
      my stuff. Otherwise, just ask first.
      Feedback: Hell, yeah!
      Notes: Thanks as always to Dot, Meg, Jen, and Pete. Especially Pete and
      Meg, since we were talking about this idea for a while. I just banged
      this out tonight, so it probably sucks. It's unbetaed. I don't even know
      if it makes sense.

      Inside Me

      He calls me Marie, and I have to laugh.

      After all this time, Marie is gone. There's none of her left in here.
      There's barely any Rogue, either. It's all him, now. All him.

      He touches me to heal me, he says. He touches me because he loves me.
      But it's not me, not Marie, not Rogue that he loves. No, it's himself
      inside me. I'm as much him as I am me, now. And that's what he loves,
      what he wants. He thinks he's making love to me, but he's fucking

      "Yeah, baby, yeah, that's it," he says in my ear when we're in bed, and
      in my head he says the same thing to himself. His hands run over my
      body, and he wants me, and my hands run over his, and he wants himself,
      too. He wants me to want him. He needs to touch, and yet he never let
      anyone but an untouchable girl get close to him. Eventually, the only
      one he'll be touching is himself.

      At first he pretended it was accidental. Only enough to make him weak,
      not knock him out altogether. Enough so I could feel how he feels about
      me. How much he wants to make me his own. Make me in his own image. As
      time went on, his mutant immune system started protecting him from me,
      so he had to hold on longer and longer before he'd get hurt. What he
      doesn't realize is how much of him is in me.

      I don't even think he consciously knows what he wants from me. That he
      wants to be in me, always, and, in some ways, be me. He wants us to
      never be apart, and he's literal about it.

      There's only one way I can save myself now. One way I can protect what
      little is left of the me inside Marie's body.

      I smile as I knock him out of the way and let Sabretooth's claws rip my
      belly out. I laugh as he yells, "No!" when I take the blows meant for
      him, and I feel Sabretooth's claws slice through my neck and I feel the
      sticky warmth of my blood gush out as I fall to the ground, and I pray
      that the damage is extensive enough that he can't heal me.

      Either way, this time, Rogue is dead.

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