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FIC: Common Place (1/1)

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  • Lshallot@juno.com
    Title: Common Place (1/1) Author: Morgan R. Email: Lshallot@juno.com Rating: G Summary: Who does Rogue want gone more than anything? Feedback: So very
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2001
      Title: Common Place (1/1)
      Author: Morgan R.
      Email: Lshallot@...
      Rating: G
      Summary: Who does Rogue want gone more than anything?
      Feedback: So very enjoyable.


      They all speak of Magneto's influence with hushed voices, because his
      very existence drives them to distraction, and they cannot imagine having
      him live inside their minds. They watch Logan storm around the mansion,
      fire burning inside of him, grafted in with adamantium and they can't
      seem to figure out how she's able to keep him underneath the layers of

      It is sadly typical, she thinks, that they only remember the mutants she
      has touched, because David, of course, is the loudest voice in her head.

      Perhaps it wouldn't make sense to anyone else. Magneto and Wolverine are
      both bizarrely larger than life, compelling and metal and terrifying.
      Erik and Logan are no less so, though they are more human and less like
      the personalities they have constructed for the world's viewing pleasure.
      They are still indomitable, single minded, and almost impossible to

      And who is David? A teenager, a boy with a sweet smile and no thoughts
      bigger than his hope of making varsity his sophomore year. A boy who
      still screams inside her trembling mind, filled with terror and making
      her hands shake inside their gloves.

      The two men, after all, were familiar with the sensation of imprisonment.
      The mind of one lost girl could never compare to the horrors of a Nazi
      concentration camp, and so Erik adapted himself quite easily. He had
      seen and felt stranger things than her mind could even conceive, so he
      settled in and amused himself by occasionally making the paperclips on
      her desk drift without direction. She despised his collected
      resignation, his assurance that he had lived through much and would live
      through this, and she tried to avoid metal.

      Logan, on the other hand, though he hated being trapped, didn't seem to
      regard her mind as anything like incarceration. After nightmares of
      cruel experimentation lasting as long as he could remember, the frail
      psyche of a girl he cared about was hardly an unpleasant place to be. He
      wanted to know her, wanted to help her, and if he could do that better
      from the inside, then he wasn't going to complain. He had touched her
      without hesitation, after all. If her soft mouth occasionally growled
      under his influence, he thought there was even less to regret.

      David had no bad memories. He had been raised by loving parents in a
      small southern town, and he did not understand the bizarre. The word
      'mutant' had never meant much to him, because he hated watching the news,
      and normal was almost an art form in his limited sphere. Marie had been
      a pretty girl with a pretty smile, because even 'lovely' might have been
      too literary for his vocabulary to willingly embrace. So when a coy kiss
      sucked his mind into her own, the confused horror was ten times worse
      than the pain.


      David, in fact, influences her personality more than anyone can guess.
      The most prevalent example of his continuing dominance is, perhaps, his
      invasive accent. His parents were not from Mississippi, and although
      Marie has been speaking with a southern drawl her entire life, David's
      memories of his mother's speech patterns are enough to flatten out
      Marie's honeyed voice. She stumbles over words as his memories of speech
      twist her mouth in a way his kiss never had a chance to do. When she
      suddenly speaks German, she knows that Magneto has cropped up, and she
      can label him. She is certain. It is far more disturbing to her that
      David is so subtle when he alters her.

      After all, she and David had a lot in common. They were both fairly shy,
      dreamy and sweet. But his ambitions were not exactly the same, and she
      knows there must have been a time when she didn't dream of growing to be
      six feet tall. She broke her 'favorite' cd one day, because she realized
      that the music she had loved for the past two months was his. It was his
      rhythm and the lyrics matched his life, and she hadn't even noticed.

      She has come to appreciate certainty. When Logan jumps in her mind, she
      can recognize him. When Erik's cold smile contorts her face into
      something horrible, she is in the background, grappling for control, and
      never ever imagining that she would do such a thing.

      David, though, David sneaks inside of her. He's lost and frightened
      still and she never feared him enough to lock him somewhere down deep,
      and now he has tendrils running through her entire mind. She eats his
      favorite brand of potato chips without thinking about it, but when Kitty
      imagines they share some kinship because they have the same taste in
      fatty foods, Rogue knows. She knows that he's just a boy and not really
      a threat, and yet the very helplessness of his nature is what makes him
      most capable of eating away at the fabric of her own personality.

      She hates sports, but the tragedy of being too weak to play in the
      baseball season because his girlfriend was a mutant still puts a bitter
      taste in her mouth. She, no, he would have made varsity. He would have
      been the best shortstop the school had ever seen.

      Their memories bleed into one another, and she wishes she could remember
      what pure solitude felt like.



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