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Somewhat Damaged 16/?

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  • Swampfoetus@aol.com
    Sorry this has taken a few more days than promised to get out. But life is well an evil hidious bitch goddess and I have no choice but to obey. Damn More
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2001
      Sorry this has taken a few more days than promised to get out. But life is
      well an evil hidious bitch goddess and I have no choice but to obey. Damn
      More tomorrow. Dedicated to the usual! Dark(Dude, Voyage, need I say more?),
      Terri(LOVE corset Rogue), Vic (Hooker Rogue still rocks, just really sad), Em
      ( I have carrotsfor the fic bunnies!!) and everyone else who just plain rocks.

      Disclaimers in part one

      Four days after the confrontation with Darkholme, Rogue sat perched in the
      over stuffed chair next to the book case. One leg draped over the arm, vainly
      trying to concentrate on Brite's Wormwood. Still unable to placate the
      feelings arisen by Mystique's revelation and even less accepting of her self.
      Looking away from the text to the window. Dark clouds had begun to pervade
      the purple sky giving the appearance of white paint being poured into water.
      The horizon looked angry. Rogue distantly wondered if something was bothering

      Her attention twisted away from the dark scene and came to meet with her own
      reflection in the vanity mirror.

      Those weren't Evangeline's eyes. Those weren't Evangeline's features. She
      wasn't Evangeline's daughter. A mixture of relief and resentment rose through
      her system. The concept was still foreign, but the betrayal was fresh as
      ever. Once again contemplating picking up the original plan of heading for
      New Orleans she closed the book dog earring her page. Jakob's friend was a
      mutant, she'd spoken to him just after the funeral. He'd come to pay his
      respects. Mutant. That was her first thought as he removed his shades and
      kissed her gloved hand. Handsome too. He reassured her that the invitation
      was still open before leaving. Rogue's thoughts fluttered to the square of
      rice paper that was stained with his address and number.

      Rogue's thoughts became interrupted by the awareness of someone else in the
      room. Her head snapped up to the door that connected to Logan's to find the
      man standing next to the bed post. By now she'd become accustomed to his lack
      of knocking and smiled in spite of herself.

      "I got you something." Rogue stood and crossed the floor to him and accepted
      the wad of newspaper. "Sorry about the shitty wrapping" he threw in a cocky

      "Coulda been worse. At least it's not used toilet paper" pulling away the
      grey and black material to reveal a porcelain creature that resembled a
      demonic angel. A lavender hue almost made the statuette glow. Large black
      wings spread out from the it's back, head bent slightly looking up with small
      tips of fangs revealed. Morbid. Beautiful.

      "I knew you liked faeries, but I couldn't find any, I thought that was pretty
      close." Tearing her eyes away from the gothic creature at the fact that he'd
      gone shopping. He looked almost shy. "Since your collection got ruined."

      "Thank ya, it's nice" apparently content in himself he moved forward as Rogue
      turned to place the gift on the dresser, turning back to face him his hand
      came up to cup the side of her face. The suede of his glove bristled across
      her skin. Mouth parted and brows furrowed "Whs-?"

      "You're welcome, how's your head?" The headaches she'd suffered for sometime
      had only begun to intensified in the last few days, heightened by being cut
      off from Mystique's medication.

      "Still hurts a little" she managed meekly as his other hand came up to hold
      the other side of her face as well, massaging her temples with his thumbs,
      and backing her into the mahogany dresser with a small rattle. "Ah-" she
      choked looking up at him her own height only reaching his collarbone. Bracing
      her hands on the furniture behind her as he moved one knee between her
      thighs. Closing her eyes and absorbing the contact, only to have green orbs
      flash open at the wet sensation that darted across her lower lip. His tongue
      traced up to the cupid bow of her top lip before slipping back into his mouth
      and smiling at her. Thumbs still kneading her flesh, closing her eyes again
      and bringing her own hand up to caress his chest, growling lowly in approval,
      Logan pulled his right hand behind her head to rub the base of her neck.
      Craning into the movement Rogue released a whimper as he brushed over a
      particularly sensitive spot. Her hands began to roam as Logan's left hand
      came to her breast then both hands under her arms to heft her onto the
      dresser with a small bump and squeal before resuming his ministrations.
      Leaning up to brush her wax coated lips across his chastely, she was rewarded
      with a low chuckle. Pulling back and blushing at him, "Wha-?"

      "That's not how you kiss darlin," Logan said into her ear, groping for the
      gauze scarf that was draped on the peg of the dresser's mirror and pressing
      the azure fabric to her face fully intent on demonstrating a proper kiss as
      she nipped playfully at his chin. Pressing her face with his own, the light
      stubble and gauze itched across her skin and lips. Grinning further at her
      change in scent as he coaxed her mouth open, a hand dropping down to rub the
      juncture of her thigh and hip. Rogue groaned into the unfamiliar sensations
      as his hands wandered further.

      "Rogue? You wanna come to dinner?" Jean Grey's voice was dulled through the
      heavy wood of the door. Still eliciting a startled jump from Rogue and a
      rather disappointed growl from Logan.

      "Damn kids" Rogue neglected to remind him that she was a year younger than
      Jean. Jumping down and blushing furiously as she straightened the black
      cotton of her long sleeves and ignoring the brush of a hand across her rear
      as Logan pushed past her and disappeared through his own door.

      "Rogue? You awake?"

      "Yeah, whatever, Ah'll be there in a minute" Rogue called out still focused
      on Logan who smirked as he shut the door.

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