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Running Again (Marie/Logan, mentions of others; PG; 1/?)

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  • James' Angel
    Disclaimers and All That Jazz: The characters of Marie and Logan don’t belong to me.. They belong to Fox, or Marvel, or whoever has copyright claims to them.
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2001
      Disclaimers and All That Jazz: The characters of Marie
      and Logan don�t belong to me.. They belong to Fox, or
      Marvel, or whoever has copyright claims to them. This
      story takes place where the movie left off.
      Rating: PG - slight use of swearing, but very

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      Running Again

      The wind howled through the deserted platform. Marie
      sat on the cold wet bench waiting for the train to
      arrive. She watched the water drip from a corner of
      the leaky shelter. Drip. Drip. Drip. It wasn�t quite
      raining anymore, but just drizzling. Nevertheless, it
      was still a horrible day. One to match how Marie was
      It had been a month after Logan left the mansion. For
      every day that he had left, she missed him all the
      more. She wanted to see him and despite his promise to
      be back for his dog tag, she didn�t believe him. With
      restless night after restless night, she finally
      decided to go after him and find him.
      She didn�t realize what she had cut out for her, for
      she only knew that he was headed out to Canada. From
      picking up tidbits of information she overheard, Logan
      was apparently going somewhere in the West. Probably
      Alberta, she thought. That was where they had first
      met, that fateful night at the bar where he had been
      �working�, as he called it.
      Marie looked down at her gloved hands, clutching the
      train ticket ever so tightly. She only had enough for
      a one way ticket for now. Hopefully, she�d be able to
      get together enough to get a ride home. She shivered
      as the wind came blowing through again. She held
      together the top of her jacket so the cold air
      wouldn�t get inside her coat and to keep her hood from
      blowing off. Where the hell was the train? she
      As if on cue, she heard the faint whistle of the
      train pulling up. She quickly got up, and picked up
      her duffel bag in the one hand. Moments later, she was
      sitting in the warm train car staring out the window
      as the dreary city of Winchester zoomed by. Everyone
      back at the mansion thought she still didn�t realize
      what a shot in the dark this was. Finding Logan in all
      of Canada, with only the slightest clue that he COULD
      be in Alberta was like finding a needle in a billion
      haystacks. Scott and Jean had tried to talk to her
      after Xavier�s attempts had failed. What they didn�t
      know was that Marie was fully aware of what she was
      doing. She knew it was crazy to go searching for Logan
      in a big country like Canada, but she missed him
      desperately and longed to see him again. She couldn�t
      risk the chance of him never coming back to
      She knew what everyone back home thought about what
      she was doing. �You�re crazy� Bobby had said, �Are you
      sure about this?� Jean had asked. It was easy for her
      to say that. She HAD the one she loved with her every
      day. Marie loved Logan, even if he didn�t know it.
      She sat in silence, in deep thought. She recalled the
      things he had said to her during the short time they
      knew each other. �I�ll take care of you. I promise.�
      How could fulfill that promise when he wasn�t around?

      To be continued...?

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