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FIC: A Quiet Day (Scott/Jean) 1/?

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  • Esther
    Hello! I m Esther and this is my first fanfic. English is not my first language. Thanks to Macarena for all her help. =) ... Title: A Quiet Day Author: Esther
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2001

      I'm Esther and this is my first fanfic. English is not my first language. Thanks to Macarena for all her help. =)

      Title: A Quiet Day
      Author: Esther (mevidal@...)
      Summary: Jean and Scott have a free day and they go to spend it together.
      Characters: Scott/Jean, a little of Logan and the Professor
      Disclaimer:: X-men and all the characters belong to Marvel , 20 Century Fox.
      Feedback: Please!

      Scott entered in the roon with the breakfast's tray in his hand. Jean was still sleeping. He came slowly by her side and he woke up her with a sweet kiss. She opened her eyes and smile at him half sleep. "How are you doing today Mrs Summers?". "Oh! really great thanks" She said with a bright smile. Scott served her the breakfast. "We could go walking if you like. Today It's a beautiful day outside." he said. This was the first free day that they have had for mouths and they decided to spent together. "Uh... we could go to the center commercial, I need to go shopping and after... we could go to the cinema" suggested Jean, "What do you think". "Well, I'm sure that Ororo an Marie would like to come with us" scott said. "Ah no!" she complained "Today I am not going to share you". She placed her hand behind his neck and softly surarounded him as she put her lips near his in a deeply kiss. "You have convinced me" said Scott. "Wait me downstrairs. I get dressed and we can go".

      Scott went downstairs and directed himself towards the entrance where he found Logan and Xavier. They seemed to be having a quarel. "We are going to need that machine for tomorrow". But that's not possible, there is no way to find the breakdown. I will have to dismantle it and start again. This will take much time..." Logan truned when he heard that somebody went downstrairs.

      "Ah! Good morning one eyes. I thought today you were not supposed to go out from your room." said Logan with a funny smile. Mind your own business! warned Scott. "What is it that doesn't works?" "The set broke down ..." Xavier was about to explain when Logan interrupted him. "No, everything is ok. Today is you free day, so just do what you are supposed to do". "But..." Complained him. "No, no but, Logan is right. It has been monts since you haven't got a free day to rest. Go out with Jean and enjoy yourselves. We will be ok." Jean came running downstairs "You see, it hasn't taken me so long. Good morning Proffesor, Good Morning Logan." She came by Scott's side and hold his hand "Ready?" Scott was still very sure. Ofcourse he wanted to spend that day with Jean but if he was really necessary there, he couldn't leave all the work for the others. "Are you sure you dont need me?" asked him. "Sure you can go" said Xavier. "We will look after the house Daddy!" said Logan. Jean laughed "Just relax Scott. A quiet day is not going to hurt you and carried him to the door." "Ok, ok, I'll go."

      "Would you prefer the motorbike or the car?". "To tell you truth, the mere idea of holding you is really tempting but if we carry all the shopping the return is going to be very complicded. I am afraid we'll take the car. I drive today. Give me the keys." Scott put his hand into his pocket and he thew them to her. Jean used her telekinesis power and she moved the keys into her hand with softness.

      On their way scott kept looking through the window in a mood. Seemed to be worried. "What are you thinking Scott?" she asked. "I don't know... It's strange for me to be here only you and me. I can't help thinking that any moment a student will can to ask something or even worse that somebody will appear from nothing and ... Forget about it. Just said nothing. We're going to put on the radio." Scott smiled. He put on the radio and the announcer started to spoke. "And now we are going to hear the new song of the Australian group, Savage Garden, Hold Me". "I love this song" said Jean "The lyrics are so beutiful and the singer has an amazing voice". "Hey! I have an amazing voice too, haven't I?" complained him. "Oh! Yes of course!, I still remember the last time that i heard you singing at Marie's party." "Well, that doesn't count. I was drunk and I didn't know the lyrics" Jean and Scott laughed.

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