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FIC: "Ladies' Night Out" (1/?) (PG-13) Logan POV

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  • Ally
    I entirely blame the insanity that s been hovering around the W/R list. All your fault, people. And don t even think that this is close to finishing. I have
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 30, 2001
      I entirely blame the insanity that's been hovering
      around the W/R list. All your fault, people. And
      don't even think that this is close to finishing. I
      have every intention of completely humiliating our
      boys while going on and on about their fantastic bods.
      But I have to go to work, so it's gonna have to wait.
      Until later tonight, anyway.

      Title: Ladies� Night Out
      Author: Ally
      Email: roguegirl01@...
      Rated: PG-13 for language and entirely delicious
      sexual suggestiveness
      Summary: The X-Women decide that it�s time to raise a
      little money for charity the FUN way.
      Categories: L/R, S/J, K/B, Ju/St.J, Logan POV
      Disclaimers: Do you really want them after I�m
      through with �em? I have to warn you, there�ll be
      MAJOR trauma-induced psychiatric assistance needed.
      Feedback: I live off of it. Just gimme gimme gimme!
      Archive: WRFA, XMMFFA, Otherwise ask.
      A/N: I blame my own mind and Furball, my wonderful
      muse. She�s a doll sometimes. And she lives for
      stuff like this. Thanks, Jenn-jenn, for saying this
      was cute. Kinda clich�-ful, but I�ve tried to keep
      that to a minimum. Fanon is definitely observed here.

      * * * * *

      �We really need you guys to do this. It is for
      charity, after all.�

      Those are fourteen words every X-Man at Xavier�s has
      come to hate and fear. Would you like to know why?
      I�m sure you would. Most of you are women. You'll
      love this. Sadists.

      We were just minding our business, relaxing on the
      back patio, when they came up to us. The angels that
      inhabit this huge old place, the shining lights in a
      dark world whom we worship daily. Of course, we�ve
      each got our favorites, but we know they�re all pretty
      damn special.

      At least, we thought they were. That was before the
      evil little minxes decided to destroy every semblance
      of dignity we men might have once possessed.

      They appeared so innocent. My own particular darling
      came over, sat on my lap and took a long drink of my
      beer. Nothing wrong with that in my book. Watching
      those lips close over the bottle�s mouth and pull at
      the liquid inside�yeah, that�s all good. I�m sure she
      did it to make my brain go fuzzy. Which it does
      around her anyway.

      �Hey, sugar,� she whispered in my ear. Didn�t mind
      that one bit, especially since she leaned into me at
      the same time and pressed those beautifully full
      breasts into my chest. I have to admit it made me
      growl, nice and low like I know she likes it. She
      smiled. I didn�t see the determination in her eyes or
      I would�ve been scared. Whenever my Marie gets
      determined, there�s usually hell to pay � one way or

      �What were you ladies up to?� Scott asked around Jean,
      who was in his lap. That should�ve made us
      suspicious. Jean isn�t one for public displays of
      affection on a normal day. Under normal
      circumstances. But we were all pretty much blinded by
      the loveliness surrounding us.

      �Well, we had a terrific idea for a fundraiser for the
      Orphanage, and we wanted to hash it out alone first,�
      Marie replied, squeezing me around the shoulders and
      smiling down at me. She was referring to the
      orphanage for obviously mutant children, which
      Professor Xavier started two years ago. It was going
      pretty well, but the roof and some of the walls were
      going to need work soon, and so money had to be raised

      Scott, St. John, Bobby and I should have been scared.
      We really should have been. I mean, they had
      discussed a plan without us. That meant they hadn�t
      decided to include us for a specific reason. Of
      course, we didn�t think about that then.

      �What�s the deal, then?� I asked, naively thinking
      they were going to hold a bake sale or something like

      �Well, we thought we�d host a sort of �Ladies� Night
      Out� here at the School. You know, get a band to play
      for free and invite all of the really rich women from
      the surrounding towns to come and par-tay!� Jubilee
      said from her place cuddle up against St. John.

      That didn�t sound too bad, but I was starting to get a
      sinking feeling. Ladies� Night Out. I�d heard some
      things from women I�d known over the years. That sort
      of thing always had a main event or two that really
      got the women involved all hot and excited. Usually
      involving men. Uh-oh.

      �You know, you can�t have a Ladies� Night Out without
      a few really fun things to do. And we decided that
      you guys should be able to help us out here!� Kitty
      said cheerfully. She grinned down at Bobby, whose
      shoulders she was rubbing expertly. I could tell from
      five feet away. Marie was even observing her
      technique, before she turned to give me the same kind
      of grin.

      Can I just mention that I do not trust Kitty when she
      gets cheerful? I firmly believe those stories about
      very friendly, nice people who crack and go on killing
      sprees. Not that I think killing sprees are all that
      bad in certain cases. As long as I�m not a target.
      And the people I care about aren�t targets.

      �Umm�how?� St. John ventured. I guess Jubilee wasn�t
      doing a good enough job clouding his mind or
      something. Although, come to think of it, Marie was
      still making me hot, but I now had my mind fixed
      firmly on the conversation at hand. I really wanted
      to know the answer to that question.

      It was Marie�s turn again, apparently. She leaned
      down and said with a small pout on those delicious
      looking lips, �We want to give the old girls a special
      treat, sugar. You�re all so sexy, so very well built
      and,� she licked her lips, �open-minded that we
      thought you�d agree to help us out.� My girl is one
      for twisting you up in what she�s saying before
      actually getting to the point. At least when she
      wants her way.

      �We�re planning to have a wet t-shirt contest.�
      Jubilee is less subtle. Much less. �We want you guys
      to be the contestants.�

      Okay, that got me out of the haze Marie had started to
      create in my head. �Contestants?�

      I guess it woke up the other X-Men, too. �In a wet
      t-shirt contest?� Scott asked. �With a bunch of old
      ladies as the judges?� St. John chipped in. �At the
      School?� Bobby. Always the by-the-books boy.

      �They won�t all be old!� Jean said huffily. I think
      she was offended because a lot of the women they were
      suggesting inviting would probably be in her age

      Uh-oh. In all of their age ranges. Good going, St.
      John. I just loved the way they were glaring at us

      �Still, I don�t want to go up in front of a bunch of
      women and let them judge my body!� I reminded myself
      to thank Bobby for bringing the topic of conversation
      back to the important part and nodded in complete

      My Marie, though, she�s smart. �Logan, sugar, you�re
      not afraid, are you? I mean, I know that you�re a
      little out of shape, since you haven�t been cage
      fighting in the last few years. Do you really think
      you�ve let your body go that much?� she asked me
      sweetly, running a hand down my chest. My bare chest.
      Damn. For the first time I almost hate the fact that
      learned to control her abilities a year ago.

      �Afraid?� I asked. This time my growl was
      threatening. I know it was. But she didn�t back

      �I know Scott, Bobby and Johnny�ve been working out,
      but you really don�t think they�re more built than you
      are, do you, sugar?� she whispered in my ear. I tried
      so hard to listen to what she was saying instead of
      concentrating on how I could feel her breathe against
      my ear and that felt so good�

      �They�re not,� I said shortly, pulling Marie more
      tightly against me. She�d better not be thinking
      that. Dammit.

      �Of course they�re not, Logan. Wouldn�t it be fun to
      find out what other women think, though? You know,
      I�m kinda biased here,� she said a little more loudly,
      one hand playing with my hair.

      I gave her an incredulous look. �You want me to show
      off in front of other women? Okay, who are you and
      what have you done with my Marie? If I remember
      right, the last time you caught some women ogling me,
      you nearly sent her down to the medlab. And that was
      �Ro, last summer,� I said. Definitely couldn�t
      believe this one.

      Marie just smiled down at me and traced my lips with
      her index finger. Which, of course, made me remember
      what that hand was doing when I woke up this morning,
      which immediately got me hard. She could feel it, I
      knew, because her smile got wider, like it does just
      before she strips down in our bedroom and�

      �But it�s for charity, Logan,� she purred, and I
      forgot all about what that smile meant.

      Damn. The woman just would not let up. And she had
      used that damn phrase.

      �You remember Sarah, don�t you?� she asked, her eyes
      going all big and soft and misty. Oh, god, Sarah.
      The little four-year-old whose parents had abandoned
      her in a warehouse in Detroit when they decided they
      couldn�t stand that their little girl had blue hair
      and pale gold skin � all natural, no dyes or paints
      necessary. I remembered the way she�d clung to Marie
      and me, and I was even considering having a talk with
      Marie to discuss�no, I knew I shouldn�t think about
      that �cause then I might weaken my resolve a little.
      There were so many kids at the Orphanage�

      �It�s not like Scooter, St. John, Bobby and I couldn�t
      fix it all ourselves,� I growled out. I completely
      contradicted my bad-ass tone by rubbing little circles
      in the small of her back.

      �Where would you get the materials? The Prof�s
      already said that his sponsors can�t help as much with
      the Orphanage as they do with the School. It�s a lot
      more publicly pro-mutant, and that scares a lot of
      them. Not to mention that some of them invest in the
      School because we teach mutants whose abilities are
      already showing. It�s apparent that the kids at the
      Orphanage will be mutants, but they�re not yet. Of
      course, that only makes sense in the sponsors� minds,
      if you ask me,� Jubilee said huffily.

      I looked around and saw that the other women had been
      trying to work their men into giving them what they
      wanted, too. There was just something so wrong about
      that. Somehow. I�d have protested if Marie wasn�t
      returning the favor from earlier and rubbing her hand
      up and down my stomach. Oh, yeah. I liked that.

      �A wet t-shirt contest, though?� Bobby protested
      weakly from around Kitty, who was twining herself
      around him.

      �Oh, yeah. You�ll be a big hit,� Jean said, smiling
      serenely around at us.

      There was something else that was just wrong about

      �Wait a second. When are you four planning this
      thing? �Cause if the Cajun and �Ro aren�t back from
      their honeymoon so that he can join in the fun, I�m
      not even going to consider it,� I said. There, that
      oughta work. I was sure I remembered that �Ro and
      Remy wanted to extend their little trip to Africa at
      least a week or two.

      �They�ll be back in two days, Logan. We�re giving you
      one more day than that. Jean already let �Ro know our
      plans,� my Marie informed me. Damn. I guess that
      they�ve been gone longer than I thought.

      �Look, I�m tired and wanna head to bed. You comin�,
      sugar?� Marie asked me.

      I love it when she used little double entendres like
      that. ��Course I am, darlin�,� I said. She stood up
      and pulled me up as well.

      Everyone was grinning at us, but was it my fault that
      my girl has a big appetite � and not for food? I
      heard Scott mutter something about having way too
      little time on our hands and grinned when Jean
      whispered something suggestive to him. It�s fun,
      having these super sensitive senses of mine sometimes.

      It was when we were just about to slip into the house
      through the big French doors that Jean uttered those
      horrifying, dignity crushing words.

      �Remember, guys, we really need you to do this. It is
      for charity, after all.�

      I groaned and Marie laughed. But at least I was going
      to get sex. Soon. At the time I thought it was the
      most important thing I could concentrate on.

      I was so dead wrong.

      You know what they say. Big claws, big....
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