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Fic: Silent Scream 11/? (PG-13 this part)

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  • Emy & Tanya
    Title: Silent Scream (11/?) Author: Tanya Miller Rating: R for violence and language Summary: On the run from Hunters, a girl seeks help from our heros.
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 29, 2001
      Title: Silent Scream (11/?)
      Author: Tanya Miller
      Rating: R for violence and language
      Summary: On the run from Hunters, a girl seeks help from our heros.
      Disclaimer: Not mine. Never going to be mine.


      Logan causiously opened the door to the room. Seeing Emily crying, he crouched close to her. "Emily? It's going to be ok now. You're safe." Carefully lifting her in his arms, he turned to leave, his eyes sweeping over the body of the man that Emily had killed.

      The man that Emily killed. His mind had trouble excepting the fact that this girl, who seemed so gentle, so like his Marie, was a killer. Feeling Emily place a hand on his chest, he looked into her tear streaked face. Seeing the knowledge that she had killed someone reflect in her eyes, he tried to reassure her. "You didn't do anything wrong. He was a bad man who had hurt you." The last sentence was said with a growl. "I would have done it if you hadn't."

      Rogue and the rest of the group came into the room. Logan noticed them look over at the body. Only Rogue had no trouble looking at Emily after. Scott cleared his throat and addressed the group. "We better get moving. There might be others that have been alerted to our presence."

      Emily started shaking her head vigorously. Logan spoke for her. "I don't think that Emily wants to leave yet. Am I right?" Emily nodded.

      "Emily, we have to leave before reinforcements show up." Scott tried to explain. Emily just kept shaking her head.

      "Maybe there is something here...." Logan started, interrupted by Emily's nodding. "What is it?" Emily shook her head.

      Rogue spoke up. "No....What isn't right....is it a person? Is there someone here? Someone who needs help?" Emily smiled and nodded quickly.

      "Ok. Do you know where they are?" Scott asked. Emily nodded once more. "Can you show us?" Nodding, Emily pointed out the door.

      One by one they all filed out the door, with Emily in Logan's arms leading the way. Using gestures to point the way, Emily lead them down to the basement.

      Logan, noticing that she had stopped, asked her softly. "Do you know which room?" A sad shake of her head met his question. Turning to the group, Logan gave orders to check each room in pairs. "Watch your back. They may not be the bad guys but they may not be friendly either. Some of them might be violent because of what was done to them. So be careful." The group split up in pairs and started to search the rooms one by one.

      Rogue and Kitty walked down the hall and entered a room marked with a yellow sticker with the words 'Restricted Access'. Seeing a figure huddled in a corner of a darkened room, chained to a ring in the floor, she spoke softly. "It's all right. Ah ain't gonna hurt ya. Ah'm here ta help."

      "Help?" came a soft voice.

      "Ya. Just wait a minute and Ah'll get someone to cut that chain." Turning to address Kitty, Rogue told her to go get Scott.

      "Rogue, you know we're not suppose to split up."

      "Kitty, she's chained. Ah don't think she is going to hurt me. Now go."

      Once Kitty left the room, Rogue turned back to the young woman. Walking forward slowly, she held out her hands in a non-threatening manner. When she got about halfway into the room, the girl moved quickly over to the other corner. "It's ok. We're here ta help."

      "That is what they said before."

      "Before when?" Rogue asked softly.

      "Before they took us. Before they hurt us, testing us. Before they....Before they killed her."

      "Before they killed who?"

      "My sister. Emily"

      Rogue started to smile. "You're Emily's sister?"

      Rogue was surprised at how quickly the girl could move. Within seconds a hand was latched around her throat and she was on her back on the floor. "How do you know Emily? You are one of them!!!"

      Rogue tried to speak but all that came out was a strangled gurgle. Rogue started to gasp, her hands clawing at the hand that was almost crushing her throat. An angered growl filled the room. 'Logan!' Rogue thought. A flash of movement and she could breath again. Rolling over onto her side she started coughing, trying to talk. Her eyes moved over to where she could see Logan holding the girl, pinned against the wall, his claws out. "Logan....don't..." she managed to gasp.

      Logan growled. His eyes never leaving the girl that he held, he spoke gruffly. "Why not? She was trying to kill you!"

      Rogue managed to get to her feet. Stumbling over to Logan she placed a hand on his arm. "It's ok. She thought I was one of them. Logan, she's Emily's sister."

      Logan felt the shock of that statement hit him. "Emily's sister? But I thought she was dead. The Professor said that Emily's told him that she was dead."

      The girl in his grip struggled. "You can't trick me! I know that Emily is dead. Don't pretend!"

      Logan face softened. "It isn't a trick. She is alive, hurt but alive."

      Tears filled the girl's eyes. She shook her head "You're lying. Why are you hurting me like this? Haven't you done enough?"

      Rogue turned and left the room quickly. When she returned she was followed by Scott who was carrying Emily. Using a flashlight, she illuminated Emily's face so that her sister could see that they were telling the truth. Logan released his grip and the girl ran to Emily's side.

      "You're alive. They told me that they killed you. Showed me a body that was burned too badly to tell for sure but I believed them. I should have known it was a lie. If it was true then they wouldn't have needed me and they would have just killed me. The fact that Father kept me alive should have told me."

      "Father?" Rogue asked.

      "The man that did this, the one that was in charge, he was our father."

      The group was silent as they contemplated the idea of a father doing this to his own children. Logan was the first to break the silence. "I smell company. We better get moving."

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